Organizational Behavior Example Essay Example
Organizational Behavior Example Essay Example

Organizational Behavior Example Essay Example

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  • Published: November 26, 2017
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The ester of Miltonic acid was transformed into an anion by a strong base and reacted with browbeaten in the solution resulting in a butyl derivative of Miltonic ester. To isolate the product, water was added to the reaction solution, which was then extracted with ether. The collected ether was dried and evaporated, yielding the final product. The procedure involved mixing tricaprylmethylammonlum chloride, 1-browbeaten, fatherly maltose, and potassium carbonate in a round-bottom flask. The flask was heated, cooled, and transferred to a drawn off. The aqueous layer was extracted with two portions of ether, and the combined organic extracts were dried over calcium chloride pellets. The ether was then


removed by distillation or evaporation, and the remaining amount was removed by connecting the flask to an aspirator. Finally, the weight of the product was measured. Figure 42.1 was used to set up the apparatus with a distillation column for the reaction solution to reflux.The calculations were made for both theoretical and percentage yields. A comparison was made between the product produced from a TTL plate using 30% hexane and 40% DC and the original materials, ethyl Malone and browbeaten, with pure ethyl n-battlemented. The reaction involved the transformation of ethyl n-Battlemented Compound with transmogrification's chloride (ammonium salt) and I-broom- butane. and contents were kept intact.

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