Pest Control Quiz (Aitkenhead)

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DDT accumulation in North American eagles, pelicans, and other birds disrupted birds’ calcium causing
thin eggshells
Pest organisms tend to be
generalist species
Which of the following is not true of pesticides
They are expensive and difficult to use.
Of the millions of living species, about ___ cause 90 percent of the worldwide crop damage
The population growth curve of a pest organism would probably be ____ because they are _____ species in ecological succession
exponential, pioneer
The pesticide treadmill occurs when
constantly increasing doses of pesticides are needed to control pests.
In the graph above, which of the populations first begin to show pesticide resistance
Looking at the graph above, and given what you know about pesticide resistance, what do you think will probably happen to curve “b” in the future.
it will continue to increase
Organic pollutants called ______ are showing up in many different places worldwide ,far from their original source. This has led to a widespread movement to ______.
persistent organic pollutants, reduce the use of twelve of them
In terms of agriculture, pesticides have lead to ____ for consumers.
lower monetary costs, more attractive produce, better produce quality, more availability of produce
Significant agricultural losses are due to the destruction of ____ through pesticide spray drift and residues of flowers
Approximately what percentages of the pesticides of the pesticides we use never reach the intended target?
Pesticide resistance occurs when a population of pests
genetically changes (through natural selection) and is no longer affected by the chemicals
Can an organism be resistant to a chemical that has never been exposed to? If so, how?
Yes, pesticide resistance does not require chemical exposure and eventually all organisms become resistant
Behavioral changes as an alternative to current pesticides use would not include
switching from monoculture fields to mixed polyculture fields
In order to institute an integrated pest management program, it is necessary to
understand local plants and animals
With respect to chemical pest controls, integrates pest management (IPM) uses
the minimum amount necessary as a last resort
Which of the following things that you can do to reduce pesticide residues in you diet is related to bioaccumulation?
Trim the fat from meat, chicken, and fish.
Which of the alternative methods is not helpful in reducing your exposure to pesticides?
Use only natural chemicals as pesticides.
A pest is any organism that
spreads disease, interferes with human activity, competes with humans
Which of the following categories include all of the others?
Pesticides kill
rodents, insects, weeds
Which of the following would be used to kill rats and mice?
Which of the following would be used to kill weeds?
According to pesticide proponents, pesticides
work faster than alternative control methods, saves life and money, kill insects that transmit disease
According to the proponents of pesticides, which of the following statements is true?
The health risks of pesticides are insignificant compared with their health and other benefits, safer and more effective pesticides are constantly being developed, insecticides lower food costs
In biological magnification,
organisms at higher trophic levels have concentrated levels of toxic substances
Of the following organisms that might occur in a simple aquatic food chain, which organism would have the highest concentration of DDT if it had spilled into the ecosystem several months before being measured
birds hat feed on large fish
All of the following are advantages of biological control except that it
requires little research and development
A pheromone is
a species-specific chemical sex attractant
A hormone is
a chemical that travels in the blood steam and controls an organisms growth and development
Which of the following statements is false, a) Insect development and metamorphosis are controlled by pheromones b) each step in the life cycle of a typical insect is controlled by hormones c) insect hormones can be synthesized in the laboratory d) When applied at certain times during the life cycle, insect hormones cause developmental abnormalities
insect development and metamorphosis are controlled by hormones
Integrated pest management is
a chemical, ecological, and biological program
Which of the following are inorganic pesticides?
arsenic, copper, and mercury
Chlorinated hydrocarbons have ____ toxicity for humans and remain in the soil for a ____ time
high; long
DDT is
chlorinated hydrocarbon (organochloride)
Organophosphates an ____ are similar in that they lack environmental persistence and have low bioaccumulation
The best way to characterize fumigants would be they are
small molecules that gasify easily and penetrate rapidly into many materials
Natural organic pesticides are not
stable in their natural form
In general, microbial agents are
used in place of chemical pesticides

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