Primal religion

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Primal religion refers to the prehistoric or preliterate religion. It’s a term used to describe the first account of human religion. The primitive religions have been divided into three periods of cultures, the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. When reading and analyzing the beginning of religion the word primitive or primal comes to mind as a sense of development. This choice of words makes me reflect in terms of theories and exploration. Primal is derived from the word beginning or first.

When reading the sections in Prehistoric and Primal cultures, religion has and always will have the form a mystery. In the starting chapter we see primitive religion has been developed over every continent among people who have no contact with each other. It is amazing how many similarities exist among primitive religions. In order to understand and reflect on religion development on humanity it’s important to start at the end of ones life then the beginning. This comes to terms with the description of Stone Age practices of burials. It’s at one end of life that someone seeks spirituality for guidance.

Through the reading we are brought through each step in prehistoric cultures to find the link to religion. These links can be found in archeologist finds on paintings, clay figurines and engravings. These’s symbols left behind are like pieces of a puzzle yet to be unsolved. Though each pieces discovered we can try to relate the message the have left. Through the help of clues left behind we we’re able to base our selves on certain terminology to pin point characteristics of primal religion. It is interesting to follow each period in history to find out its different form on religion.

When going back to prehistoric religion we recognize the rise and fall of monotheism and polytheism. I found it quite surprising how anxiety plays a great role in ritual. In the chapters that fallow we see how people attribute much that happened to the spirits and to magic. People saw bird flying without falling and thunder and rain were sought to be magic. Spirits were everyday people through hidden form. Their views of the world come to them with invented stories (myths); people would take advantage and add their imagination.

People believed would believe if god can to magic so could they; they call them shamans. Shamans claimed to be in communication with spirits. They help with birth, puberty, marriage and death. They made rituals to thank god for what they had received from him. Everything was gift given from a higher power. There are difference ways to give thanks and different people or inanimate object to give it too. Even though religion was podcasts through different continent there social progress or image are almost the same. The main idea is there.

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