Quiz 9

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[Blank] enhances medical office management’s productivity and efficiency.
Which healthcare association specializes in outpatient coding?
The AAPC offers [blank] to keep healthcare professionals up-to-date on emerging trends in coding.
b. Healthcare Business Monthly
Membership in this organization provides medical transcriptionists access to resources, information, events, and services that will enhance the healthcare member’s career.
[Blank] promotes leadership for long-tern care administrators.
Medical transcription certification exams are obtained through [blank].
Entry-level coders can earn a(n) [blank].
a. CCA
Recent graduates of a medical transcription education program could sit for the [blank].
CCSs must be [blank].
d. experts in the diagnostic coding system
Which certification focuses on submitting claims for reimbursement?
Sylvan and MedPen are examples of medical [blank].
c. spellcheckers
Which organization has the mission of promoting the art and science of medicine?
b. AMA
The [blank] is a user-friendly book of drug names.
a. Quick Look Drug Book
Which of the following is not a reason for using resources?
c. Resources answer coding questions that come up, so you don’t have to know the steps for diagnostic and procedural coding.
[Blank] is a monthly e-newsletter containing coding, reimbursement, and compliance information.
b. Healthcare Business Tips and Resources
OptumInsight offers publications including [blank].
a. DRG Expert and Outpatient Billing Expert
To find out about current medical research being conducted by the government, you could go to [blank].
d. www.nih.gov
Which organization in the field of health data documentation ensures accuracy, privacy, and security to protect the public health, increase safety, and improve quality of care?
[Blank] is a national company that publishes medical newsletters.
b. The Coding Institute
[Blank] is a bimonthly publication featuring articles that include medical transcription styles.
a. Plexus
[Blank] is a free e-newsletter that provides CCS prep information.
b. Advance for Health Information Professionals
[Blank] includes basic rules of styles as well as current trends for transcription.
c. Medical Transcription Guide: Do’s and Don’ts
If you passed the CPC exam but do not have two years of coding experience, [blank].
d. both b and c (you will not receive full CPC credentialing; you will receive the apprentice status)
Sylvan and Lanier are [blank] software.
d. line counting
The certification from teh payer’s prospective is the [blank].
c. CPC-P
A new coder without much experience can take the exam for the [blank].
a. CCA
[Blank] is a bimonthly e-newsletter for HIM educators.
b. Academic Advisor
[Blank] is a reference tool that provides information about UB-04 billing rules and requirements.
b. Uniform Billing Expert
The [blank] assists coders with teh clinical meanings behind diagnostic codes.
d. Coder’s Desk Reference for Diagnoses
[Blank] provides industry summaries and healthcare related government news.
d. AHIMA Advantage E-Alerts
The [blank] is a user-friendly book of drug names.

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