Promotion Management Exam 3

The increase in viewing options and the penetration of DVDs, DVRs, remote controls, and other automatic devices have made it easier for TV viewers to avoid commercial messages.
Companies sponsor programs to gain more control over the shows carrying their commercials.
The Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement (A2/M2) initiative started by Nielsen included the introduction of electronic measurement in all local markets.
One of the main disadvantages of radio as an advertising medium is its high cost.
Radio offers a very low degree of geographic selectivity.
Which of the following statements is true of television as an advertising medium?
TV lets the marketers reach mass markets in a cost-efficient manner.
Henry records all the episodes of a well-known soap opera because the show airs while he is at work. When he watches the recorded episodes, he usually fast-forwards through the commercials. This is known as:
Alice regularly watches a TV show which airs between 8 and 9 p.m. During the commercial breaks, she switches channels in order to watch music videos. This is known as:
A small-town automobile dealer wants to market and advertise its deals in the neighborhoods nearby. The dealer has a limited advertising budget and wishes to advertise within a 20-mile radius. Which of the following types of announcements would best
suit the company’s purpose?
Local advertising
After it attained commercial success, HouseFull, a popular network sitcom, was purchased by many individual stations to be rerun in Harrisburg, New York, and San Diego. This is an example of:
off-network syndication.
A national health-food company has assumed responsibility for the production and content of a new program called “Master Quiz.” Additionally, the company also takes responsibility for the advertising that appears within it. Which of the following methods of media buying time has the company adopted?
Independent local TV stations that send their signals nationally via satellite to cable operators to make their programs available to subscribers are known as:
If 50 million households watch a specific sitcom, and there are a total of 200 million households in United States, the national rating for the sitcom is:
Which of the following statements is true of radio advertising?
Radio advertising does not have high levels of audience fragmentation.
A long-running television ad for Bedazzle Mascara is aired on various radio channels in the United States. The radio ad makes use of the audio portion of the television commercial. This process of converting a television commercial into a radio ad is known as
image transfer
Newspapers and magazines are often referred to as low-involvement media.
One of the main advantages of using magazines as an advertising medium is their ability to reach a specific target audience.
The more successful a magazine, the greater the amount of clutter it contains.
Advertising space is generally sold on the basis of space units such as full page, half page, and quarter page.
Weekly newspapers usually ignore national and world news.
Which of the following is true of consumer magazines?
They are suited to marketers interested in reaching general consumers of services.
Mars Inc., a premium cosmetics company, takes out ads in the Philadelphia, Boston, and Seattle editions of PlutoMag, a national magazine. In this scenario, the company is trying to achieve:
geographic selectivity.
Zest & Taste Corp. came up with a new ad for its food products which it wanted to advertise in a renowned national food magazine. However, the ad created by its creative team was way larger than the normal page size specified by the magazine publisher. Zest & Taste’s creative team wanted the ad to be spread over three continuous pages in the magazine. This could be done with the use of:
The ad for Faerie, a premium soap brand, contains a litmus paper which is stuck on the page and can be used by a consumer to test the acidity or alkalinity of the soap. This is an example of a(n):
Which of the following is an advantage of magazines?
Greater reach
CL Inc. printed two versions of the same ad in order to test the effectiveness of each individual ad. One ad contained an image of a popular female celebrity while the other contained an lesser-known model on the front cover. In this scenario, the company is using:
split runs.
While on a flight from San Francisco to New York City, James read several magazines offered by the airlines. However, he did not purchase the magazines as they were purchased and owned by the airline. With reference to the types of readership, which of the following has been
illustrated in this scenario?
Pass-along readership
Which of the following is considered to be a primary user of local display advertising?
Major retail chains
Which of the following statements is true of newspaper advertising?
Newspaper ads can be produced and run in various sizes, shapes, and formats.
The NsDaily, a newspaper, charges $50 per square inch of its advertisement space. Irrespective of the size and nature of the ad, the
newspaper does not change its rates. In this scenario, NsDaily is offering a(n):
flat rate.
Support media supports only the primary media and cannot be used as the sole medium for promotion.
Blimps are a form of transit advertising
Mobile billboards are not viable for small organizations owing to the huge costs of building and maintaining them.
Outdoor media tends to have a higher cost per thousand (CPM) rate when compared to other media.
Specialty advertising is also known as promotional products marketing.
Support media are also known as:
below-the-line media
At the parking lot of her office, Rhonda noticed that two of her colleagues’ personal cars had small stickers of McFrank’s, a multinational fast food chain, on their windows. Which of the following types of advertising do the stickers represent?
Ambient advertising
Ads that appear on store floors, gas pumps, washrooms stalls, elevator walls, park benches, and telephones are examples of:
ambient advertising.
Pizza Vertex, a chain of fast food restaurants, paid $1 million to have its new logo embossed on a blimp. Which of the following forms of
advertising did Pizza Vertex make use of?
Aerial advertising
Which of the following is an example of a mobile billboard ad?
Samantha sees a truck painted with an ad for “Glory Jeans.”
Which of the following is an example of mobile billboard advertising?
Ads painted on trucks
Tia sees ads for “Betty’s Butter” on the shopping carts at Windford, a retail outlet. This is an example of:
in-store advertising.
Which of the following statements is an advantage of outdoor advertising?
Wide coverage of local markets
The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI):
provides public relations support for specialty advertising.
Direct marketing is a form of advertising.
The first step of a direct-marketing program is to determine which markets to target through the use of a mailing list or a marketing database.
All companies use direct marketing with an objective to seek a behavioral response.
The high cost of commercials on cable and satellite channels has led to a decline in the use of infomercials as a direct-marketing media
Direct-mail and online services can effectively create a desirable mood among receivers.
Jacques received a letter from a charity organization seeking donations. The letter contained details about the charity organization, the
benefits of donating, and a self-addressed envelope in which a check could be sent to the organization. Various toll-free numbers of the
charitable organization were also provided for Jacques to seek further information. Which of the following techniques of promotion is illustrated
in the scenario?
Direct Marketing
Which of the following statements is true of direct marketing?
Consumer credit cards have led to the increased attractiveness of direct marketing as a tool for promotion for both buyers and sellers.
The various phone calls that consumers receive from credit card companies trying to market their credit cards are examples of a combination:
direct marketing and personal selling.
Michelle received mail from a fashion store announcing the launch of the end-of-season sale. The mail began with the headline, “Flat 50% off
on all merchandise,” and subsequently invited her to participate in the “Fly to Paris for free” contest. Which of the following combinations of
promotional activities is illustrated in the scenario?
Direct marketing and sales promotion
Darryl sees a television commercial for Praxis treadmill. He immediately dials the toll-free number displayed on his television screen to place
an order. The commercial announces that the first 200 callers to place an order will receive Praxis treadmill accessories at no additional cost.
In this scenario, Praxis is utilizing:
a one-step approach to direct marketing.
Which of the following statements is true of direct mail?
Mailing lists are the key to the success of direct mail.
Katherine saw a television commercial for a juicer. The commercial contained all essential details about product usage and flashed a toll-free
number that one could dial, for ordering the product. This is an example of:
direct-response advertising.
Which of the following is true of infomercials?
They are designed to be viewed as regular TV shows.
Camilla is a consultant at Mesmeric Inc., a cosmetics manufacturer. She frequently hosts social events at her friends’ homes where she invites groups of people and demonstrates the uses of Mesmeric’s products. She explains the proper product usage by applying it on herself. Which of the following forms of direct marketing is illustrated in this scenario?
Party Plan
Which of the following is an advantage of direct marketing?
Direct marketing allows for a strong ability to test the effectiveness of the overall program as well as specific elements.
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