POLI SCI 102 chapter 1

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A belief in the need to maintain economic equality is __ core part of the US political culture.
Not a
A totalitarian system of rule seeks to
Impose its will by suppressing any and all other groups and individuals in society
Ancient Greeks believed the ideal __ was knowledgable of, and actively participated in, government.
Being suspicious of strong government has been/ was true of Americans
Throughout US history
Demographic changes in America have spawned the charge that the American political system seriously underrepresents
Urban areas
Freedom from government control and economic freedom are both definitions of
Liberty, democracy, and __ are the United States’ core political values.
Over the last century, America’s population has become __ elderly and __ young.
Political equality means that each citizen
Has one, and only one, vote
Progressives advocated women’s suffrage in part because
They believed women voters were likely to support their championed reforms
Representatives make decision about public policy in a
Representative democracy
The people are sovereign in a
The practice of direct democracy includes which of the following
Ballot referendum
What change did the national census undergo in 1970 regarding people of Hispanic origin
It began counting people of Hispanic origin for the first time
Which of the following is true of digital citizenship
Digital citizens are likely to be \”good\” citizens
Which of the following is true of income distribution in the United States
In 2012, the top 10 percent earned more than half of the total national income
Which of the following spurred the first major expansion of the power of the government in the United States
The great depression
Which of the following statements about recent immigration trends and the foreign-born population in the United States is accurate
People born in Asia constitute the second-largest group of foreign born residents
Which of the following wanted to promote participation for the middle classes
The bourgeoisie
Who gets what, when, and how is the definition of
__ refers to a system that allows very little room for the national government to regulate trade or restrict the use of private property, even in the public interest
Laissez-faire capitalism
According to the Anagnoson text, chapter 1, California’s population, the foreign-born population, and the approximate number of undocumented immigrants are
38.3 million, 10.2 million, and 2.7 million
According to Anagnoson, in chapter 1, the inability of the California legislature to make decisions that benefit the state as a whole is due to:
The influence of interest groups, the two-thirds requirement to raise taxes, and California’s size and diversity
California term limits are
8 years for governor, 12 years for the Assembly, and 12 years for the state Senate
\”Majoritarian\” as applied to California government means that
The state makes many important decisions through direct democracy and the initiative process
Individualism is an idea that
Can be traced back to John Locke
Critics of individualism
Tend to focus more on society as a whole rather than just the individual
The primary value to defenders of individualism in America is
Americans’ trust in their government
has declined significantly since the 1960s
Political efficacy is the belief that
one can influence what government does
According to the authors, good citizenship requires
political knowledge and political engagement
What is digital citizenship?
the ability to participate in society online
What is the difference between a totalitarian government and an authoritarian one?
In an authoritarian government, certain social institutions may restrain the power of the government
In constitutional government
formal and effective limits are placed on the powers of government
Although not present at the national level, a number of states and cities permit citizens to vote directly on laws and policies. What is this form of rule called?
direct democracy
The percentage of foreign-born individuals living in the United States
has increased significantly since reaching its low point in 1970
Since 1900, which of the following groups has increased as a percentage of the overall population in the United States
black, Hispanics, and Asian
As a percentage of the total population in the United States, which age group has increased the more dramatically from 1900 to 2010?
the elderly
What percentage of Americans live in urban areas today?
about 80 percent
Which of the following is not related to the American conception of liberty?
freedom of speech, economic liberty, freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly
Which of the following is not part of the core value of the American political system?
belief in equality of results
The principle of political equality can be best summed up as
\”equality of opportunity\”
Which of the following are reasons it is important for Americans to trust their government?
Trust is important to attract talented people to work for the government, a lack of trust could endanger tax revenue, and a mistrusted government can do little to work with its citizens
Political efficacy is the idea that __ citizens can influence the government and its policies. Americans have __ sense of political efficacy.
even ordinary; a declining
Local government provides what
running water
Federal government provides what
standardized time and copyright protection
State government provides what
speed limits on major highways
Trust in the government:
Trust in government increases during times of national tragedy, trust in government has generally declined since 1960
How has the power of the federal government developed over time?
The power of the federal government has increased
People who are politically active tend to believe that they have a __ degree of political efficacy. Political efficacy is the ability to __ the government.
high; influence
Over the last several decades, American trust in the federal government has
Why is political knowledge necessary for citizens?
it increases knowledge of available services, it can advance citizen interests, and it helps protect their rights
What is the relationship between being politically informed and public trust in government
The informed public trusts the government more than the uninformed
A recent survey found that 75 percent of Americans read the news online and more than 6 in 10 look up political information on the internet. These are examples of what kind of citizenship?
What was the difference between the percentage of the informed public that trusted the government in 2013 and the percentage of the general public that did so?
Describe how internet access affects political participation
Internet access tends to increase political participation
What is the best definition of \”digital citizenship\”?
participation in society through the internet
Which of the following examples meet the definition of government?
A group of tribal elders meet to discuss issues and make decisions for the tribe, a military commander seizes a country by force replacing the government, and the population of an island gather once per year to settle grievances and find solutions to common problems
In order the governments which have the most legal limits placed upon their power to those with the fewest limits
constitutional, authoritarian, and totalitarian
What two factors led to the development of constitutional democracies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Governments started recognizing legal limits on their power and some governments began giving citizens political voice through the vote
Ballot initiatives and referenda are examples in American of what kind of democracy?
Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin are examples of what type of government system that seeks to absorb or eliminate other social institutions that might challenge it
Can be thought of as the conflict over the direction, identity, and resources of an organization.
is the ability to influence that process
Representative democracy
A major bill that many legislators campaigned on passes Congress, Congress votes to impeach an unpopular president, and a major bill supported by the majority of citizens passes a state legislature
Direct democracy
California’s citizens vote to recall their governor and a state constitution is amended following referendum
Since the 1920s, immigration to the united states has__. This has been particularly true of people emigrating from__.
increased; Central America and Asia
Which of the following about socioeconomic status in America is true?
Wealth inequality has grown over the past 40 years
Thanks to immigration, America has a younger population now than it did in 1900.
Which of the following are true about immigration?
The largest group of immigrants in the first half of the twentieth century came from Europe. Today most immigrants come from Asia or the Americas.
Which ethnic/racial group in the 2010 census data that has decreased the most as a percentage of the population since 1900?
The __ has grown the most as a percentage of the population since the 1900, while the __ has declined the most.
west; midwest
Which of the following groups make up more than 10% of the population, as of the 2012 census?
Latino, African Americans, Whites
The Bill of Rights of the US Constitution primarily addressed which core American value?
Which of the following does the textbook identify as being at the core of American values?
liberty, equality, and democracy
Laissez-faire __ means an economic system with little room for government regulation or interference
The ability of people to choose their leaders in free and fair elections is called __, while __ refers to freedom from government control.
democracy; liberty
When most Americans say equality is an important value they define equality as the opportunity for everyone to have fair chance to succeed, and not the equality of outcomes.

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