Oration piece Life and works of Rizal Essay Example
Oration piece Life and works of Rizal Essay Example

Oration piece Life and works of Rizal Essay Example

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  • Published: September 1, 2017
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When I was immature and guiltless. I used to dream of great and fantastic things for the Philippines. I dreamed to see the Filipino flag raised in each and every family. and at the same clip singing our national anthem in a blasting voice and a smiling on their faces. When I’m old plenty to see the existent province of our state. these dreams were shattered. I don’t see flags in people’s families but I see families interrupt. I don’t hear vocals but I hear gunfires. calls and compunction. I don’t see smilings but Markss of poorness. This was non the Philippines I was woolgathering of. This is non what our national hero wished and died for. We need person who can convey the alteration in our state.

As Filipinos we need non a leader with affluent household. or suites of decorations a


nd sheepskin. Rizal didn’t demo off his accomplishments because people already know him as person great. He doesn’t demand to play a film of all His plants or accomplishment because his plants spoke for themselves. I do state that we must win our freedom by meriting it. by bettering the head and heightening the self-respect of the person. Loving what is merely. what is good. what is great. even to the point of deceasing for it. Just like Rizal.

Rizal is generous in all his enterprises in assorted Fieldss scientific discipline. mathematics. literature and the humanistic disciplines. giving it his all. therefore ever emerging in excellence. The really individual who should take our state must be person who has a bosom for excellence. Rizal has great dreams for the Filipinos. and he ne'er. non even

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one time underestimated them. With firm trust and strong belief. Rizal believes in the abilities of the Filipino people and Bankss on them for the advancement of the Philippines. My fellow immature work forces and adult females. if we want to set up a better Philippines. we need a existent president who embodies the features of Dr. Jose Rizal. Let us ever remember that authorization without love and forfeit is decidedly self helping.

Rizal studied in different schools. some of these are Ateneo Municipal de Manila where he was declared one of the sobresaliente or outstanding. University of Santo Tomas where he switched from jurisprudence to medicate.

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