PMP Chapter 8

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_____ is the cost of evaluating processes and their outputs to ensure that a project is error-free or within an acceptable error range.
Appraisal cost
Important tools used in the _____ phase of the DMAIC process include a project charter, a description of customer requirements, process maps, and Voice of the Customer (VOC) data.
_____ means that a product can be used as it was intended.
Fitness for use
A _____ is a standard of measurement in quality management.
_____ refers to action taken to bring rejected items into compliance with product requirements or specifications or other stakeholder expectations.
____ is an independent test performed by end users prior to accepting the delivered system
User acceptance testing
An important tool used in the _____ phase of the DMAIC process is the fishbone or Ishikawa diagram
_____ correct(s) or prevent(s) further quality problems based on quality control measurements.
Process adjustments
Performing quality assurance is a subprocess of the _____ process of project quality management.
Six Sigma’s target for perfection is the achievement of no more than _____ defects, errors, or mistakes per million opportunities
_____ addresses the ease of performing maintenance on a product
_____, a quality system standard is a three-part, continuous cycle of planning, controlling, and documenting quality in an organization
ISO 9000
_____ generates ideas for quality improvements by comparing specific project practices or product characteristics to those of other projects or products within or outside the performing organization
Validated changes and validated deliverables are the outputs of the _____ subprocess of project quality management.
monitoring and controlling
A(n) _____ is any instance where the product or service fails to meet customer requirements.
Projects that use Six Sigma principles for quality control normally follow a five-phase improvement process called _____.
_____ involves choosing part of a population of interest for inspection
Statistical sampling
The _____ is a measure of quality control equal to 1 fault in 1 million opportunities problems
six 9s of quality rule
A ____ is a bell-shaped curve that is symmetrical regarding the average value of the population (the data being analyzed).
normal distribution

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