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‘Raw’ is a fresh written by an Australian writer Scott Monk for immature adolescents to research an alternate attack to the juvenile justness system, one that supports and encourages immature wrongdoers to take duty for their actions. Monk uses important episodes, contrast in word picture and a scope of linguistic communication techniques to demo the cardinal character journey as he learns to take duty for himself. Monks secret plan is based on a subject which is action – packed with violent episodes such as Tyson and his pack assailing Brett and film editing of all of his hair. As good, it is based on a love trigon where Brett is put in between his new love involvement Caitlyn and his ex-girlfriend Rebecca. It besides follows a journey subject where Brett changes one time he travelled an 800 kilometer journey from Sydney to the Farm. The secret plan is episodic and highlights the alteration in Brett. Episodes which show this alteration and that it is sometimes hard for him include, walking off from contending Mr Douglass, non allowing his choler control him, “he’d lost one battle but won another”

Equally good as apologizing to Caitlyn gaining that he was incorrect and desiring to repair his errors, “And he’d learnt that the difficult manner that love couldn’t be owned” One chief character was used to demo the subject of a troubled person and society’s manner of covering with them. Monk writes in 3rd individual but with Brett’s position. He besides used many secondary characters who are a portion of Brett’s journey such as, his love involvement Caitlyn, friends Josh, Sam, Robbie and enemy Tyson. Monk besides smartly contrasted characters to foreground the facets of society, for illustration, Sam treats the childs like normal citizens, non felons and attempts to assist them reconstruct their lives, which is contrast to Mr Douglass who makes premises about Brett and all of the male childs at the farm, non handling them as normal citizens of society and non leting them to demo that people can alter.

Monk besides used Brett’s developing relationships to demo his slow growing into person who has something to offer society. For illustration, his relationship with Caitlyn teaches him that you need to handle people with love and regard to have it, he besides learnt that other people’s wants and demands are merely every bit of import as his ain. His relationship with josh allows him to understand that person will ever hold it worse so you and that whatever is go oning merely you can command and alter your hereafter. “Just remember, Brett, merely you can alter your life.” The linguistic communication used in the novel is directed at Monks young person audience. He uses conversational linguistic communication, ‘when Brett calls the constabulary ( hogs ) ’ every bit good as tonss of direct address to demo the interactions between Brett and the other characters, ( Josh ) “I proverb you perving at Caitlyn” ( Brett ) “what! Is that her name? ”

Monk uses descriptive linguistic communication builds up the imagination of his characters, “The adult male looked like an old cowpuncher or one of those cats who drive cowss, a stockman” Equally good as the scenes used, imagination is sometimes really symbolic for illustration, Brett leaves Sydney and arrives at the farm in a Paddy waggon so 3 months subsequently leaves back to Sydney in the Paddy waggon but as a changed adult male. Monks presentation of the farm as a juvenile detainment Centre shows his audience another side of this issue. There is minimum security, few regulations where Sam and Mary dainty everyone as persons “don’t call Brett a no-hopper! ” Monks subject of the single being responsible for his/her ain actions is shown good.

His characters show that when they make bad determinations there are reverberations. For illustration, Rebecca’s determinations ruined her hereafter, and Tyson’s bad picks ends him in gaol. At the start of the fresh Brett was systematically doing bad picks but by the terminal of the fresh Brett is doing good picks, which is shown when he walks off from Mr Douglass. The epilogue of the novel shows the consequence of this thought when Sam asks if he’s learned anything and he realises he has, “lots of material, like friendly relationship. Trust. Love. And loss.” Even though he is traveling back to Sydney, in the same Paddy waggon he came in, to travel to a ‘proper’ detainment Centre,

Monk shows that Brett has changed through his ideas at the terminal, ‘He was immature and he was traveling to get down again’ Scott Monk wanted his readers to cognize that if you are in a bad state of affairs merely you can alter that, but holding people around you who offer a 2nd opportunity can be critical to turn out that you can be a good individual and you can alter for the better.

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