Psychology 150 Chapter 16

The text discusses an experiment with 500 Massachusetts boys, aged 5 to 13 years, many of whom seemed bound for delinquency. Half were randomly assigned to a 5-year treatment program. Thirty years later, when compared with the boys NOT assigned to the program, the boys who WERE assigned to the program were _____ likely to have committed new offenses

Of the alternative therapies mentioned in the text, only _____ therapy has shown promise as an effective therapy.
light exposure

According to one study, beneficial therapies share much in common, including hope for demoralized people, a new_____, and an empathetic, trusting, caring relationship.
perspective viewpoint

This therapy is empirically supported for treating sexual disorders.
behavioral conditioning

According to recent research, the most effective psychotherapists seem to be those who:
establish an empathetic, caring relationship with their clients.

It is difficult to evaluate

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the effectiveness of psychotherapy because clients generally speak _____ of their therapists.

Your good friend has been dealing with severe anxiety for the last few months. However, he is reluctant to see a therapist because he is hoping that his anxious feelings will eventually go away. What can you say that might convince them that seeing a therapist would be beneficial?
Those undergoing therapy are more likely to improve more quickly, and with less risk of relapse.

Most _____ are psychologists with a Ph.D. or Psy.D. supplemented by a supervised internship and, often, postdoctoral training.
clinical psychiatrists

Clinical decision making that integrates the best available research with clinical expertise and patient characteristics and preferences is known as _____ practice.

A bond of trust and mutual understanding between a therapist and client, who work together constructively to overcome the client’s problem, is known as a(n):
therapeutic alliance

The _____ suggests that a person should consider seeking help from a professional if he/she experiences any trouble signals such as sudden mood shifts, feelings of hopelessness, or disruptive fears.
American Psychological Association

According to one study, good therapies share much in common, including:
a new perspective

On average, psychotherapy is _____ when compared with the costs of medical care for psychologically related complaints.

This therapy is empirically supported for treating compulsions.
behavioral conditioning

Clinical decision-making that integrates the best available research with clinical expertise and patient characteristics and preferences is known as:
evidence-based practice

These are physicians who specialize in the treatment of psychological disorders. Not all have had extensive training in psychotherapy, but as M.D.s or D.O.s they can prescribe medications.

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