Project Management Chapters 1-3

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What are the essential characteristics that make a group of activities a project?
start date, finish date, and its outcome will be a new product
Building another library in your area is a Project. True or False?
True! Because building a library is temporary– that is, it will have a start date and a finish date, and it will be a new library.
Name the Process Groups
Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing
Project team management is NOT a project management knowledge area. True or False?
What is progressive elaboration?
Taking the project from concept to project management plan.
Which organizational structure does the project manager have the GREATEST authority?
Which organizational structure does the project manager have the LEAST authority?
Functional because the authority of the project manager is none to low.
Your project depends on two business partners, OTF and ST, delivering their products to you on time. The chances are 3/4 that OTF will make the delivery in time and 2/3 that ST will not make the delivery on time. The probability that OTF and ST will both deliver in time is equal to:
.25 because
probability that OTF will deliver=3/4
probability that ST will deliver= 1-2/3=1/3
probability that both will deliver: 3/4*1/3=1/4
All are true about a project except:
A. Cost is low and stakeholder influence is highest in the beginning,
B. Staffing levels and the ability to influence the product characteristics are both low at the end of the project.
C. When the project is executing, both cost and stakeholders’ influence are at the highest.
D. Uncertainty is at its highest at the beginning of the project.
C. When the project is executing, both cost and stakeholders’ influence are at the highest.

Stakeholder influence is at its highest in the beginning of the project and deceases as the project progresses.

Projects and operations both are planned, executed, monitored and controlled, and closed. True or False?
False! Operations are usually ongoing and do not have a closure or end as a project does.
You are being interviewed by a functional manager who says, “we have this huge undertaking of launching an online education website that contains different components, such as designing the website, developing the content, developing the administrative system including registration and payment, marketing the courses on the website, integrating different components of the website, and finally going live. Each component is functionally complex and large enough that it will be better served under a different management.” The manager is most likely describing a:
Program because it sounds like a groups of interrelated projects.
Effective project management requires that a project manager have what characteristics?
Project management knowledge, the ability to apply the knowledge effectively to the project at hand, and personal style and behavior, including personal effectiveness and leadership
The role of a project manager is more of a coordinator or an expeditor in organizations with which structures?
Functional and weak Matrix
The project manager is responsible for achieving project objectives in an organization with which structure?
ALL structures
You have just joined and organization as a project manager and are studying the enterprise environmental factors of the organization to find out how you can leverage them for the success of your upcoming projects. Enterprise environmental factors may have what kind of influence on the project?
Positive or Negative

for example, they may expand or constrain project options

Which of the following is NOT an example of a project selection method?
A. Enterprise environmental factors
B. Scoring models
C. Cost benefit ratio
D. Constrained optimization methods
A. Enterprise environmental factors because they are inputs into various processes, but they do not constitute a specific project selection method
Your company runs a website that makes digital music downloads available to end users. You have been assigned a project that involves adding parental guidance warnings attached to various downloads. This project originated due to which of the following?
A. Business requirements that may include legal requirements
B. Opportunity
C. Problems
Internal business needs
A. Business requirements that may include legal requirements
Which of the following issues the project charter document?
A. The performing organization’s higher management.
B. Any stakeholder
C. The customer
D. The project manager
A. The performing organization’s higher management
What document is the result of the project initiation process group?
Project charter
Why is the project charter important?
It names the project manager and authorizes the project manager to use the organization’s resources for the project.
What is NOT included in the project charter?
A. The purpose of the project
B. high-level product requirements
C. Budget summary
D. Project Schedule
D. Project Schedule because it is developed during planning, but some milestone schedule may be included in the project charter
You have been named project manager for a project in your company codenamed “Kill the Bill” The project must complete before Thanksgiving Day of this year. This represents…
a constraint
What is true about assumptions in the project initiation?
Because assumptions represent risk, you must validate them at various stages of the project
You are preparing to develop the project charter for “String Theory”. As part of this effort you are studying the project statement of work. You must be able to find what 3 elements that the SOW includes or refers to:
Product scope, business need, and strategic plan
The initiating stage of a project produces what documents?
Project charter and stakeholder register
The 3 important output items of initiating a project are the project charter, stakeholder register, and…
stakeholder management strategy
Which of the following is not the output of directing and manager project execution?
A. Deliverables
B. Implemented defect repairs
C. Work performance information
D. Recommended corrective actions
D. Recommended corrective actions
You are directing and managing the execution of your project. What is the correct order of executing the processes when you are executing them for the first time during this project?
Quality planning, quality control, quality assurance
You are directing and manager the project execution. You see that there are some change requests that some stakeholders are pushing for implementation. However, these change requests have no record of being approved. These change requests:
Should be sent through the approval process and only implemented if approved
The integrated change control process is used to manage changes to the project at which stage?
From initiation through closing
A project manager is getting the risk-related recommended corrective actions approved. Which of the following processes is the project manager involved in?
A. Integrated change control
B. Risk response planning
C. Risk identification
D. Qualitative risk analysis
A. Integrated change control because recommendations fro corrective and preventative actions and change requests must be processed through this process.
You have just submitted a few important change requests to the change control board for their evaluation and recommendations. What process are you executing?
Perform Integrated Change Control is where all change requests are processed
Walking down the hallway, you heard a program manager saying to a project manager, “You need the performance reports to run this process.” Which process is the program manager referring to?
Monitor and Control Project Work

project work is monitored largely by comparing project performance to planned performance

What scenario WILL NOT trigger the closure stage of the project?
A schedule activity on a critical path is way behind schedule, and there is no way you can meet the project finish date
Your project has entered the closing stage, and you are planning for the project review. What guidelines will you follow for the review?
Cover all the stages of the project and both its positive and negative aspects
Which of the following stockholders can authorize the closure of a project?
A. Project manager
B. Customer
C. Project sponsor
D. Functional manager
Project sponsor signs the final closure documents and can send the project to closure at any stage of the project
You are preparing to close a project. What is NOT an input to the Close Project or Phrase process?
Product deliverables validated through the quality control process because they must go through the Verify Scope process before they can become an input to the Close Project or Phase process
The work packages should appear from left to right in the order in which the work will be performed. True or False
False! Work packages don’t have to appear in the order the work will be performed.
Which of the following is done first?
A. Creating the scope statement
B. Creating the WBS
C. Creating the requirements documentation
D. Creating the project charter
D. Creating the project charter
The WBS is the output of which process?
A. The create WBS process
B. The define scope process
C. The develop WBS process
D. The project initiating process
The Create WBS process
The project scope statement is the output of which of the following processes?
A. The Create WBS
B. The Define Scope process
C. The Create Project scope process
D. The project initiating process
The Define Scope process
The project scope management plan serves as the baseline for the project scope. True or False?
What are the components in the lowest level of the WBS hierarchy collectively called?
Work packages
Which of the following is not a constraint common to projects?
A. Resources
B. Imposed date
C. Schedule milestone
D. Skill set
Skill set
Which of the following constitutes the project scope baseline?
A. The WBS document and the scope statement
B. The Scope statement
C. The WBS document
D. The WBS, the WBS dictionary, and the scope statement
The WBS, the WBS dictionary and the scope statement
Who creates the WBS?
The project manager with help from the project team
Which of the following is not included in the project scope statement?
A. Project assumption and constraints
B. The WBS
C. Product description
D. Project deliverables
You are in the process of developing the scope management plan for your project. You will develop this plan:
As part of the effort to develop the project management plan
You are in the planning stage of a project. Walking down the hallway, your supervisor mumbles, “Don’t forget job shadowing.” Job shadowing is a technique used in:
Collecting Product requirements
You are planning the scope for your project. You have just created the requirements documentation after meeting with the stakeholders and studying the project charter. This requirements documentation can be used in developing:
The project scope statement and the WBS
What is the correct order of running processes?
Develop Project Charter, Collect Requirements, and Create WBS
You have selected a node in the hierarchy of the WBS that you will use to compare schedule, cost, and scope with the earned value in order to measure the project performance. This node or component in the WBS is called:
Control account
You are the project manager for a software product, and your project is in the execution stage. You have learned that Maya, a developer, has started adding some new features to the deliverables she is working on. What is the best action for you to take?
Determine where the request for the new features came from and process the change request through the integrated change request process
iPhone productions is an example of a project. True or False?
What does SOX refer to?
The Public Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act
You are meeting your friend for dinner at 7pm. You have a 1/3 chance of arriving after 7pm. Your friend has a 40% chance of arriving by 7pm. What is the approximate chance that both of you are eating at 7pm together?

(1-1/3)-.4=.266=27% rounded

Verify Scope is part of which process group?
Monitoring and Controlling
Mandatory project audit guidelines are an enterprise environmental factor. True or False?
Under which knowledge area is the action of ensuring that we develop the right product to satisfy the needs for which the project was undertaken?
Under which organizational structure are resources fully available for project work?
The Project Charter is a major outcome of which process group?
Which of the following does not have to be in the project charter?
A. Milestone Summary
B. Communication management plan
C. Project success criteria
D. Project sponsor name and authority
Communication management plan

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