another name for blood blank
with which other hospital department would the laboratory coordinate therapeutic drug monitoring
electrolyte testing includes
outpatient phleb,such as in a physicians office or patient care service center,will be assigned a code for reimbursement using which national coding system
which department is responsible for administering oxygen therapy
respiratory therapy
the term used to describe sophisticated and highly complex medical care is
tertiary care
the term phlebotomy is derived from greek words that, literally translated,means to
incise a vein
which of the following is not a pleb duty
starting intravenous (IV) lines
what are the credentials for an NCA- certified phlebotomist
proof of participation in workshops to upgrade skills required by some agencies to renew certification is called
continuing education units
of the following laboratory personnel,which one is referred to as a clinical laboratory scientist
medical technologist
which of the following is an example of negative kinesics
which of the following is an example of a confirming response to a patient
i understand how you must be feeling
which of the following is not part of communicating a professional appearance
wearing strong cologne
which of the following is not proper telephone protocol
hanging up on angry callers
which duty is not performed by local public health agencies
licensure of healthcare personnel
drawing a patients blood without his or her permission can result in a charge of
assault and battery
2 phleb are discussing a patients condition in the elevator. they are overheard by the patients daughter.this is an example of
invasion of privacy
which of the following would not violate a patients right to confidentiality
sharing collection site information on a difficult patient
malpractice is a claim of
improper treatment
if a phleb ——=he or she is negligent
fails to put he needle in the sharps container
a national organization that sets standards for pleb procedures is the
which action will compromise the quality of a specimen
partially filling a liquid EDTA tube
which of the following is not a principle of quality management
reduction in staff
examples of quality control are all of the following except
filling out your time sheet daily
chilling will adversely affect the quality of test results for which of the following analytes
when the threshold value of a clinical indicate of QA is exceeded and a problem is identified
a corrective action plan is implemented
total quality management came to the private business sector in 1988 and emphasizes
continuous production improvement
the agency that requires healthcare organizations to have a QA program in place to be accredited is
three of the following conditions would cause a specimen to be rejected for analysis
bilirubin specimen is icteric
a specimen was mislabeled on the floor. you are required to fill out an incident report form.what information would you not include
suggestion for new guidelines
an example of a QA indicator is
the contamination rate for blood cultures will not exceed the national contamination rate
you are the only phleb in an outpatient drawing center. a physician orders a test with which you are not familiar. what is the most appropriate action to take
refer to the user manual for instruction
A leader in TQM,DR. W.E. Deming’s methods required
active participation by the workers in decision making
some test specimens require immediate cooling in ice and wage slurry to
slow metabolic processes
which one of the following is not a phase of the litigation process
correction of the situation is begun using policies and procedures already in place
according to standard first aid procedures, severe external bleeding is best controlled by
applying direct pressure and elevating the extremity
a class C fire
involves electrical equipment
vaccination against HBV involves
a dose of vaccine, another 1 month later, and a final dose 6 months later
an example of employee screening for infection control is
PPD testing
the NFPA system for fire response does not involve
postexposure testing
the purpose of protective isolation is to
protect susceptible patients from outside contamination.
the OSHA HAZCOM Standard is also commonly called the
right-to-know law
what is the proper order for putting on protective clothing
gown first,then mask, gloves last
what is the 1st thing the pleb should do in the event of an accidental stick?
decontaminate the site and fill out an incident report
federal law requires that hepatitis B vaccination be made available to employees assigned to duties with occupational exposure risk
within 10 working days of initial assignment
the main principles involved in radiation exposure are
exposure time,distance, and shielding
which of the following is an example of a nosocomial infection?
when a catheter of a patient in icu becomes infected
which of the following is not an example of possible parenteral means of transmission?
drinking contaminated water
in what instance might a patient be placed in protective isolation?
the patient has severe burns
which of the following is an example of work practice control that reduces risk of exposures to bloodborne pathogens
hand washing following glove removal
which type of contact infection transmission involves transfers of an infective microbe to the mucous membranes of a susceptible individual by means of a cough or sneeze?
the needles Stick safety and prevention act directed OSHA to revise the BBP standard in all of the following areas except
availability of vaccination against HBV for all employees
what part of the term “osteochondritis” is the suffix
what does the suffix of the term glycolysis mean
the singular form of alveoli is
the medical term for white blood cell is
which of the following terms means kidney infection
only the 2nd vowel of the ending is pronounced in the word
the letter “g” is pronounced like “j” in
the abbreviation “ESR” means
erythrocyte sedimentation rate
what word means “condition of clotting”
which of the following terms means muscle pain?
what word means hardening of the artery
what is the word root in the word “electrocardiogram”?
what is the suffix in the term “lipase”
the term “ploycythemia” means
many-cell blood condition
the “c” sounds like an “s” in which of the following terms?
the JCAHO “do not use” list applies to all of the the following except
electronic laboratory reports
all of the following are included on the JCAHO “do not use” list except
which of the following structures in the skin give rise to fingerprints

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