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Being in a nursing home placement, there are many things that should be remembered and embraced. This is done through the care value base. There are at least five examples that have been used to protect the client/ service user. The five are: * Maintaining confidentiality of information * Promoting and supporting individual’s right to dignity independence, choice and safety * Providing effective communication and relationships * Providing individualised care Acknowledging peoples personal beliefs and identities.Maintaining confidentiality of information Being in a nursing home, there are many clients within that home with different conditions in terms of health and general well-being.

However, having this kind of confidential knowledge comes with great responsibility. One responsibility would be trying to keep this or any other type of sensitive information about a client as private as possible.This would mean that if you are approached by a relative enquiring about the client at hand, being that in relation to their health and whether their condition has improved or worsened, then we as a carer have a duty of care not to discuss as this would be breaking the key point in the care value base, which is the right to confidentiality. Or the carer would have to be selective in what they say which could be interpreted the wrong way.

Throughout my placement in the nursing home, there were more than one time that I actually was approached by a friends of the client who had asked whether their health had improved or not however, no matter how good intentioned they were, it would be quite immoral of me to discuss any such information to someone who had nothing to do with that individual either by marriage or blood. Although, in saying this, even if the friend/s had asked me “well, how is client A doing? ” The depth of the answer would have only been “yeah Client A was very good today”.This is to avoid in something being taken the wrong way. Promoting and supporting individual’s right to dignity independence, choice and safety During my placement, I encountered many opportunities in promoting the clients right to dignity, independence, choice and safety.

There was a cleint who was paralysed from the neck down, leading to her to be disactive in their activities. This led to her dignity, independence, choice to be very hard to promote. However it’s the little things that you or any carer do is what promotes it further just a little bit further.So therefore, using communication as best as the carer can,will make up for little things, then she would not feel any different than from the other clients or leave her feeling left out or unvalued as a person, therefore we arepromoting independence. Also in my placement I encountered many group activities which me and the person incharge letting them play with music instruments inorder for them to do excercise.

However, I always gave the choice of what they want to do within reasons so that their right to choice is not excluded.In addition to my placement, I had encountered a fire drill, which meant getting those who are able to walk out without aid, to go to the meeting point safely. Providing effective communication and relationships In my placement, it was vital that there was effective communication and relationships with the kids because the aim of any client is to have a client that understands what is being explained to them, who feels safe and comfortable and thinks they can say anything without being laughed at or neglected.I did develop a certain relationship that the clients didn’t see me as a carer or a stranger, but someone who they can relate too. Having being in this sort of enviroment myself before, I was able to have effective communication with them and using terminology that they understood. Also, being known around the area for being a son of “Tommy O Hagan” (Dad) and being known as a hurler, gave me something for them to talk about.

Providing individualised care As far as one to ones with goes to, I did however was given the opportunity to wash and a dress a client who was recovering from a stroke.Which was a great opportunity which meant I had to use my effective communication that I had developed in my previouos placement and further it on with the client at hand. Acknowledging peoples personal beliefs and identities Letting the clients believing in what they did, makes them feel to be an individual. An issue however, did crop up where at some points where there were arguments between the clients themselves that there was a god and there was one.

Having a client saying this, really discourages the acknowledgement of peoples personal beliefs and identities.

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