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The layers of the Earths atmosphere, from top to bottom, are the
D. Exosphere, Thermosphere, Mesosphere, stratosphere and troposphere
Daylight and night time hours are equal
D. Both B and C-B. In mid-September and mid march C. During the equinoxes
All of the Earth’s weather occurs in the
A. Troposphere
The temperature of the mesosphere decreases from 0C at the bottom of the layer to -90C at the top. This change in temperature is a result of
C. Very little ozone in the air to absorb solar radiation, resulting in air molecules emitting more energy than they obsorb
What is the primary component of Venus atmosphere?
B. CO2
Most meteors seen as shooting stars are about the size og
D. Grains of sand
Temperature in the air is increased by the process of
B. Moisture condensation
The angle of the suns rays striking the Earth’s surce greatly affects the
D. All of these- A. Intensity of solar energy received at the Earth’s surface B. Earth’s seasons C. Equatorial and polar regions
Lightning occurs as water droplets in a cloud become electrically charged. Energy is positively charged
A.. At the top of the cloud
What are Saturn’s rings composed of
B. Chunks of ice and rock
If one had the opportunity to walk on Triton, Neptune’s largest moon, what would you observe the geysers to be spewing
B. Liquid Nitrogen
The atmosphere is divided into several layers. The troposphere is the
C. Lowest layer and the thinnest layer, where the Earths weather occurs
In what region of the sun are most of x-rays generated
A. The corona
The earths lower atmosphere is kept warm by
B. Terrestrial radiation
Daily afternoon thunderstorms along the gulf coast are most likely cause by a
C. Maritime tropical air mass
A weather map has many symbols and line isobars are
B. Line that connect point of equal pressure
The energy released by a hurricane
A. Comes from warm, moist air above warm, tropical oceans
A small rock in interplanetary space is called a
B. Meteoroid
The limit at which the air contain as much moisture as it can hold for a given temperature is called
C. Saturation
Heavy snow showers and low temperatures in Buffalo New York are most likely caused by a
D. Maritime polar air mass
Warm, Moist air blowing over cold water can result in
C. Fog
Warm air rises and cools as it expands. Warm air will continue to rise as long as it is
A warmer and less dense than the air above
Air that flows northward from the horse latitudes in the southern hemisphere deflects westward to produce the
B. Trade winds
hurricanes are more likely to form
B. Near warm waters where the air is humid
Air becomes saturated when its temperature
C. Falls to a point where water vapor molecules condense
Water vapor in the air can condense when
C. All of the above-A. the air temp drops B. The air cools below its dew point
The wind blows in response to
A. Pressure and temperature differences
The ionosphere
A. Is produced by the action of solar radiation and atmospheric atoms
With daytime temperature that can reach 430C why is nigh time on mercury so cold?
D. With daytime temperature that can reach 430C, Why is nighttime on mercury so cold?
A station model compiles 18 distinct items of data onto a small area. The most obvious features are
A. Appearance of sky, wind direction, wind speed, pressure, temperature, and present weather
What is the likely source of methane in mars atmosphere
A. Ongoing volcanic activity
Why is the kuiper belt considered to be a zero of failed planet information
D. Both A and B are reasonable-A. The dwarf planets found therein have yet to fully accrete all of the material in their orbital paths B. There is simply not enough material within the dwarf planet’s orbital paths for any of them to ever add up to full planetary status
Why do comets tails always point away from the sun?
B. Because of radiation pressure
Evidence of the solar wind on Earth is the
B. Aurora Borealis
Air moves away from a high-pressure region
A. Sinks
At the end of December, all of the southern hemisphere is in
C. Summer
In orographic lifting, precipitation is associated with the
B. Windward slope
Between which planets is the asteroid belt found?
A. Between mars and jupiter
Clouds that develop about 1000 meters above the ground are generally
C. Cumulus and stratus type clouds
Ocean waves and currents generally form as a result of
C. Wind
When a warm air mass moves into a region occupied by a cold air mass, the contact zone is called
D. A warm front
When a volume of air is compressed, its temperature
What is the most abundant component (at 82%) of Jupiter’s atmosphere
D. Hydrogen
No greenhouse effect occurs on Mercury because of no
E. Atmosphere
Rainfall associated with an advancing cold front is generally
A. Heavy with gusty winds
Precipitation is produced by
D. All of the above – A. A rising moist air mass B. Water vapor in the air that condenses to make clouds then falls as liquid water or ice C. A descending moist air mass
Your ears pop when you ascend to higher altitudes because
A. Air pressure is lower at higher altitudes
Which explanation best describes why earth observes always see the same face of the moon
C. The moon’s rate of spin matches the rate at which the moon revolves around earth
The greenhouse effect is due to the atmosphere’s effect on the Earths heat balance. Solar radiation consists of waves principally in the
D. Ultraviolet, visible light, and short-wavelength infrared range
The reason that the moon take on a crescent shape each month has to do with the
A. Sun’s position
In general, warm days are associated with
D. Low surface pressure
which pulls on the oceans of Earth with the greater force
A. the sun
As air rises, it
B. Expands and cools
Which body in the solar system has the highest level of volcanic activity
B. Io
The Earth’s earliest atmosphere was most likely composed of hydrogen, helium
B. Methane, and ammonia
The wind blows in response to
D. Both A and C- A. Pressure differences C. temperature differences
At lower elevations the air is generally
A. Warm and heavy
When a funnel cloud touches the ground, it becomes a
A. Tornado
When water changes from solid ice to a liquid, it
C. Gains energy
The temperature in the termosphere reaches a whooping 2000C. This extreme temperature has very little significance because
C. There are not enough air molecules and atoms colliding with one another to generate heat energy
The temperature to which air must be cooled for saturation to occur is called
A. Its dew point
In the northern hemisphere air rushing into a low-pressure region
D. Spirals in a counterclockwise direction
the carbon dioxide cycle is important to earth because it
D. and the oceans are critical in moderating and regulating the earths temperatures
Hurricanes are generated
D. By all of these-A. in tropical areas B. As moist thermal winds converge in tropical storms C. From tropical storms with high levels of moisture and thermal energy
Fresh water enters the ocean by
C. Runoff from streams and rivers, precipitation, and melting of glacial ice
Saturation and condensation are more likely to occur on a
C. Cold day
When the alignment of the Sun, the Moon, and Earth produce a lunar eclipse, the body that is in between the other two is the
C. Earth
The ecliptic
B. Is the plane of the Earths orbit
A drop in barometric pressure is an indication of
D. An approaching cold front
A cloud of interstellar gas is held together by
A. The gravitational force
Evaporation of raindrops in the atmosphere
B. Cools the air
An air mass with circulatory motion is called
D. Convectional
The movement of water in a wave travels
D. In a circular path at and just below the water surface
When we see a half-moon, the position of the sun is
D. At right angles to a line from earth to the moon
Clouds occur when moist air is cooled by
B. Expansion when it rises
Nebular theory pertain to the formation of
D. The solar system
What is the likely cause of the 98 tilt of Uranus’s axis?
A. A collision with a large body early in the solar system’s evolution
The planet with a mass most like Earths is
D. Venus
The earths rotation produces the Coriolis force, which causes all free moving objects in the air to curve instead of traveling in a straight line path. In the northern hemisphere objects curve
C. To the right of their intended paths
The Coriolis force greatly affects the path of air circulation, and is the result of
B. The Earths rotation
Drought conditions and high temperatures over the Great Plains are most likely caused by a
A. Continental tropical air mass
The birth of the thunderstorm occurs when
D. Warm, humid air rises in an unstable environment
The ozone layer is a region withing the
B. Stratosphere
The reason we don’t have eclipses monthly is because of the
E. Different orbital planes for earth and the moon
The warming of the lower atmosphere( the green house effect) results from the
D. Absorption of long-wave terrestrial radiation by atmospheric gases
An adiabatic process occurs
C. When no thermal energy enter or leaves they system
For what reason was Pluto demoted from full planetary status in 2006
C. Because of objects as large or larger than pluto in the kuiper belt
Compared to your weight on Earth, your weight on Jupiter would be about
C. 3 times
Factors that increase ocean salinity are
C. formation of sea ice
Fresh water leaves the ocean by
B. Evaporation and formation of ice
Why is the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide less than the amount of carbon dioxide emissions produced by burning of fossil fuels?
B. The oceans absorb a considerable amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
The predominant gas in the atmosphere of earth is
B. Nitrogen
The amount of water vapor the air can hold depends on air temperature. At higher temperatures the air
B. Can hold more water vapor
The main reason ocean tides exist is that the pull of the moon
B. is greater on oceans closer to the moon and less on oceans farther from the moon
As air temperature decreases, relative humidity
D. Increases

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