Personal-Business Letter Block Style

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Block Style
When all parts of a letter align at the left and paragraphs of the body are not indented
Top Margin of a Personal-Business Letter
Spacing used between the paragraphs of the body of a letter
Spacing used between the date and letter address and between the Complimentary Close and the writer’s typed name
The paragraphs or main message of the letter
Return Address
The address of the writer/sender of the letter (the first address at the top of the letter)
Letter Address
The name and address of the receiver of the letter (the 2nd address on the letter)
The greeting of the letter
Complimentary Close
A nice way to say farewell or goodbye (i.e. “Sincerely”)
The spacing within the paragraphs of the body of a letter
Reference initials
The initials of the typist of the letter; if the writer did not type it
An additional document is included with the letter
3 blank lines
The number of blank lines left when quadruple-spacing
1 blank line
The number of blank lines left when double-spacing
Open punctuation
No punctuation is used after the Salutation or Complimentary Close
Personal-Business Letter
A type of letter used to deal with personal matters such as a letter of application for a job
The month, day, and year of letter; placed a single-space below the return address

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