Psychology of Criminal Behavior Chapter 1 thru Chapter 5

Criminal behavior is best defined as:
an intentional act in violation of a criminal code.

Psychological criminology focuses on how individual criminal behavior is:
acquired, evoked, and maintained.

Which of the following is least consistent with the developmental approach in the study of crime?
Obtaining a child’s IQ score as he or she enters adolescence

According to the author, our inability to prevent crime is largely due to:
The complexity of the issue.

The belief that most people deserve the misfortune that happens to them is known as the:
just-world hypothesis

Which one of the following would psychological criminology be most concerned with?
How violent individuals learn their aggressive behavior

____ is to positivist theory as ____ is to classical theory.
Determinism; free will

The basic premise of strain theory is that crime occurs when:
There is a discrepancy between the materialistic values and goals cherished in our society and the availability of legitimate means for reaching these goals.

The most cited source of U.S. crime statistics is the Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

The great majority of crime in the United States and other countries is neither serious nor violent.

Sarah and Rebecca developed from a single egg, share the shame genes, and currently live at 517 Huckleberry Lane, and attend the same school. They are examples of:
Monozygotic, monochorionic, identical twins who share an environment.

Concordance rate is usually expressed in:

Which statement most accurately summarizes findings on twin and adoption studies?
Genes may influence one’s susceptibility or resistance to environmental risk factors.

The MAOA-L gene has been nicknamed the:
warrior gene

Dysfunction in the ____ has been strongly linked to violent behavior.
Frontal lobe

The small group of nerve cells in the brain involved in aggressive behavior is called the ______ and is part of the _______ system.
Amygdala; limbic

The phenomenon in which the brains structure and function are affected by experience is called:

Most contemporary researchers of temperament focus on:

As a group, bio-psychologists believe that genetics are the sole cause of criminal behavior.

Recent research has found that brain stimulation after age five has little impact on growth and development.

Operant and social learning originated from a school of psychological thought called:
Socioperant conditioning

The process whereby people lose their identities and feel less responsible in a crowd is called:

According to Berkowitz, in order for frustration to occur, the person must have:
some hope for goal attainment.

One of the problems with classical conditioning explanations of criminal behavior is that they:
presume the person has no self-determination.

Which behavior scientist maintains that human behavior, including criminal behavior, is acquired primarily through observational learning or modeling?
Albert Bandura

According to Akers’ differential association reinforcement theory, criminal behavior develops primarily as the result of:
social reinforcements given by significant others.

According to Julian Rotter, whether a particular pattern of behavior will occur depends on:
our expectancies and how much we value the outcome.

The common human tendency to discount the influence of a situation and explain behavior by referring to the personality of an actor is called:
fundamental attribution error

B.F. Skinner is considered the father of behaviorism.

Studies conducted by Stanley Milgram and Philip Zimbardo both found that one’s situation strongly influences behavior.

Breaking it down by race, by age 23 in the U.S., what percent of males have been arrested?
White: 38%
Black: 49%

When did the FBI begin collecting data on animal cruelty?
January 1st, 2016

About how many prisoners in the U.S. are held in solitary confinement?
100,000 prisoners

What percentage of U.S. high school students reported being bullied in the past 12 months?

What is the SCJ’s nickname for the meth bust?
Operation “Meth-ed Up”

In Florida, a man was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. What was his weapon?
A 3ft alligator.

What year was Scalia appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court?

What is 500 Euro note known as?
The Bin Laden

How many days did Zimbardo’s prison experiment last?
6 days

Approximately how many youth, 5-19 years old, worldwide, have ADHD?
129 million

What percent of people shot by L.A.P.D had a documented mental illness?

According to CHADD approximately how many ages 5 to 19 world wide have ADHD?
129 million

What is the prevalence of ADHD in U.S. adults age 18 to 44?

What percentage of current SCJ have severe persistence mental illness?

On average what % of SCJ inmates take psychotropic medications daily?

When did Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas last ask a question during oral arguments before Monday Feb. 29, 16?
Feb. 22nd 2006

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