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Modern World History Chapter 7 political and social system

Old Regime The political and social system that existed in France before the French Revolution estate One of the three social classes in France before the French Revolution-the First Estate consisting of the clergy; the Second Estate, of the nobility; and the Third Estate, of the rest of the population Louis XVI Became king in […]

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Themes in the Study of Life Chapter 1&2

question Darwin’s Book answer Origins of Species question Themes in the study of life answer 1. The living world is a hierarchy 2. cells are the basic units of structure & function 3. the continuity of life is based on DNA 4. structure and function are correlated 5. organisms are \”open\” systems question Why is […]

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Econ 201: Chapter 17

question Oligopoly answer a market structure in which only a few sellers offer similar or identical products question Duopoly answer an oligopoly with only two firms question Game Theory answer the study of how people behave in strategic situations question Collusion answer an argument among firms in a market about quantities to produce or prices […]

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Survey of American History Exam 1

question Columbian exchange answer exchange of plants, animals, culture, and diseases between Europe and the Americas; began after Columbus’s discovery in 1492 and lasted throughout the years of expansion and discovery; the disease caused an estimated 90-95% population loss within the first century of European contact; loss of Native Americans meant loss of labor, therefore […]

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Ap world history traditions and encounters chapter 18

question Bantu migrations answer African people who originally lived in the area of present day Nigeria. Around 200B.C.E they began a centuries-long migration that took them to most of sub-Saharan Africa. Influential linguistically question Stateless society answer Societies such as those of sub-Saharan Africa after the Bantu migrations that featured decentralized rule through family and […]

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American History Chapter 8 Vocabulary

question Industrial Revolution answer effort beginning in Britain in the late 1700s to increase production by using machines powered by sources rather than humans or animals question interchangeable parts answer a system of manufacturing in which all parts are made to an exact standard for easy mass- assembly question cotton gin answer machine that separates […]

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Chapter 12- Islam

question What were some characteristics of basic pre-Islamic religion? answer the native religion worshipped many gods and was one with nature. question How did the religion take shape under Muhammad? Was Islam universally accepted from the beginning? Why or why not? answer Islam was not universally accepted at first because he was preaching that there […]

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Flashcards and Answers – APUSH Chapter 16

question By the Mid 1840s, the American West answer contained few migrants from the US question Which of the following Indian Tribes was not found on the Pacific coast of the far west Chumash Chinook Pomo Creek Serrano answer Creek question In the mid 19th century, The plane indians were answer mostly sedentary farmers question […]

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30 Aug 2020 Database

question A — gauze or cloth screen that, when painted and lit from the front, appears solid, but when lit from behind becomes transparent answer scrim question The silhouette of a costume is primarily influenced by the answer line question A fairly complete sketch made by the designer, usually done in color, is called a […]

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College American History-Unit 1

question first settlements of America answer Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymoth question Roanoke answer the \”lost colony\” question Joint Stock Company answer pooling money together to fund trip to America question Royal Charter answer Ask the king of England for funding for trip to America question Plymoth answer Pilgrim settlement question Jamestown answer Most famous successful English […]

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AP World History Semester 1 Exam Review

question Discuss the political organization of the Mesopotamian civilization. answer Focus on Agriculture, built in river valley, in one place, non nomads question What is the Neolithic Revolution? Where did it occur? answer Time where people settled down, tools were invented question Discus Indus Valley contributions and its decline. answer First civilization, cratered tools, declined […]

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practice management & EHR, chapter 6

question past medical history (PMH) answer patient’s history of medical problems, including chronic conditions, surgeries, and hospitalizations question progress notes answer note documenting the care delivered to a patient, and the medical facts and clinical thinking relevant to diagnosis and treatment question patient flow answer progression of patients from the time they enter the office […]

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American History 101

question Northwest Passage answer a waterway through or around North America question Pilgrims answer English Puritans who founded Plymouth colony in 1620 question Columbian Exchange answer The exchange of plants, animals, diseases, and technologies between the Americas and the rest of the world following Columbus’s voyages. question Joint Stock Company answer a business in which […]

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US History Chapter 25

question George Marshall answer Army Chief of Staff who suggested using women for noncombat military jobs question WAAC answer the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps created by Congress for military jobs question Manhattan project answer secret development of the atomic bomb led by J. Robert Oppenheimer question War Production Board-(WPB) answer government agency that decided which […]

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US History – Unit 10 – Qs

question what group supported Ronald Reagan for president answer conservative groups such as the moral majority question what crisis did Reagan face in 1981 answer getting shot, strike by federal air traffic controllers which led to him ordering them back to work because they were a vital part of the country running question what were […]

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US History Chapter 14 Section 1

question price support answer the maintenance of a price at a certain level through government intervention question Alfred E. Smith answer Governor of New York who ran as a Democrat for the 1928 elections question Dow Jones Industrial Average answer a measure of stock market prices based on thirty leading companies of the new york […]

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AP World History-Unit 3

question Kinship Groups answer A family, clan, or other group based on kinship question Age Grades answer A number of people or things classified together as being of similar age question Stateless Societies answer A society that does not have its own state or government controlling the supreme power to make and enforce rules question […]

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WTP Court Cases- Religion

question Engel v Vitale answer New York’s requirement of a state-composed prayer to begin the school day was declared an unconstitutional violation of the Establishment Clause. question Lemon v Kurtzman answer The Court struck down a Pennsylvania law reimbursing religious schools for textbooks and teacher salaries. The decision held that a program does not violate […]

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We the People Supreme Court Cases
19 Jul 2020 Uncategorized

question Abington School District v. Schempp (1963) answer Facts of the Case: The Abington case concerns Bible-reading in Pennsylvania public schools. At the beginning of the school day, students who attended public schools in the state of Pennsylvania were required to read at least ten verses from the Bible. After completing these readings, school authorities […]

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EDG 4410

question Hollander and Hunt’s power hierarchy answer What is considered to be the \”classic among classics\”6 in power research was done by John R.P. French, Jr., and Bertram Raven, published in 1959.7 They identified five different types of power in groups, organizations, or among individuals: reward, coercive, legitimate, referent, and expert powers. 1. Coercive power-depends […]

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question Quiz: Life of Pi, Part One Question 1a of 10 ( 1 Life of Pi, Part I 1068363 ) Maximum Attempts: 1 Question Type: Multiple Choice Maximum Score: 2 Question: Who is Mamaji? Choice Feedback *A. A close family friend of the Patels Correct! B. Pi’s older brother C. The head zookeeper at the […]

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08 Jul 2020 Database

question 2004 IDEIA Public Law answer Due Process, Highly Qualified Teachers, Evaluation of Students, and Assessment Participation (All new changes) question Due Process answer Impartial Hearing States are required to offer mediation services BEFORE a process hearing School districts can seek attorney fees from parents attorney or parents if the complaint is unreasonable question Highly […]

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