Questions BCOR 350 Exam 3

Blogs, wikis, and virtual worlds are all examples of
social media
You own an *independent* store in your neighborhood and like to offer fresh seafood in your meat display case. Which type of wholesaler is likely to best serve you?
cash-and-carry wholesaler
Which of the following is TRUE about *convenience stores*?
They create time utility for their customers
It is most accurate to say that *channels of distribution* provide which of the following?
time, place, and ownership utility
Which of the following is most closely associated with upscaling in retailing?
greater operating costs
Experts predicting that *destination retail* will be a future trend believe that consumers will soon visit retailers more for ___ than for the basic process of purchasing products.
Advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and buzz building activities are all ________.
channels that should be united under the concept of integrated marketing communications
The more _______ the product, the more heavily firms tend to rely on *personal selling* to promote it.
There will always be a need for channel intermediaries that physically handle the product.
According to the Census, the largest retail categories (in annual sales) include:
B and C only
(At-home food & beverage, general merchandise)
Viral marketing is most closely related to which of the following?
buzz building
With which type of marketing communication does the marketer have the greatest level of control over the message?
To reduce problems associated with the *intangibility* of the services offered by a restaurant, the restaurant owner would be most likely to do which of the following?
provide clean tablecloths and cloth napkins for each new customer
A newspaper article reported on a lawsuit in which independent coffee shops accused a national chain of coffee shops of engaging in an illegal conspiracy to drive them out of business. What promotion element would the national chain of coffee shops most likely use to improve its corporate image, which has been tarnished by these accusations?
public relations
Which of the following advertising situations would LEAST likely be considered puffery?
a retired couple drinking a vitamin and protein shake and then going bicycling
Which of the following is the most logical reason that many organizations rely heavily on personal selling?
to more effectively sell highly technical or very expensive product
Which of the following is true due primarily to the inseparability of services?
A service is produced and consumed at the same time
Producers benefit from using intermediaries because they _________.
offer greater efficiency in making goods available to target markets
Alex Pool Chemical Co. purchased 199 buckets of chlorine tablets over the Internet from Chemical Inc., then placed the order with the manufacturer and arranged for its transportation by truck to the Alex Pool store. Chemical Inc. took title to the pool chemicals but never actually took possession of them. Chemical Inc, is an example of a _________.
drop shipper
Which of the following is NOT one of the four main roles performed by marketing communication?
to entertain
For which of the following operations would telemarketing efforts likely be the most successful and the most profitable?
selling plastic bottles to a bottling company
Chevrolet runs a promotion where consumers can redeem two free ski lift tickers at their local dealer through a test-drive promotion. According to the communication model, the people coming into the dealership to test-drive a vehicle are the ______.
Advertising through sampling (trying a product) that is designed to create buzz is called _______.
As a supply chain manager you ensure that the right product, on the right quantity, in the right condition is delivered to the right ____, at the right place, at the right time and at the right _______.
customer, cost
Which of the following is a logistics activity that involves developing and implementing a process to ensure the firm always has sufficient goods available to meet customers’ demands, no more and no less?
inventory control
Which of the following is a service industry in the United States that is likely to see growth due primarily to demographic changes?
living assistance for seniors
Jell-O ads contain the phrase “Make some magic.” All Ace Hardware store ads contain the statement “Life is an ongoing project.” The American Dairy Farmers run ads that say, “Ahh, the power of cheese.” These are all examples of:
U-Frame-It is a small company that has hired a local ad agency to put together an advertising campaign. Which of the following questions should be addressed before the other?
What are the message objectives of U-Frame-It
When sales are made in a local Walmart, the sales data is sent to Walmart headquarters where the data are used to build a picture of the buying habits of people who shop at individual Walmarts across the nation. The use of ______ makes this possible.
POS systems
The real-world example discussed in class, LevelUp, uses ________ as part of their selling strategy.
location-based marketing
Which of the following is NOT a benefit provided by e-commerce?
It provides consumers the satisfaction of instant gratification
Which of the following product offerings is *intangible*
a limousine ride
Viral marketing primarily uses which of the following communication channels?
the Internet
An ad for Mongoose mountain bikes shows a serious biker traversing remote and rugged but beautiful terrain and states, “There are places that are so awesome and so killer that you’d like to tell the whole world about them. But please, don’t.” This ad uses the ______ appeal.
Do-it-yourself advertising is a type of _________:
user-generated content
Political candidates often hire image consultants who tell them what clothes to wear, how to wear their hair, and how to act in front of a crowd of people. Political candidates who use image consultants to help them market themselves to the voters are using which of the following strategies?
product improvement
A manufacturer of a variety of tech devices asked its marketing department to develop inexpensive methods of building and maintaining brand awareness and excitement. The marketing department then recruited consumers who were early adopters of technological devices to spread the word about the company’s new products. This is an example of using ________/
brand evangelists
The theft and unauthorized repurposing of intellectual material via the Internet is called ________.
online distribution piracy
Which of the following is the final stop in the distribution channel in which organizations sell goos and services to consumers for their personal use?
The point of distribution channels is to maximize ________.
The Consumer Confidence Index uses monthly data from 500 interviews to measure consumers’ perceptions of ______, short-term and long-term U.S. economic prospects.
Personal Finance
Pro Sports provide an excellent example of which type of distribution?
Which of the following modes of transportation would most likely be used to quickly haul from Cali, where it was grown, to markets in Nevada?
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