Organization theory and development

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The reason of organizational theory is specifically to target the goals of production of a consensus about the validity or invalidity of the theory that were offered at the time to represent organizational phenomena. In addition, the production of standardized measures for operationalizing variables contained in the theories on offer was considered important, as was replication of empirical tests of the theories. The organizational theory was made to bring the effort to come to a consensus about whether or not the relationship between technology and structure was necessary valid.Therefore, organizational theory is a study of whole organization, how they adapt, and the strategies and structures that guide the organization. Theories of organization 1.

Mutual adjustments Organization has to focus on which process of information or communication it will use to coordinate and to achieve the operation and cooperation between two operating employees. 2. Direct supervision This is whereby coordination is achieved by having one-person issue orders or instructions to several others who choose to work in intervals. (As when a boss tells others what is to be done, one step at a time). 3.

Standardization of work processesThis is whereby an organizational achieves coordination by specifying the work processes of people carrying out interrelated tasks (those standards usually being developed in the technostructure to be carried out in the operating core, as in the case of the work instructions that come out of time-and ā€“motion studies) 4. Standardization of skills (as well as knowledge) Organization in which different work is coordinated by virtue of the related training the workers have received (as in medical specialists- say a surgeon and an anesthetist in an operating room- responding almost automatically to each others standardization procedures). 5.Standardization of output The organization achieves coordination of different result of works, for example in financial plan there is some specific subunit performance target or specifications that outline the dimensions of a product to be produced. Understanding the workplace It all begins, what are the necessary and decision of the workers in the working place, because these are the things that evaluate the value of the job whereby the amount of the work surfaces is really required after all are accumulated.

In the work place cleanness is a must in order to make place for the better to work on and to have some organized frame of work.If the workplace is well organized, therefore it takes workers to be continuing committed and dedicate themselves so as to maintain the system, but the results would be of worth the effort put. This will improve efficiency, improve quality, reduce accidents and spend more time doing value added work. Therefore, if you want your workplace to be done, remember to sort, shine, set in order standardized and sustain, these are the five principles that would give understanding and well good condition able working environment.The major aspect or focus on the psychological issues in the workplace is to create a healthy and good conditional working environment to all workers of the organization, so that workers health and well being, organization behavior and production of productivity would increase by these, there will be a good dynamic and employee interaction at the workplace, this will enhance the level of productivity.

(Levy,2003).ReferenceLevy, P. E. (2003). Industrial organization psychology: understanding the workplace.

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