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Which organ is part of the cardiorespiratory system?
Cystol is when..
it contracts
what is the typical resting heart rate for a healthy individual?
60 bmp
what is the definition of ATP?
the basic form of energy used by the cells
Anemia is associated with the deficiency of…
what is cardio endurance?
ability to sustain muscular tension over time
what can one expect to exercise with intensity?
fitness benefits when person exercises harder than his/her normal level
which activities are best for developing cardio endurance?
activities that involve continuous, rhythmic movement of large muscle groups
which is one of the functions of the cardio system?
transporting nutrients
proteins supply the body with ___ calories per gram
carbohydrates supply the body with ___ calories per gram
animals foods are…
complete protein
whats the recommend daily intake of fiber for men?
38 grams
whats the storage muscle for liver and carbohydrates?
whats the recommended daily intake of protein?
the primary function of a vitamin is to…
let chemical reaction take place
what is the best definition for self efficacy?
a persons belief she or he can take action and perform a specific task
what is the definition of muscular strength?
the amount of force a muscle can produce with a single maximum effort
what is a characteristic of the typical american diet?
its too high in unhealthy fats
the primary function of carbohydrates is to
supply energy to the bodies cells
what are the 3 leading causes of death in the US?
heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory diseases
the first step in developing a personal fitness plan is to..
set goals
fats supply the body with ___ calories
9 calories
foods from plants are ___ protein
which of the following is not a function of fats?
to form important components of blood
an amino acid is..
protein building blocks
the AMDR for total daily fat intake is
the recommended daily intake of fiber for women is ___ grams
for which does a BMI value of 17.5 or less become a diagnostic criterion?
how is a person with a BMI of 26.5 classified?
how is a person with a BMI of 31.2 classified?
which benefit comes with flexibility?
prevention of muscle strains
according to the ACSM how many days per week should one perform stretching exercises?
2 or 3
what is the focus of dynamic stretching
functionally based movements
which type of stretching usually requires a partner?
what is true about type 1 diabetes?
it accounts for 5%-10% of all cases of diabetes
which approach for the prevention and management of low back pain is correct?
exercises should be performed at least 3 days per week
what is the approx. percentage of americans classified as obese?
what is true for type 2 diabetes?
it best prevented through a healthy diet and regular exercise
what BMI range is considered healthy?
between 18.5-24.9
at what age do people typically begin to loose muscle mass?
what is the best description for isometric?
applying force without a change in the length of the muscle
what is the MINIMUM number of training days per week for gaining strength?
what is the recommended amount of resistance and number of reps for improving muscular endurance?
40-60% RM; 15-20 reps
upon which does static flexibility depend?
structure of a joint
what are the yellow fibers that make connective tissue in a muscle?
which is an outcome of good flexibility?
lower risk of sport injury
for overall fitness, how many different exercises should a weight training program have?
which stretching program conforms to ACSM recommendations?
3 days per week, 20 seconds per stretch, 4 reps
which type of stretching to experts is recommended for general fitness?
when should a person perform stretching exercises?
after a warm up or workout
in 1970 how much has the daily calorie intake among americans increased?
500 calories
which factor can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes?
which lifestyle change can benefit a person with diabetes?
increasing daily physical exercise
what level of body fat in a man may signal muscular wasting and fatigue?
what is the def. of essential fat?
fat incorporated into the organs and tissues
how many reps of a stretch are needed in each session to improve flexibility over time?
what type of stretching features contracting a muscle prior to stretching?
which is an essential component of safe passive stretching?
good communication with partner
which include core muscles?
abdomen, pelvic floor, buttocks, sides of the trunk, hips and pelvis
what does successful body management of body comp require?
long term, consistent coordination of many aspects of a wellness program
what is the best classification of exercise that improves muscular force exerted as a muscle shortens?
during which exercise does a muscle lengthen as it contacts?
eccentric contraction
what is a good resistance technique for developing explosive strength?
what is the best description of isokinetic exercise?
free weights adapt to real life motion
what is the best way to build individual muscle strength and muscle size?
use heavy resonate and few reps and multiple sets
in weight training what is the definition of a set?
group of reps followed by a rest period
which defines an antagonistic muscle?
a muscle that is stretched when an agonist contracts
what determines flexibility?
what are joint capsules?
semi-elastic structures that surround major joints
what are the 2 principle types of connective tissues in a muscle?
elastin and collagen
what can benefit from stretching?
it allows muscles to lengthen
an appropriate frequency for a cardiorespiratory endurance program is ___ times per week
whats an example of a micronutrient?
proteins supply the body with ___ calories of energy per gram
4 calories
whats an example of a source of incomplete protein?
which of the following is a primary function of fats in your diet?
the aid in our body’s absorption of certain vitamins
the major source of fuel for the body during rest and light activity is…
the major source of fuel for the body during rest and for high activity is..
which fat has the most health benefits?
the AMDR for total daily carbohydrate intake is
what does physical wellness encompass?
eating well
what can result from appropriate stress management?
a decreased susceptibility to disease
what is the best def. of locus of control?
the figurative “place” considered responsible for events in a persons life
def. of physical activity?
movement carried out by the skeletal muscle that requires energy
which condition is closely linked to heart disease?
low cardio fitness
which characteristic helps improve interpersonal and social wellness?
a network of caring people
approx. number of nutrients that can be identified to being essential to the human body is…
excess fat in the diet is used for…
energy storage
to control your cholesterol levels you should limit..
the amount of saturated fats in your diets
which one of the following fats raise the level of HDL while in your blood?
monounsaturated fatty acids
defined carbohydrate are lower in..
fiber and minerals and unrefined carbohydrates
what best describes a person who is 25 pounds overweight and same with their relatives?
external locus of control
which identifies pre contemplation state of the change model?
when a person beliefs they don’t need to change
what term is for the bodies ability to perform large muscle dynamic exercises for moderate to high levels of intensity?
what characterizes healthy body comp?
proportions of muscle, bone and water and an acceptable portion of fat
what is the best way to loose body fat?
sensible diet and regular exercise
which activity best demonstrates specificity traits of training?
doing pushup to develop chest and shoulder muscles
how does cooling down help those who exercise?
restores circulation to normal resting condition?
what is the name of the upper chamber before passing blood to the lower ones?
diatol is when it…
which small blood vessels distributes blood to the blood vessels?
what function does the alveoli serve in the lungs?
allow for the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen
which element is an energy containing nutrients?
into what substance does most carbohydrates break down in congestion?
which activity primarily uses the immediate energy system?
lifting weights
when does the body utilize fat for fuel?
when its mid to low intensity activity
which response occurs immediately when one exercises?
increase heart rate
what is the long term affect of regular cardio exercise?
increases the size of heart
what is the most important exercise factor when achieving a training effect?
what makes up a motor unit?
motor nerve is connected to a muscle fiber
what describes a muscle fiber?
and individual muscle cell
what characterizes slow twitch muscle fibers?
their fatigues resistance like a marathon runner
what characterizes fast twitch muscle fibers?
rap contraction
which activity predominately accesses slow twitch fibers?
walking and jogging

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