Mystic Monk Coffee Case Analysis Essay Example
Mystic Monk Coffee Case Analysis Essay Example

Mystic Monk Coffee Case Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: July 30, 2017
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Mysterious Monk Coffee is a company established by Father Daniel Mary. the Prior of the Carmelite Order of monastics in Clark. Wyoming. The monastics are a group of 13 life in a little place. Coffee gross revenues are used to back up the brotherhood and to finally fix for enlargement of the order. Coffee is produced utilizing high quality just trade Arabica and just trade/organic Arabica beans. There are many popular spirits such as Mystic Chants of Carmel. Cowboy Blend. Royal Rum Pecan. and Mysterious Monk Blend. The company’s traditional mark market has been the section of the U. S. Catholic population who drinks java and supports the monastery’s mission.

Industry Analysis

The approximative figure of java consumers in the United Stated is 150 million and 89 per centum of those drinkers prefer to do java at place instead than purchase fro


m franchises. Of the consumers who drink java at place. about 30 per centum prefer premium forte coffees that sell for $ 7 to $ 10 per 12-ounce bundle. These javas are made from high quality Arabica beans instead that low quality. bitter Arabica beans. Mysterious Monk Coffee is among the distributers that produces a higher quality merchandise.

Company Mission

The current mission is to bring forth a high quality merchandise that is marketed to the section of the U. S. Catholic population who drink java and wish to back up the monastery’s mission. The monastics make their entreaty by inquiring the Catholics to utilize their Catholic java dollar for “Christ and his Catholic church. ” This is published on the web site.

Company Objective

Mysterious Monk Coffee has a primary end of transforming the little brotherhood of 13 monastics

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run alonging in the little place to include adjustments for 30 monastics. There is a belongings in the Rockies with an inquiring monetary value of $ 8. 9 million. The monastics presently have a contribution of $ 250. 000 and a program to raise the balance of the financess. There are presently more than 500 enquiries who want to be considered to go a Wyoming Carmelite and Father Prior Daniel Mary wished to accept a choice few when he is able to spread out.

Company Scheme

The company chiefly uses word of oral cavity as a agency of gross revenues and addition of gross. Gross saless are generated chiefly from on-line orders. Mystic Monk besides offers non-secular web sites committees on gross revenues made to clients directed to the web site. The web site and its affiliates help the company to gain a net net income border mean 11 per centum of grosss.



  • The monetary value is sensible. The mean premium trade name java is sold for $ 7 to $ 10 dollars per 12 ounce bundle. Mysterious Monk Coffee averages $ 9. 95 per 12 ounce bag and all purchases over $ 25 qualifies for free transportation.
  • The monastics are dedicated to doing the java. Everyone at the company has the same end and this is to foster the gross of the company in hopes of spread outing to better function God.


  •  The Carmelite Order presently has the production capacity of 540 lbs per twenty-four hours and the demand will shortly transcend the production capacity. The production is besides limited due to prayer and speculation throughout the twenty-four hours.
  •  Advertisement is chiefly by word of oral

cavity. There are consumers who would seek the java because it is of high quality and good monetary value but do non cognize about it.


  • Through the sale of its java. the Carmelite Monks may recognize their dream of buying the Irma Lake Ranch.
  • Contributions made by single protagonists will assist to fund the purchase of the land.
  • Expansion of the brotherhood through the purchase of a larger package of land.


  • Some people may non buy the java because of the spiritual association.
  • The monetary value of the java may increase after the purchase of new land.

Problem Scope

The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming would wish to buy a spread that would greatly increase its operations. The order presently has 13 monastics working to bring forth java for sale and has a production capacity of 540 lbs per twenty-four hours. The company is sustainable because the monastics have a specific end in head and all are on the same page when seeking to make the end of the purchase. I selected this job because although the company makes great gross revenues. gross revenues will non be plenty to buy the land. The company does non efficaciously publicize itself and will necessitate to better advertizement to increase gross revenues. Problem: The mission of the company is tied to the vision of the company. Father Daniel Mary realizes that the monastery environment is a alone challenge to the concern because of the limited hours of production and besides the limited entree to the outside universe. Although the monastics are extremely secluded. they manage to sell their java although it is chiefly sold to Catholic trusters.

Solution: Mysterious

Monk Coffee can get down to be offered in little stores in the United States. I would non urge supermarkets at this clip because of the restrictions of production. As gross revenues addition. gross generated from increased gross revenues will assist with the purchase of new belongings and the java can so be offered in a limited sum of supermarkets. With the purchase of new land. there will besides be an addition in labour and production with the add-on of new monastics to the order.

Problem: Mysterious Monk Coffee has a mark market of the U. S. Catholic population who drank java and wished to back up the monastery’s mission. Solution: Mysterious Monk Coffee should spread out its mark market. It can make this by aiming non merely Catholics but all java drinkers in the U. S. who value monetary value and quality. Most people enjoy a good cup of cheap java. The accent should non be on the support of the monastery’s mission but should concentrate on great java for a sensible monetary value. By making this. the Monks would increase gross revenues and finally be able to buy a larger belongings.


The monastics may experience they are compromising their beliefs by concentrating more on the java than their declared spiritual mission. If the monastics focus on the fact that they are running a company that will finally bring forth the gross revenues needed to further their mission. this may ease the feelings. The monastics may besides desire to increase their order by two to increase production and gain more money.


Although Mystic Monk Coffee has a alone set of variables. they will be successful in increasing

gross revenues and buying the land.

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