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For a large training project , there is often a(n) ________ project done first before investing in a larger project.
One of the main tasks normally involved in project initiation is to identify and understand project _______.
creating the WBS
The main planning tasks performed as part of project scope management include scope planning, scope definition and ______.
Global construction believed they could reduce training costs and improve productivity by successfully implementing a project to provide _____ training on key topics.
Project _______ management involves coordinating all the project management knowledge areas throughout a project’s life span.
Cost _____ involves allocating the overall cost estimate to individual tasks over time to establish a baseline for measuring performance.
The main purpose of project planning is to guide project ____.
___ estimates involve estimating individual activities and summing them to get a project total.
Project ____ management include the processes required to ensure that a project team completes a project within an approved budget.
Planning includes tasks related to each of the ______ project management knowledge areas.
A business ___ is a document that provides justification for investing in a project.
After defining project activities, the next step in project time management is activity ____.
______ process include devising and maintaining a workable scheme to ensure that the project meets its scope, time, and cost goals as well as organizational needs.
The project team develops a preliminary scope statement during project _____.
Slack or ___ is the amount of time an activity may be delayed without delaying a succeeding activity or the or the project finish date.
questioning acquaintances
Which of the following methods best helps a project manager identify and learn about key project stakeholders?
Projects involve five project management processes groups: initiating, planning, ____ monitoring and controlling and closing.
_____ estimates, also called top-down estimates, use the actual cost of a previous, similar project as the basis for estimating the cost of the current project.
To define the ___ of the project accurately, it is very important to ensure consistency between the project charter, scope statement, WBS, Grant Chart and related documents.
Project management software uses the ___ format to represent the WBS.
There are ____ basic reasons for creating dependencies among project activities.
A cost baseline is a(n)_____ budget that project managers use to measure and monitor cost performance.
Project management _____ facilitate communication among stakeholders and provide a baseline for progress measurement and project control.
Performance in meeting project scope goals is based on the scope ____.
Typically included in the project charter, the ____ section describes how the project objectives will provides a list of important assumptions, and often gives references to related documents.
The term “____ ” is used to describe each level of work in the WBS.
A stakeholder ____ provides information on key stakeholders to help manage relationships with them.
Activity _____ provide schedule-related information about each activity, such as predecessors, successors, logical relationships, leads and lags, resource requirements, constraints, imposed dates, and assumptions related the activity.
A ____ is a product or service produced or provided as part of a project.
In the context of a network diagram, a ___ is simply the starting and ending point of an activity.
Some projects have a senior manager called a(n) ____ who acts as a key proponent for a project.
It is a good practice to document kick-off meeting minutes, focusing on key decisions and ____ items.
Business Objective
Which of the following information is typically included in a business case?
fast tracking
The main disadvantage of ____ is that it can end up lengthening the project schedule, because starting some tasks too soon often increases project risk and results in rework.
The project team begins to develop a _____ by first clearly defining all the activities it needs to perform.
Some organizations initiate projects using a simple letter of ____, whereas others use much longer document or formal contracts.
Part of creating and following a project management methodology includes the creation and use of document _____ .
_____ includes the actual amount of time spent working on an activity plus elapsed time.
___ development uses the results of all the preceding project time management processes to determine the start and end dates of project activities and of the entire project.
Most time and money is normally spent on ____ because that is where the projects products and/or services (for example, the buildings for a construction project, the training courses for a training project, and so on) are produced.
Scope statements should include, at a minimum, a description of the project, including its overall objectives and justification; detailed descriptions of all project _____; characteristics and requirements of products and services produced as part of the project; and project success criteria.
It is helpful to create a ____ or initial, scope statement during project initiation so that the entire project team can start important discussions and work related to the project scope.
A crucial part of the project charter is the ____ section, where key project stakeholders sign the document to acknowledge their agreement on the need for the project.
The project manager should work with his or her team and ____ to determine the level of detail needed in the WBS dictionary.
The main output of scope planning is a ______ management plan, which is a document that includes description of how the team will prepare the scope statement, create the WBS, verify completion of the project deliverables, and control requests for changes to the project scope.
Project integration management includes ___ processes.
It often makes sense to break large projects down into two or more smaller ______ .
A(n)____ path for a project is the series of activities that determine the earliest time by which the project can be completed.
After a project is approved, senior managers should meet to determine the ____, time, and cost constraints for the project.
If project managers have ____ management commitment, they will also have adequate resources and be able to focus on completing their specific projects.

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