Racial Diversity In Society Worksheet Analysis Essay

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Hispanic/Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic minority and the second largest ethnic minority In the united States. The Hispanic/Latino groups mostly live In one of nine states in the united States: as of 1996, controlled 75 percent of the electoral votes (Danelle, 1996). There are four groups of people that are known as Latinos and Hispanics and are from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other Latin American Origins (Danelle, 1996).”The Latino population is a good example of a group that experiences different levels f well-being. (University of Phoenix, 1995-2012, Para.

1). There have been quite a number of examples of the dfferent levels of well-being amongst the different races and research shows where there are different cities in the United States that are almost all of the Hispanic/Latlno race. There are examples in Brooklyn, New York and Little Havana, a Cuban neighborhood in Miami, Florida that show that In both states, the percentage of employed to unemployed Is relatively the same, but that there are more employed In Florida vs.New York (University of Phoenix, 1955-2012). When talking about the comparison between the “White Median Income” (University of Phoenix, 2012, Para. 3), the difference in the Hispanic income and the African American income is $5000 to $10,000 less going to the Hispanic population (University of Phoenix, 2012).

Reference: Danelle, C. (1996). Latino participation in the United States. Retrieved from http:// vwM.

llb. utexas. edu/benson/bn-65. html university of Phoenix.

(2012). Income Inequality by race transcript.Retrieved from niversity of Phoenix, ETH/1 25 ” Cultural Diversity website. university of Phoenix.

(1995-2012). Social stratification among Hispanic groups transcript. Retrieved from university of Phoenix, ETH/125 – Cultural Diversity website. part 2 1. Racism Is kind of like stereotyping a whole group and believing that the group, as a whole, possesses the same abilities In day-tc;-day life. Racism can also be discrlmlnatlon against the group as a whole or a person from that group due to believing these things thought of about that group.

Racism affects diversity by singling out people within a group by not treating them equal and not giving them the same benefits. This act can make places or companies less diverse. It also affects it in a way that makes it seem okay, but it’s not. There are African Americans with the same educational backgrounds as Whites and still make less money.

There are many more criminal inmates in prison that are minorities. There are less minorities in the law profession and those who are do not make the same money or become partners for firms (Williams, n. d. ).

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