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MIS Plug IT in 1- Business Processes & Business Process Management

question Reconciling bank accounts is an example of a(n): answer Accounting Business Process question Which of the following statements is false? answer BPM is a task-oriented approach. question BPM is an implementation of BPR. answer False question In a cross-functional process, one functional area is responsible for its execution. answer False question Hyo runs an […]

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CIS2700 Ch 6 ; 7

question What are the different types of information? answer levels, formats, granularities question Which of the following represents the different information levels? answer individual, department, enterprise question Which of the following represents the different information formats? answer document, presentation, spreadsheet, database question Which of the following represents the different information granularities? answer detail, summary, aggregate […]

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ACC Ch. 15 ; 16

question management accountability answer the manager’s responsibility to the various stakeholders of the company (suppliers, government, owners, creditors, customers) question management accountability requires two forms of accounting answer financial accounting for external reporting & management accounting for internal planning and control question financial accounting answer provides financial statements that report results of operations, financial position, […]

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V369: Quizzes 8-15

question 8. View the ERD and select all the correct business rules: (Comes with Diagram of Book, Author, and Publisher) answer An author writes at least 1 book, A publisher may publish at least one book, A book may be published by more than one publisher question 8. Referring to the SULFITE ERD, select the […]

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Understanding business eleventh edition ch.14 key terms

question Value answer Good quality at a fair price. when consumers calculate the value if a product, they look at the benefits and subtract the cost to see if the benefits exceed the cost question Distributed product development answer Handing off various parts of your innovation process-often to companies in other countries question Total product […]

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The Business Cycle

question business cycle answer a model of economic change that shows a pattern of growth and decline question depression answer a time when the ecnomy is very poor and there is a high rate of unemployment question production answer the creation of goods and services in an economy question recession answer a decline in the […]

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Tax Accounting

question Albert had a terminal illness which required almost constant nursing care for the remaining two years of his estimated life, according to his doctor. Albert had a life insurance policy with a face amount of $100,000. Albert had paid $25,000 of premiums on the policy. The insurance company has offered to pay him $80,000 […]

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Sports Admin

question The modern Olympic games in 1896 where held in which city? answer Athens question Sport Management originated in thoroughbred racing in the form of answer Jockey Clubs question What university had the first sport management program? answer Ohio U question The organizations which approve sport management academic programs are answer NASSM, NASPE question What […]

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Security – Chapter 02 – Review*

question Why is information security a management problem? What can management do that technology cannot? answer Answers soon question Why is data the most important asset an organization possesses? What other assets in the organization require protection? answer Answers soon question Which management groups are responsible for implementing information security to protect the organization’s ability […]

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Flashcards and Answers – Quiz 9
06 Sep 2020 Database

question [Blank] enhances medical office management’s productivity and efficiency. answer c. PAHCOM question Which healthcare association specializes in outpatient coding? answer a. AHIMA question The AAPC offers [blank] to keep healthcare professionals up-to-date on emerging trends in coding. answer b. Healthcare Business Monthly question Membership in this organization provides medical transcriptionists access to resources, information, […]

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Principles Of Public Relations Chpt. 10

question Strategic Conflict Management 4 key components answer 1. Strategic – For the purpose of achieving particular objectives 2.Management- Planned, deliberate action 3. Competition- Stiving for the same object, position, or prize as others. 4. Conflict- Sharp disagreements or opposition resulting in a direct, overt thread of attack from another entity. question Conflict Management Life […]

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PMBOK 5 glossary L-P

question Log answer A document used to record and describe or denote selected items identified during execution of a process or activity. Usually used with a modifier, such as issue, quality control, action, or defect. question Logical relationship answer A dependency between two activities, or between an activity and a milestone. question Majority answer Support […]

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Operations Management Quiz 1

question Operations Management answer The design and operation of productive systems question Operations answer A function or system that transforms inputs into outputs of greater value question Value Chain answer Series of activities from supplier to customer that add value to a product or service (supply chain) question Craft Production answer Process of handcrafting products […]

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question This structure is the physical location at which the coordination of information and resources to support incident management (on-scene operations) activities normally takes place. answer Emergency Operations Center question Which of the following statements is FALSE answer NIMS specifies how resources will be allocated among jurisdictions. question A basic premise of the NIMS and […]

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question Strategic plans require: answer long-term resource commitments question _____ is the managerial process of creating and maintaining a fit between the organization’s objectives and resources and evolving market opportunities. answer Strategic planning question Which of the following statements about a marketing plan is true? answer d. A marketing plan is created so an organization […]

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MIS CH 6 – Flashcards with Answers

question The larger the number of bits handled by the bus, the slower the computer transfers data. answer false question When determining the amount of RAM necessary for a computer you wish to purchase, what should you consider? answer the types of software you plan to use question Where do RAM chips usually reside within […]

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Microeconomics McConnell Chapter 2

question The command system is also known as: A)market system. B)pure capitalism. C)market socialism. D)socialism or communism answer D) socialism and communism question Which would not be characteristic of a capitalist economy? A)government ownership of the means of production B)competition and unrestricted markets C)reliance on the market system D)free enterprise and choice answer A)government ownership […]

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Mgt268 Chapter 5

question MIS infrastructure answer includes the plans for how a firm will build, deploy, use, and share its data, processes, and MIS assets question hardware answer the physical devices associated with a computer system, question software answer the set of instructions the hardware executes to carry out specific tasks question network answer a communications system […]

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MGMT 3330 Test 1

question Which one of the following communication styles is considered expressive and self-enhancing, while not intruding on others? answer Assertive question Effective communication skills are important starting at what point in an individual’s career? answer Pre-interview question Posture, gestures, head movements, facial expressions, eye movements, touch, and physical appearance are all examples of which nonverbal […]

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Marketing Management Topic 7
15 Aug 2020 Database

question 1) ________ refers to the decision-making process by which formal organizations establish the need for purchased products and services and identify, evaluate, and choose among alternative brands and suppliers. A) Marketing channels B) Organizational buying C) Corporate retailing D) Brand auditing E) Inventory control answer B Page Ref: 183 Objective: 1 Difficulty: Easy question […]

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Management Theory and Practice Review Test 1
12 Aug 2020 Database

question 1. The level of management tasked with supervising people performing non-managerial jobs is reflected in titles such as: a) top level managers b) first line managers c) directors d) middle managers answer b) first line managers question 2. Top managers are directly accountable to: a) the employees b) the stockholders c) the government d) […]

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Mana 4322 (Chapter 4)

question the makeup goods and services in the GDP of developed countries has changed over the last decade. more than 50% of the value of GDP of developed countries is based on answer knowledge (intellectual assets and intangible people skills) question as the competitive environment changes, strategic management must focus on different aspects of the […]

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