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History CH 19 ; 20 Test

question Money supply answer capital question Production method using rural at-home workers answer cottage industry question Invention that improved thread production answer spinning jenny question Governmental ownership and control of production answer socialism question Seekers of new business opportunities answer entrepreneurs question The Industrial Revolution created new jobs in ____________ answer coal mining, railroad construction, […]

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Chapter 1 & 2 – Management – Test Bank

question Scientific Management is associateed with answer Fredrick Taylor question A flex style of management means answer adjusting decisions and actions to the needs of the situation question Human relations theory emphasizes answer a fair day’s work question Human skills needed by a manager include answer ability to advise workers on personal matters question Participative […]

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Flashcards on Win Server Ch 3 and 4

question which of the following statemetns are ture of striped volumes answer striped volumes provide enhanced performance over simple volumes if a single physical disk in teh striped volume fails, all fo the data in teh entire volume is lost question which of the following are requirements for extending a volume on a dynamic disk […]

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US History 1302 Final Exam Review

question Which of the following has possibly had the greatest impact on American society in the 20th century? answer Television question The Iran Contra affair involved… answer National security advisors and CIA arranged secret sale of arms to Iran; in return, Iran used influence with Lebanese terrorists to set US hostages free question Richard Nixon […]

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Ubuntu linux 3A

question Question 1 You have installed a package called mathpac with yum. After a system upgrade, the package is not working correctly. Which command should you try first to get the package to work? yum remove math pac and then yum install math pac rpm -U math pac yum upgrade math pac yum update math […]

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TestOut PC Pro A+ 220-801 / 220-802 | Operating Systems

question Which option in Control Panel is used to review your Windows 7 computer’s status and resolve issues? answer Action center question You have a file which you would like other users to see, but not modify. Which file attribute should you use? answer R, or Read question Which installation method is best for large […]

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Supply Chain Management (Chapter 1)

question Functional structure: answer The blueprint of departments within an organization, each of which is responsible for a set of closely related activities question Typical functions or departments found in a modern organization include answer purchasing, operations, warehouse, sales and marketing, research and development, finance and accounting, human resources, and information systems. question Business processes, […]

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Sociology Ch13
10 Sep 2020 Database

question Increases with age answer Generally, voter participation in the United States… question Preindustrial, industrial , and postindustrial answer What are the different types of economic systems? question Invisible hand answer What did Adam Smith call the interplay between supply and demand? question Capitalists answer According to Marx, what are the bourgeoise? question Capitalism answer […]

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SAP DataServices Certification Study

question Data Integrator answer Transforms that allow you to extract, transform, and load data. These transform help ensure data integrity and maximize developer productivity for loading and updating data warehouse environment. question Data Quality answer Transforms that help you improve the quality of your data. These transforms can parse, standardize, correct, enrich, match and consolidate […]

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Quality Management Quiz

question Quality Managment answer a way of doing business that continuously improves products and services to achieve better performance question Conditions of Participation answer rules that determin an entity’s eligibility for involvement in a particular activity question Quality Assuranace answer evaluation activites aimed at ensurig compliance with minimun quality standards; actions performed to ensure the […]

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PR Final

question PR/Publicity vs. Advertising answer PR gained through direct dealing with media 3rd party endorsement: primary reason PR valued; the support given a product by an “objective” 3rd party — a blog, newspaper, magazine, or broadcaster — who mentions the product as news When an org’s publicity is reported by a news source, it instantly […]

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POLI SCI 102 chapter 1
02 Sep 2020 Database

question A belief in the need to maintain economic equality is __ core part of the US political culture. answer Not a question A totalitarian system of rule seeks to answer Impose its will by suppressing any and all other groups and individuals in society question Ancient Greeks believed the ideal __ was knowledgable of, […]

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Personal Finance – Chapter 8

question The first element in a purchasing decision is gathering information. T/F answer True question Consumer information from business organizations includes advertising, product labels, and packaging. T/F answer True question National name brand products usually coast more than store brands or generics. T/F answer True question An express warranty is usually in a written form. […]

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OLS 274 Final Exam

question In the U.S. economy, ________ are considered the reward for the risk of entering business. answer Profits question The factors of production in an economic system are ________. answer Natural resources, human resources, capital, and entrepreneurship question Henry Ford is noted in business history for introducing the moving assembly line, which greatly reduced the […]

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Module V

question Why is an ideal EHR system one that requires point-of-care charting? a. eases duplicate data entry burden b. eliminates intermediary paper forms c. reduces memory loss d. supports clinical decision making answer d. supports clinical decision making question Which is a transition strategy to achieve and EHR: a. ancillary system support b. clinical data […]

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MISY 4350 Ch. 6

question The first process involved in project time management is _____ . answer planning schedule management question Which of the following processes in project time management involves identifying the specific tasks that the project team members and stakeholders must perform to produce the project deliverables? answer Defining activities question In project time management, which of […]

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MIS 309 Chapter 2
23 Aug 2020 Database

question 1) Collaboration occurs when a number of people ________. A) come together to perform tasks that are different B) work together to achieve a common goal C) perform independent tasks that are important D) work without having to critically analyze each other’s work answer B question 2) ________ occurs when a group of people […]

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MGT chapter 2 Review

question Objectives should be as vague as possible answer False question Objectives are first needed at the lower management level answer False question Contingency management means having anticipated solutions for problems available in advance answer True question Scenario planning has a short-term focus and is typically associated with planning at the supervisory level. answer False […]

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mgmt chap 7

question The process by which managers respond to opportunities and threats facing their organization by analyzing options and taking actions is known as: answer Decision making question Managers make decisions when they are involved in which managerial function(s)? answer Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling question Decisions that have been made many times in the past […]

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question Management answer getting work done through others question Efficiency answer getting work done with minimum effort, expense, or waste question Effectiveness answer accomplishing tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives question planning, organizing, leading, controlling answer 4 functions of management question planning answer involves determining organizational goals and means for achieving them question organizing answer […]

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Marketing Chapter 13

question Which of the following statements is true of salespeople? A) They do not work with wholesalers and retailers. B) They are employed mostly in click-only companies. C) They do not represent the customers to the company. D) They represent a company to its customers by communicating and selling. E) They represent a new class […]

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Management final desi

question Leadership answer is the process by which a person exerts influence over other people and inspires, motivates, and directs their activities to help achieve group or organizational goals. question A manager’s personal leadership style answer is the specific way in which a manager chooses to influence other people; it is how the manager approaches […]

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