Q Marketing Test

When marketers sampled 100 15-year-old girls, they found that they all were 5 feet 2 inches tall. What type
of sampling error contributed to this finding?
The TUV Company wants to conduct marketing research by surveying a sample of its vast customer base.
What should companies use to reduce the possibility of bias?
Random sampling
What type of research would a business conduct if it wanted to identify potential issues or opportunities?
What research approach do businesses often use to test new product ideas?
What is an example of a secondary source of data that a business can obtain internally?
Sales report
What research option usually answers questions related to “how many”?
A business has identified a sample of the population that it plans to survey to determine who is using their product in a foreign country. What research design should it use?
A university is considering changes to its business administration degree. To obtain feedback on the idea from students, the university selects a sample of business majors who are seniors. What type of sampling did the university use?
What question does establishing a sampling plan for a research project answer?
How many people to survey
What type of research is intended to obtain detailed data about customers’ opinions and experiences?
What data-collection method can be used to obtain product information during the point-of-purchase
Volume-tracking scanner
Which of the following is a characteristic of unstructured observation:
Often records a variety of behaviors
What is the advantage in using personal interviews to collect marketing data?
High flexibility
What is the most appropriate data-collection method to use when a business wants to determine how its
employees interact with customers?
What is a common method of collecting research data that often involves the use of questionnaires?
Mail survey
What is an example of a marketing-research method that is used to collect primary data?
Customer survey
When should researchers ask potentially sensitive questions during an interview?
Toward the end of the interview
How can ill-designed questionnaires affect survey participants?
Can decrease their response rate
To obtain reliable, valid marketing-research data when conducting personal interviews, researchers must make sure that the interviewers are
open, friendly, and nonjudgmental.
The SBU Company developed a survey in which respondents are provided the same number of favorable and unfavorable rating options. What type of scale has this survey used?
What type of scale is a firm using when a survey format has a seven-point rating system consisting of
opposite adjectives on each end of the scale?
Semantic differential
Which of the following is a rating scale that allows marketing researchers to determine respondents’
What does a business need to do to build a clientele?
Provide friendly, courteous service
“Toni is always patient and courteous. She seems to have a sincere interest in our satisfaction.” What key factor in building a clientele is Toni exhibiting?
Service attitude
What effect does building a clientele have on selling costs?
Reduces them because making a repeat sale costs less than making an initial sale.
Which situation demonstrates ethical behavior in selling?
Tom tells Mrs. Smith she can save $100 by purchasing a vacuum cleaner without the carpet attachment
because she has hardwood floors.
Salespeople who moonlight or attend classes on company time are guilty
unethical behavior.
How can a reciprocal sales arrangement between a buyer and seller create an unethical situation?
Ethical issues can occur when the reciprocity hurts or eliminates competition.
Hotel supply salespeople who give expensive gifts to customers in an attempt to obtain their business are often considered guilty of
unethical behavior.
One way a business can help its salespeople demonstrate ethical behavior in selling situations is by
establishing gift-giving guidelines.
Taking a client golfing is usually acceptable, as long as
the business relationship does not include awarding a contract.
Caroline is unable to travel to a client’s office but needs to demonstrate product features and be able to answer questions as they arise. What technology tool would be helpful to her in making a sale?
Web presentation combined with a teleconference
What is an illegal selling practice that is regulated because it reduces competition?
Exclusive dealing
What technology allows the Gateway Insurance Group to match its agents with policyholders by aligning its agents with market potential?
Mapping software
What type of laws protect consumers from unethical selling practices, such as high-pressure sales
What is a sales practice that may be considered illegal?
Tying arrangements

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