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The song that is analyzed in this paper is entitled Two Less Lonely People in the World originally sung by Air Supply.

This is a song which relates to psychological theories related to love and is a good source of discussion to expand insights on the topic. First, one of the theories of Zick Rubin involves differentiating the dimensions of “liking” and “loving” to be on separate grounds (Keesling, 1998). In this theory, liking includes within it elements of “similarity and respect” and on the other hand, love is composed of “intimacy, possessiveness, and preoccupation” (Keesling, 1998).Moreover, loving a particular person does not entail the need to like him/her, too (Keesling, 1998). In relation to the song, it can be seen that the lovers being mentioned in the song has engaged in physical interaction which is evident in the lines “Then you smiled and I reached out to you. ” Relating this back to the current psychological theory being assessed, it shows that people who are in love hold one another and gaze at them more than those people who do not have emotional attractions for one another (Keesling, 1998).

Second, there is also Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory which states that love is composed of three elements, which are intimacy, passion, and commitment (Keesling, 1998). It is possible that only two of these elements are present within a particular relationship and there are corresponding labels which clearly illustrates the relationship between the two persons who are said to be in love.In the song, it has been said that there are “two less lonely people in the world and it’s gonna be fine. In this particular set of lines, it is shown that these two persons who are involved in a relationship see that there have been intimacy and commitment between them, which falls under “companionate love” (Keesling, 1998).

This is the appropriate category for this song because of the direction of their love to be based on their commitment to one another and this serves as a strong factor for them to stay in love. These two people have seen that their being together is already something which makes the world a better place than before that significantly binds the importance of their presence in one another’s life.This is in consideration of the absence of passion throughout the song. Third, there is also the concept of “lovestyles” as proposed y J. A. Lee and further supplemented by Hendrick and Hendrick which shows that love may mean different things to different people (Keesling, 1998).

In the song, it has been mentioned that “but miracles come true, I know cause here we are” which serves as the sign that the person sees that love for them is a miracle and treats it as such.On the other hand, the view of the other person is not shown and an assessment of whether they have a mutual understanding can not be shown. The experience and situation provided in this particular song can not hold true as a universal principle for love. This is because of the fact that there is a specific situation and a specific experience that is mentioned in this song that affects its ability to become a universal principle. However, I am certain that when two people fall in love, they feel less lonely than before and see a new experience together with their partner.

From my experience, relationships did make me feel less lonely but I am certain that it gave me more than companionship. Moreover, I have been a witness to other people who have fallen in love and treated it as a miracle in their lives; something that would only happen by chance. The experience that have been enclosed in this particular song and the appeal it has over one’s ear is a factor that has led me to choose this song over the rest.

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