Principles of management practice test

Henry Mintzberg
Who wrote “The Nature of Managerial Work”?
Employees are untrustworthy and lazy
A theory X manager believes:
Frederick Herzberg
Who was the theorist that invented the Two-Factor Method?
Company X is hiring for an opening in the Customer Call Center. They have received 20 applications for this position. What management process will be used to choose the person to hire?
One of Continuous-process production’s strengths is it’s reliance on what?
What is data called when processed in a meaningful way?
Doing it right the first time
Philip B. Crosby is famous for what phrase?
Abraham Maslow
Who created the deficit and progression principles of management?
Job Analysis
What tool does and organization use to determine what the roles and responsibilities of a particular position is?
An Export
Country (A) manufactures and sells large amounts of widgets to Country (B). In this scenario, Country (A) would consider the widgets to be which of the following:
A website company with 3 employees
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 exempts which of the following types of organizations?
MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
Which tool can be used to evaluate the mental and emotional preferences of employees?
What type of power is formally assigned and granted to a specific position?
Unemployment Insurance
Company (N) just had to layoff 10% of their workforce, due to cutbacks. The employees who have lost their jobs, due to no fault of their own, may continue to receive partial income while they look for a new job because the company has what?
TQM (Total Quality Management)
Which of the following concentrates on quality control at every level of the organization?
Which school of management believes that the best way to make a decision is through statistics and computer simulations?
At what stage of an organization’s life does the focus shift from expansion to maintaining customers?
What type of power is derived from the manager’s ability to fire or take punitive actions upon the employees?
Career Development Plan
Susan works for a financial investment firm as the front office receptionist. Durring her performance review, she notified her manger that she would like to become an investment banker in the future. Her manager helped her map out a path for accomplishing this goal with classes, internships and passing certain state exams. What did Susan’s manager help her create?
Mayo and Roethlisberger
What researchers were responsible for what is now known as the “Hawthorne Studies”
Employees are trustworthy and need little supervision
A theory Y Manager believes:
Contingency Plan
What is another name for a company’s back-up plan?
The ability ro work at whatever time you like, as long as the week consists of 40 work hours, is called what?
Strategic plan
Organizational development is a broad restructuring of the organization, usually with a focus on personnel. Knowing this, which type of plan would best describe it?
According to Larry Geiner, there are five phases of growth for an organization – Creativity, Direction, Delegation, Control, and Collaboration. During which phase of growth is the organization’s founders running the day to day operations?
Plan, Do, Check, Act
Which the correct order for the Deming Cycle?
Shows the company maintains a high level of quality
What is the purpose of an ISO 9000 certification?
Looking at the candidate’s application and resume
What is the first step that should be undertaken to evaluate a candidate for a job position?
Increases the authority and responsibility
How does job enrichment motivate the employee?
Makes a job more interesting to the employees
How does job enlargement motivate employees?
An employee is rewarded for their performance by moving them into a higher level position. This is an example of which of the below?
Which is considered to be the most effective method of communication for long and complex messages?
In a single year, what is the mazimum amount of times you should do an employee appraisal
Selective Perception
What communication barrier causes the listener to hear parts of the message that consistent with their own beliefs, but to ignore the parts that aren’t?
According to Larry Geiner, there are five phases of growth for an organization – Creativity, Direction, Delegation, Control, and Collaboration. During which of the phases is there most likely a crisis of red tape due to management implementing stricter systems?
A decision tree
If an organization needed to map out possible solutions and the choices required to reach those solutions, what would they use?
Financial-ratio analysis
What tools do organizations use to understand their own financial statements?
What is an incentive-based pay system graded upon?
Affirmatice action
Which term refers to a law that requires employers to make a concerted effort to hire and promote members of protected groups?
DIRFT (Do It Right First Time)
Which of the below emphasized the need to get things right from the beginning rather than fixing a problem later on?
Which leadership style demands full control and makes all decisions for the team?
MIS (Management Information Systems)
What is a tool that helps a manger make decisions by gathering, correlating, and presenting information?
Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Controlling and Leading
Pick the answer below that has all five basic managerial functions in the correct order.
Expectant Theory
What management theory says the following? Employees will work hard if: 1) High effort = good performance 2) Good performance = good appraisals 3) Good appraisals = organizational reqard which satisfies personal need.
A payroll
What is the list of employees that are being compensated by the organization called?
What is the term for a tax placed on imported and exported goods?
When an employee moves from one position to the other with no changes of responsibility or authority, what is this called?
Decision Analysis
When faced with a variety of solutions, which analysis tool helps determine the advantages and disadvantages of each?
All of the above
What can an employee performance appraisal be used as justification for?
Payback Analysis
Which analysis tool is concerned with recovering the initial investment as quickly as possible?
What type of power is derived from the manager’s own knowledge and skills?
The single, best way to perform the tasks at hand
What is the classical school of management most concerned with
Max Weber
Who believed that the best form of management was on in which the mangers had a stand-offish, non personal relationship with employees?
Bureaucratic procedure
What is the name for a set of very strict, rigid steps that must be taken to reach decisions or take actions?
Zero-based budgeting
Which type of budget is developed in such a way that each expenditure must be justified in terms of how it will contribute to the organization?
What is the term for a formal complaint issued by an employee (or group of employees) to the management team?
Job Orientation
What is usually a new employee’s first interaction with the organization as a whole?
Uniform Resource Locator
The term “URL” stands for what?
360 Degree Feedback
Every 6 months, employees at Company (K) are asked to fill out a questionnaire about each other, including management. The are asked to identify sucesses and failures for each other during the previous 6 months, and are given the opportunity to bring problem areas to the light. What is this process called?
What is the name of the small, exlusive groups that people naturally form?
A group
A number of people working without a unifying goal is what?
An organization chart
What tool shows the relationship between the positions in a company and the employees that hold those positions?
What type of control reviews performance agter it’s already happened? For example, an income statement would be what type of control?
When resolving conflicts, which strategy down-plays the differences between the arguing parties?
When employment is terminated because of outside influences on the organization itself and through no fault of the employee, this is usually called what?
Cost leadership Strategy
What strategy is a company using when it takes an already existing product and creates a version that is cheaper to make?
Equity Theory
What theory states that employees are motivated to perform based on the rewards that they and others receive?
What type of leadership syle takes a completely hands-off appraoch with their team, allowing them to work completely on their own?
Scalar Principle
What states that there schold be an unbroken chain of command from the very top of the organization to the very bottom?
What is another word for the term “Job Sharring”?
Clayton Alderfer
Who based their frustration-regression theory on Maslow’s earlier work?
When an employee voluntarily leaves the organization it is called what?
An arbitrator
During a labor dispute, a third party may sometimes be called in to make a final decision. This third party is called:
Strategic, Tactical, Operational
From the largest to the smallest, list the different types of plans:
PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique)
Which of the following was originally created by the US Department of Defense?
A mission statement
What document outlines an organizaion’s goals and defines what it represents?
Jobs are often shared
In a flexible organization, which of the following is true?
What is it called when an employee is moved to another position and that has subsequently resulted in reduced authority, significance and responsibility?
In Clayton Alderfer’s ERG Theory, how many categories of Needs are there?
Hiring a third party provider to work off-site
Outsourcing can best be described as which of the following?
What is the term for a person who ascribes their own ideas or emotions to others?
David McClelland
Which of the following believed that our experiences dictate our needs that must be met?
The motivation to maintain that need is lessened
According to Clayton Alderfer’s Frustration/Regression Theory, what happens once a need has been satisfied?
Differentiation strategy
Apple always tries to be the first to introduce and manufacture the latest technological developments; setting itself as the trend-setter in the industry. What is this type of strategy called?
Total Quality Management (TQM) is best implemented in what type of organization?
An increase in the interest rates offered on checking accounts
When dealing with environmental changes, there are both internal and external changes. For a bank, what would be an example of an interal change?
What is the name given to forces of change directed towards inhibiting problem solving?
Downward communication
What type of communication is occurring when a manger gives his subordinates a set of instructions?
Unity of Command Principle
What states that an employee can only be accountable to one supervisior?
In which of the phases of team development is there more likely to be conflict among team members?
Matthew will be interviewing his team members this week. During the interview process, he will be speaking with them about their accomplishments during the last 6 months, bringing to their attention areas in which they might improve their performance, and getting feedback from them regarding the workplace. What is this interview process called?
Force-field Analysis
Which analysis tool works by separating the driving force of a change and its opponents?
The interaction and motivation of the employees
The behavioral school of management looks at which of the following?
Unilateral Authority
Which type of authority gives the manager the right to make all decisions within his/her own department?
In what stage of develpment is the team most productive?
The ability of a multinational organization in a foreign country to price a product within the local population’s income levels would fall under what environment?
Break-Even Point
What is the moment called when income from sold products equals the cost to creat them?
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