Petrie’s Electronic Essay Example
Petrie’s Electronic Essay Example

Petrie’s Electronic Essay Example

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  • Published: December 29, 2017
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As a project manager Jim was able to subdivide the overall system into a set of components. For example he understood the Importance of having representatives from the COO and marketing. Jim was also flexible to change. Although he was not expecting to have representatives for the COO and marketing to be on the team and be directly reporting to their supervisors he handled the situation well. Last but not the least he made sure that he has representatives from information technology and a manger from a store to ensure that he has the best team possible to make the project happen.

Reworking is a natural part of being the project manager of an object-oriented analysis and design project and an integral part of its development process. He also understood the importance of looking into which


strategies helped to make the project a success by focusing on the busiest store in as a previous iteration. Jim also showed eagerness and interest in the project by compromising with his personal preferences for the benefit of the project.

By personally Investing his own time he will prove to be a leader and stimulate a similar motivation from the team members. This proves that Jim possesses the qualities of a good project manager. To further show that he Is a good project manager Jim should show an understanding towards the fact that Ella Is also under pressure from her supervisors to make the project a success. She may have a lot riding on the project or may have the competition looking to see where any flaws in her company lies.

Jim should portray confidence in his abilitie

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to succeed with the project. By being flexible to work with Ell's plan but remaining firm in his other team member selections, it wows his faith in his ability to create a successful team and gives off the image that he knows what is necessary for the project to be a success. As Ella is implying that Bob seems to understand the importance of the project more so than Jim, it is important that he explains and demonstrates through his actions that he understands the Importance of the project to her as well.

Jim should also not show any trepidation about having almost an In-house spy reporting on all his actions and behaviors back to the COO. To deal with a busy team member such as Lopez he can have her send in times that would work best for her and arrange team meetings so that the others could complete a majority of their portions during meetings when she is not available. Then during times when she is available they can convene and put their separate portions together and iron out any kinks they find in the strategies.

Jim can also organize video conferences if it proves that distance or scheduling times for meetings in one place makes it difficult to meet. Jim could also ask for to delegate the smaller and simpler tasks to other staff members at the store so that she could dedicate more time for the project. Another possible suggestion is for them to alternate their meetings based on days off with proper compensation for her time (If the project Is not an addition to her regular ).

As the project

manager Jim must first set define the project as a set of components. After that the team can work together to analyze the components and implement the most difficult ones first. Jim should avoid Each iteration should be taken one at a time for a previously set period of time until the best possible system is formed. To complete the project initiation Jim must next establish a relationship with the customer. By building strong customer relations business has a better chance of flourishing. The next step would be to establish the project initiation plan.

Then Jim would need to establish management procedures and establish the project management environment and a project workbook. Last but not least it is necessary for Jim to develop the project charter. Only after these six components are completed can Jim complete the initiation phase. One team communication method that Jim can use is to send minutes of the meetings after they have met to summarize the topics discussed and decisions that were made. This can be used as a way to inform all team members of their progress and can also act a permanent record as well.

A con would be that it is very formal and so it would not be used to facilitate interdisciplinary interactions. Another communication method that can be used is to have regular meetings. This would allow the team to work together to resolve issues but can also range in formality from medium to high. Teams can also use status reports when they need to report to their supervisors about the project's progress. Status reports are highly formal and are used to inform others of

progress. In order to have a concrete idea of each team member's responsibilities specification documents can be used.

These are highly formal and are used not only to inform team members of their responsibilities but also as a permanent record of tasks to be completed. Last but not least teams can also use casual brown bag lunches to have a relaxed discussion about the progress the team is making in the project and to discuss recommendations for the team to work better together. It would not only help inform team members of where they stand in the project but also promote a more relaxed atmosphere for them to work together.

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