Power and Energy Crisis of Bangladesh Essay Example
Power and Energy Crisis of Bangladesh Essay Example

Power and Energy Crisis of Bangladesh Essay Example

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  • Published: October 16, 2017
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Bangladesh is a state that has been exploited by many ace powers in the yesteryear. 1st it was the British and so stated the Pakistani government. Continuously oppressed and exploited by these powers the resources of this state were already half exhausted. When Bangladesh emerged on 1971. the state started a new journey towards self sufficiency with whatever left over resources she had. And with those Bangladesh has maintained her pride among the developing states for more than 40 old ages. The power and energy sector of Bangladesh may non be strong like other states but it has been more than plenty to supply for the fellow occupants and besides for exporting abroad.

But for how long can Bangladesh keep this? It has late been seen that we are confronting assorted types of jobs and deficits in the power and energy sector of our state. It has besides been predicted that sometime in the close hereafter all the natural resource of the state might every bit good be exhausted. In this paper we have tried to show a current scenario of the power and energy sector of the state and besides tried to project some future figures. We have besides tried to supply some solutions to some keys jobs that are faced in these sectors.


Dhaka. the capital metropolis of Bangladesh is an ancient metropolis. There is a public stating that Nawab of Dhaka installed a little generator in his abode “Ahsan Monjil” and started bring forthing power at 5pm on 7th of December 1901. which is considered as the debut of electricity in the so Dhaka metropolis. Later.


in and around 1930. M/S. DEVCO. a subordinate of M/S. Octavians Steel Company. developed electricity distribution system at 400V degree under complete private ownership and brought that for public usage. Most likely in the twelvemonth 1933 a power bring forthing station named “Dhanmondi Power House” was established with two 1500 KW generators each and from there the electricity distribution system was started to sale to the populace on commercial footing.

After divider of the Indian sub-continent in the twelvemonth 1947. power coevals. transmittal and distribution authorization in the so East Pakistan part were confined within some private companies. The electricity supply in the 17 territories was limited to the township countries merely for a limited clip ( i. e. for usage during dark clip merely ) except Dhaka metropolis country. At that clip other than some private companies. power was used to be generated by some stray industries like tea. sugar. fabrics and railroad workshops. In sum. the coevals capacity of this part was about 21 MW at that clip.

To get by up with the turning power demand of this part. the so Govt. of Pakistan created Electricity Directorate in 1948 to be after and better power supply. In 1957 the Govt. took over the private owned companies in Dhaka and placed them under the Electricity Directorate for power coevals and distribution.

In 1959. East Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority ( EPWAPDA ) was established to look after coevals. transmittal. distribution and sale of electricity throughout the state of the so East Pakistan. After

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the independency of Bangladesh in 1972. Bangladesh Power Development Board ( BPDB ) was created to look after the same map. Dhaka Electric Supply. headed by a Chief Engineer under BPDB used to command the electricity distribution and gross revenues in Greater Dhaka District country up to September 1991.

To better services to the consumers and to heighten gross aggregation by cut downing the prevailing high system loss. Dhaka Electric Supply Authority ( DESA ) was created by an regulation promulgated by the President of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh in 1990. The President of the Govt. of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh ordered for constitution of the Dhaka Electric Supply Authority ( DESA ) by announcement of regulation No. 6 of 1990 on 6th March ( Published in the Bangladesh Gazette. Additional issue on 14th March. 1990 ) .

Act No. 36 of 1990 for constitution of the Dhaka Electric Supply Authority ( DESA ) was issued ( published in Bangladesh Gazette. Additional issue. 23rd June 1990 ) in supplanting the regulation no. 6 of 1990 electricity for all by the twelvemonth 2020.

Projected Demand
For Electricity

Sing the growing of the single end-user sectors the projection of demand for energy should ideally be made. The demand prognosis is based on the first-class historical correlativity of electricity demand with GDP and three prognosiss of GDP growing through 2025. The Base instance uses GDP figures whose compound mean one-year growing rate is 5. 2 % . The low instance GDP figures mean one-year rate is 4. 5 % . The high instance is based on a GOB prognosis with an one-year mean rate of 8. 0 % . These GDP growing rates produce net energy demand growing rates to 2025 of 7. 9 % for the base instance. 6. 7 % for the low instance and 12. 0 % for the high instance. In these three scenarios. it is besides assumed that transmittal and distribution losingss continue to fall. For transmittal. they drop to 3. 0 % by 2018. Distribution losingss bead to 10 % by 2019.