Personalized Marketing Terms

Turning data into actions across your online and offline marketing channels
Assigning value to an action that contributes to a conversion
The demographic or target who views your ad or campaign
Closed Loop
The correlation between online consumer interactions and online and offline sales
Getting a consumer to perform a desired action
Cross-Channel Marketing
Using multiple platforms and media to reach and enage your customer
Cross-Device Marketing
Advertising and marketing campaigns that reach a consumer through multiple digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers
Customer Data
All of the information that can be collected on a customer or group of customers
Customer Experience
The quality of the interactions a customer has with a brand
Customer Intelligence
Infomation that helps you identify and know your customers or prospects better
Data Ownership
Having legal rights and control over a piece of data or set of data elements
The elimination of overlap in your online advertising
Defining an audience by a quantifiable charactersitic or set of characteristics
Software that collects, stores, and sorts information to support targeted online advertising
Exclusive Reach
The size of an audience reached exclusively by a particular channel
The number of times an audience member sees a campaign
The data that lets you know a consumer is the same no matter which touchpoint or channel he/she uses
The # of times an ad is seen or displayed whether or not it is clicked on
Inbound Personalization
Tailoring site content to a specific audience
Key Performance Indicator
Measurable goals to gauge campaign performance
Last Touch Attribution
Attributing a conversion entirely to the last interaction a customer made with a brand
Audiences that look like existing ones, preferably high performers
Marketing Platform
A software suite that enables you to deliver personalized marketing at scale
Media Intelligence
Data and insight that helps you buy the right media, deliver it to the right audience, and measure performance across both
Multi-Touch Attribution
Distributing credit of an ad’s effectiveness to more than one impression or channel
Using different channels to deliver your marketing campaigns
Predictive Analytics
Analyzing data to predict buyer intent
The boundaries that define how marketers store, repurpose or share consumers’ personal information
Quality User
A prospect or customer who logs into an online channel consistently
Raw Data
Unprocessed information, usually from a first-party source
Total number of people that have viewed your ad at least once during a campaign
Marketing actions or data that reflect and react to events as they happen
Delivering the right content at the right time for a customer
Serving advertisements to customers based on prior Internet use
Sales Funnel
The process through which your customer makes a decision
Dividing a target market into subsets of customers
Single View
Gaining a clear, singular picture of a customer or prosect in real time
Placing content to reach consumers based on various traits
Connecting names with contact information to ensure accuracy
A more-targeted identifier for geo-based marketing campaigns

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