Principles of Marketing Chapter 14 Direct, Online, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing

What is direct and digital marketing?
Involves engaging directly with carefully targeted individual consumers and customers communities to both obtain an immediate response and build lasting customers relationships
Define the new direct marketing model
Most companies direct digital marketing is supplementary to channels or media, others it is a main facet

Facebook, geico, Netflix, Priceline all use direct marketing model

What are the benefits of direct and digital marketing to buyers and sellers?

Convenient, easy, private, access anytime


Low costs, efficient, speedy for reaching their markets

Offers flexibility

What are some forms of direct and digital marketing?
Online Marketing

Online advertising
Social media, and mobile marketing


DING!, Smartphone App, Texting Alerts, social media outlets, emails

What is digital and social media marketing?/
Uses digital marketing tools such as web sites, online, videos, emails, blog, social media, mobile apps, and apps that engage customers anywhere anytime via their digital devices
What is multi channel marketing?
Marketing both through stores and other traditional offline channels and through digital, online, social media, and mobile channels
What is online marketing?
o Marketing via the internet using company websites, online ads, and promotions, email, online video and blogs
What are marketing websites and branded communities?
Marketing websites

designed to interact with customers to move them closer to a direct purchase to other marketing outcome

Branded community

Don’t try to sell anything offer rich variety of information’s purpose to present brand content that engages consumers to create brand community

websites present brand content that engages consumer and creates customers community around a brand

Define online advertising
Advertising that appears while consumers are browsing online, including display ads, search related ads, online classifieds and other forms

Main forms are display and search related ads

Think banners on mobiles apps

Define email advertising
Sending highly targeting, highly personalized, relationship- building marketing messages via email


Unsolicited, unwanted commercial email messaged that clog up or email boxes

Main reason for frustrations for email marketing

What is viral marketing?
Digital version of mouth to mouth marketing content that is so infections customers will seek it out or pass it along to friends
Define a blog
Online journals where people and companies post their thoughts and other content usually related to narrowly define topics

Blogsphere as a medium for reaching their customers communities

What is social media marketing?
Independent and commercial online communities where people congregate, socialize, and exchange views and information

90% of companies have social media

What are the advantages when using social media?
Social media is targeted and personal

Also interactive making it idea for starting and participating in customers conversations

What are the challenges when using social media?
Most companies are still experimenting with them and how to effectively use them ad interpret results

Social networks are users controlled company’s don’t have control over the content that is viewed

Define integrated social media market
Using full scale approach and incorporating all networking in making a platform
What is mobile Marketing?
Features marketing messages, promotions and other contact delivered to on the go consumers through their mobile devices

Used to engage customers wherever and whenever they are

Promote new items, send promotions codes with grow tracking

What are come traditional forms of direct marketing forms?
Direct mail marketing

Catalog Marketing


Direct Response television marketing (DRTV ads)

What are two major forms of (DRTM)
Direct Television Advertising

30-60 tv commercials giving information’s about the product

What are some public policy issues in direct and digital marketing?
Irritation, Unfairness and Fraud

Consumer Privacy

A need for action

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