Philippine agenda reaction paper Essay Example
Philippine agenda reaction paper Essay Example

Philippine agenda reaction paper Essay Example

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  • Published: August 30, 2017
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When our instructor told us that we will be watching a picture about political authorities in the Philippines. I thought that it would be about political relations merely. But as the pictures are playing. I realize that it was more than political relations. It is an eye-opener non merely for the authorities functionaries but besides to all Filipinos. They made a certification to open the eyes of the campaigners for the election. It was made to allow the authorities know the current status of the Philippines with respects to the concern of the Filipinos.

Filipino AGENDA: Education ( EDUKASYON )

The picture entitled “Edukasyon” was one of the docudramas presented by Jessica Soho. The movie shows the job on instruction in our state. Many pupils and instructors are holding a difficult clip in analyzing and learning because of the insuffi


cient installations in different public schools. This includes the deficiency of chairs. tabular arraies. schoolrooms. blackboards. books. and many others. Most instructors besides have non undergone a proper preparation.

Well. what they have documented is really true because I excessively came from a public school. And our school was besides confronting that sort of job before. Though in my clip. our school has improved a small spot. All of us had been given the privilege to hold a book in different topics one by one. We besides have chairs to sit and tabular arraies to compose on. Our blackboard besides is large plenty. though some of it has a hole already.

But our adjacent school was confronting about the same destiny as the schools in Masbate. as what the movie documented. They have broken blackboards. non plenty schoolrooms. chairs. tabular

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arraies and books. Their instructor would travel to our school to borrow a twosome of books for them to utilize.

There were besides some privilege schools in our topographic point who was included in the feeding plan of the authorities. Our simple school was included. The selected pupils who were malnourished were being feed every afternoon by the instructors and some of the parents. And after the feeding plan. there is another plan which is the giving of rice. noodles. and canned goods for the pupils. Each pupils was given one kg of rice. some noodles and canned goods. But the plan did non last long.

The movie helps me recognize the great job that our state is confronting today with respects to the instruction for every Filipinos. And I am grateful that I was given the chance to hold a better instruction. I besides felt commiseration on the pupils who are holding a difficult clip in acquiring the instruction that they wanted and at the same encouraged to prosecute more on my surveies to assist those who are in demand. Just like the pupils who were showed in the movie. even though their destiny in geting instruction is non every bit good as mine. but they still pursue their ends to complete their instruction to hold a better hereafter.

These jobs in our instruction today can be solved by giving more financess for instruction to construct adequate schoolrooms. chairs. tabular arraies. blackboards. and other installations for the pupils. print more books. and back up the instructors for their preparation in order for them to heighten their accomplishments in instruction and to assist the pupils to be more

productive in their surveies.


“Health is wealth” . Indeed. wellness is the true wealth of our state. But as I watched the movie “kalusugan” reported by Arnold Clavio. I found out the ground why our state is at the underside of the list when it comes to the richest state. Because even the citizens here in our ain state have suffered from malnutrition. And how can they name our state rich when they have non taken attention of the citizen which is the heritage of our state?

Merely like the citizens on one of the topographic point in Mindanao. Each kids have a disease and are malnourished because there are no 1 who can supervise their wellness. It would take four to five hours to walk merely to acquire to a infirmary. And what do they acquire when they arrived at that place? Merely paracetamols good for 10 people. How can that bring around there diseases when that is the lone medical specialty that is free? Every other medical specialty has high monetary value which they can non afford to purchase.

There are many other topographic points in the Philippines which was non visited by a individual physician. The authorities must do a move on making those citizens who have non yet been checked on their wellness position. They must move so that there will no more citizen in the Philippines who will decease because of deficiency of nutrient and medical support.

Besides. there are many topographic points here in our state who are missing installations and medical specialties for the infirmaries. Just like here in Bacolod and in Manila. The household of the

patient must be the 1 who will supply a bed for their patient because there are no more vacant room. And there are many patients who have non given any medical attending that’s why some of them merely died in the corner of the infirmary.

And there are many topographic points besides who do non hold any infirmary or wellness centres at all. The abode on that topographic point was the 1 who built a wellness centre. And the medical specialties they are holding are merely the usual medical specialty for febrility. cough. and other common diseases. They merely have one nurse who besides became a physician and a accoucheuse.

How can the authorities take attention of the citizens when they let the physicians and nurses flee to another state? They must take attention besides the demands of the physicians and nurses so that they will non fly from our state. There are budgets given for the wellness of the people but where did the money travel? What do they pass the money for? If they would hold spent it sagely for the specific intent of that money. our state and the people would non be enduring from deficiency of nutrient and medical support. Each citizen must hold been given a good service. possibly non given all that they need. but given merely
plenty to do them experience that the authorities was non abandoning them.

The authorities functionaries are educated people who knows how to pull off a money and to pass it sagely for the specific intent of that money. They must halt their corruptness because alternatively of them assisting the jobs of our state. they were the

one doing it worst. If merely they hear they calls of the household who lost their loved 1s because of deficiency of support from the authorities. And they must move so that state of affairss like these would non reiterate once more and once more.

All I can make now is to take attention of myself and my love 1s. Eat the right sort of nutrient to avoid being hospitalized. And help those who are in demand of my service.


One of the major grounds why our state are enduring from different jobs is because of corruptness. Even the educated people. like the authorities functionaries. are blinded when it comes to money. Their cognition and subject were gone when money was in forepart of them. Therefore leads to corruptness.

Our state is confronting some serious jobs today like deficiency of services for the citizens. And they said that they have given a solution by giving a budget to that peculiar job. But the inquiry is. where is the budget now? Do the budgets intended for that job truly made a alteration? Or they merely say that there is a budget to quiet the people down but non used all of it for the specific intent intended in that budget?

Even the professionals who are educated. have learned the proper attitude. and knows the right subject can be like a dump individual who knows nil when money is in forepart of them. They can be bought by merely one to three Numberss with many nothings on it. And if you think that nothing is nil. good. of put it behind a certain figure. so that

would alter its value. It would non be nil any longer. It would be something that can purchase a life. particularly when there are many nothings that are involve in that peculiar figure. It can either give or salvage lives. acquire or purchase lives and alteration lives.

Money have that sort of power in our universe today. It can do the powerful adult male even more powerful and it can destroy life. It can do a simple adult male be a powerful adult male or a condemnable. And people can be brainsick when it comes to money. But it can besides alter the life of a individual individual and the position of a certain state. It can be an instrument to destroy things but it can besides be used to salvage and alter everything. If it is used in a proper and good manner. so it can alter our lives everlastingly.

If merely the authorities would train non merely the citizens but besides themselves. our state would be a better topographic point to remain. It would be harmonious and the citizens would non travel to other states to function other people merely to supply the demands of their households. They would merely remain here and function our fellow Filipinos who needed their service. And if they merely use the money intended for that specific intent and non for their ain. there will be less jobs that our state would be confronting today. And the jobs that we are confronting will be easy but efficaciously be solved. And if there will be less job. so our state will be a comfortable and harmonious 1. And it would be

included on the list of the richest state in the universe.

Filipino AGENDA: Housing ( PABAHAY )

One of the basic demands of a individual is shelter. A good. nice and warm shelter or house for him to be protected from any cold. rain and sunlight. It is besides a private topographic point where a adult male can pass an alone and bonding clip for his household. But how can a adult male be protected from cold and have a household clip if he is kiping under a span. in the street or in a squatter’s country where he is sharing his house with four more households?

That is what most of the people in the metropoliss where enduring. Most of them left the state. sold their properties. and reassigning to the metropolis to happen work. But because of the overpopulation in the metropolis and they did non found any good work. they end up populating under a span. on the street. and in a squatter’s country. sharing their shelter with two or more households. And because they can non travel back to the state because they have no more properties at that place. some of them have begun a household in metropolis.

The authorities had implemented a lodging plan and resettlement sites. Some of it were already been built. But there are predicaments in the given solution of the said job. Some have no electricity. the H2O is non clean. the location is non really suited and comfy. and is far from the metropolis because there are no more sites available near the metropolis. And some besides are non finished. The authorities must give more budget for the

lodging of the citizens who are populating under a span and in a squatter’s country.

There are besides some citizen who lost their place because of the natural catastrophes that struck the state. And many households are still enduring until now because of the slow action of the authorities. And the 1 that they have built for the households who were the first victims of the natural catastrophe had been broken once more by the undermentioned typhoon that pass the state. They were supplying a shelter for the victims but it was non good and long lasting because of the deficiency of budget for that undertaking.

And the government’s point of position is that the defects are non all their mistake. There are besides people who lacks subject. They sold their lands in the state. which was given by the authorities. and migrated to the metropolis believing that they will happen fortune and good life at that place. Well. I don’t fault the authorities for that because it is true. They think that by populating their comfort zone in the state and traveling to the metropolis would be a better thought. Some of them had found luck in the metropolis but fortune is merely luck. And most of them did non found good fortune. They found bad luck and ended up life and holding a household under a span. on the street and in a squatter’s country.

Their fortune had run out. And because they did non found any good occupation and they can non works veggies and other alimentary nutrients in the topographic point where they live. they end up picking some left overs in the refuse

and looking and selling bit for them to do money to purchase nutrient to set on their pot. And because of this. malnutrition takes topographic point.


When I was watching the picture entitled “gutom” . I realized that I am lucky I am eating alimentary nutrients three times a twenty-four hours. There are many people out there who are hungering and holding a difficult clip in acquiring nutrient. They were merely eating the left-overs that are found in the rubbish bins. And they felt contented if they can eat even merely one repast a twenty-four hours. And the worst portion is. they have so many kids. I am ever inquiring why do they made many kids when they themselves are holding a difficult clip in happening nutrient for their ain. How can they happen nutrient that is adequate for them to eat if they have so many childs?

Merely like one of the household that was shown in the movie which had 12 childs. And the female parent is still caring a life inside her pot. She was still pregnant even if they already had many childs. And the consequence is malnutrition because the kids have non eaten the right sort of nutrient and the right sum of vitamins and minerals that are needed in their organic structure. It was difficult for them to acquire alimentary nutrients because the nutrients that are prepared on their tabular array is non adequate to do their tummy full. And the babe inside the mother’s uterus is besides malnourished because the nutrient that the female parent had eaten is non alimentary plenty to do the babe

inside of her become healthy. So. even if the babe have non yet been born. it was already malnourished.

If merely they have planned good in doing a household. they would non holding a difficult clip happening nutrient to feed their kids because they merely have fewer oral cavities to feed. And they can besides eat alimentary nutrients three times a twenty-four hours.

It is heartbreaking to cognize that there are Filipinos who are hungering and have non eaten nutrients with the right nutrition. While there are many functionaries who are merely spread outing their wealths and blowing their money alternatively of assisting the Filipinos who are in demand and giving them the right service. They are merely holding a good clip with their money. disbursement it for their ain good. non believing that there are many kids who are deceasing because of hungriness and thirst. They did non see the fact that even the little sum of their wealth is adequate to salvage a person’s life from deceasing of hungriness.

But this concern is non for the functionaries but besides for the Filipinos who have so much wealth. Some of them are non functionaries but they are concern work forces who are doing wealth but non assisting their fellow Filipinos. They must open their Black Marias to portion their wealth and aid those who are in demand. Even a little act of kindness can salvage a person’s life.

I felt commiseration on the people who are hungering and I can non even assist them on my ain. All I can make for now is non to blow anything-food. money. clip and many others. and assisting others who are

in demand if I have anything that can assist them. And most of all. unfastened my bosom and head to my fellow Filipinos who are in demand of my aid.


Work is indispensable to every individual to gain money and to purchase things we need in our every life. Money is needed in every mode to last. And we can non hold money without working. either in a simple manner or a difficult manner. in a good or bad manner. But it is better to gain money in either simple or difficult manner but in a good manner.

But here in our ain state. most of the citizen don’t have a good occupation and some of them truly did non found a occupation. How can they supply money for the demands of their household when they don’t have any occupation at all? Some of them are being kicked out from the company they are working and others are forced to go forth because of some grounds. it could be that their public presentation is non good plenty. the company is cut downing some workers. the rewards are non plenty or the company is shuting. Because of the engineering in our clip now. most of the work are being done by machines. Alternatively of manually making the work. the company are engaging more machines than engaging existent homo to make the occupation because machines can make the occupation two to three times faster than worlds. That is why they are losing more workers even if their work is acquiring bigger and faster. The lone 1 who will stay in that company is operator

of the machines and other of import people who are adept in that field of the work.

And I can non fault the Filipinos for traveling out from our ain state and work in other states because the authorities can non supply them a good wage that can supply the demands of their household. They have to look for another occupation in other states in order for their household to last and to hold a better life. They have finished a professional class here in our state but the wage is the major ground why they leave the state. But non all who go out from our state have found good luck. And that is non the mistake of the authorities. The citizens are besides to be blamed because of deficiency of subject. They merely wanted to travel out of the Philippines and paid a batch of money to a company who are engaging Filipinos to work for abroad. non asking if that company is a legal company. therefore stop up in a work they were non anticipating to hold in that peculiar state. And alternatively of practising their profession in the topographic point. they end up being a domestic assistant. labourer. baby-sitter. maidservant. and many other work that is non related to their profession.

Some got lucky and had a good foreman but some of them were being abused by their foreman and the proprietor of the house because of several grounds. They are missing good accomplishments. their public presentation in that work was non good plenty. their foreman is merely so rigorous and opprobrious. and they were being forced to make things non harmonizing to

their will and their contract. And some ended up being imprisoned. bullied by the individual they work at. and the worst of all is being sentenced to decease. Some of them are being hanged and others are being executed through the manner they execute a individual in that peculiar state. Some Filipinos besides did non travel out of our state but did non found a descent work. Therefore stop up in happening an illegal occupation like stealing. selling illegal drugs and other illegal merchandises.

Others besides have become a holdaper and a slayer merely to hold money to supply for their household to last. They are missing accomplishments that is why there are no company hires them. These events can be avoided if merely the authorities will non allow anyone who go out of the state without a proper preparation and have undergone a proper process to guarantee the work they are working in that peculiar state. And the Filipinos will non travel out from our state if the work here in our ain state gives adequate rewards to maintain their household from being hungry. If the rewards here in our state is adequate to allow the pot of the worker’s household be full every twenty-four hours. so we would non be holding a job in giving service to the citizens in topographic points where services are extremely needed. merely like in a infirmary. schools and other public service company.

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