Network Security Issue
Network Security Issue

Network Security Issue

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  • Published: November 9, 2018
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Network security is an emerging trend and concern in the global world. The era of information technology is inevitable. With the upsurge of information systems and technology, the world according to (Stefan, 2009) is a now a global village. Gains from the advancement in technology have, however, come up with some costs. The rate of cyber related crime is currently on the upward trend (Midge, 2009). There is the need to secure data bases. This is the essence of the paper. The cyber crime upsurge has put the confidentiality of company data at risk. This is a concern to have the secure storage of information. This paper is out to discuss illustrations of the network security. Various companies adopt diverse technologies. This is the basis for technocrats to develop information technology models to forecast future trends.

There is the desire to establish rules and regulations to curb the crime rate. Communication commissions should move with speed to lay down rules and penalties for those who break communication safety rules. Different companies have come up with data protocols and cryptographic techniques to counter the network insecurity. Companies assign unique Internet protocol addresses to enhance the network security. Data base administrators have come up with the use of functional keys to protect their data base (Stuart, 2009).

Description of Network Security

Network security can be defined as safe and formal logistic to protect data in the global setting. There is the need to develop mechanisms to cater for security needs. Network privacy and security forum advocate for the establishment of measures, such as passwords and firewalls to guarantee the security. The use of agents and the rising trend of mobile


communication pose the security threat. Agents such as web designers and web administrators sometimes can invade into a company or individual network without prior permission (McClure, 2010). Communication systems, such as electronic transfer of funds and access of confidential information of the company over Internet, are sometimes a security concern.

Criminals sometimes use malicious codes to pose a security threat. Network security threats include hacking, intrusion and cyber terrorism. This is common in information sharing environments. Heterogeneity of information is another source of network insecurity. The use of malicious codes and resultant attacks against the network are an emerging trend in cybercrime.

Technology in Network Security

Telecommunication companies use different technologies. The mobile phone technology employs the use of passwords as a security measure. The stiff competition among mobile phone operators sometimes causes a network jam. This facilitates the need for collateral agreements to enhance connectivity. Failure to establish guiding rules among operators will lead to communication breakdown. This is a security concern. Network configuration among enhances the network security. Some providers opt for automatic networks, while others desire manual networks.

Different technologies originate from the consumer space. These include e-books, e-readers, Google and e-tablets. Technologies change the manner companies communicate. Organizational employees need to collaborate using Internet. This will boost business options with clients, partners and fellow employees. Social listening is common in all networks. Business players can understand their counterparts with a lot of ease. There is an instant feedbac

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in organizations, which enjoy secure networks. This is as a result of new technologies cropping from secure sites.

The advancement of transfer of information using the Bluetooth technology is a security concern. The network connectivity of the sender and receiver sometimes is tampered with pathway hackers. This leads to convey of confidential information to the wrong person or recipient. The world wide website has accelerated the access to the global information. However, it has also led to the emergence of piracy of individual literary works all over the world. System authentication is crucial. This involves authorization of systems, users and applications. The IT experts need to develop business models with secure configurations (Khanate, 2008).

Technological advancement has led to computer worms and viruses. Computer viruses come up as a result of pirated programs and access to unsecure websites. There is a massive loss of data among companies with the rising nature of computer viruses. There is a siege on the vital information. There is a need to configure computers with safe and secured programs to spare the cost of system breakdown. The smart technology offers a chance to remote an access to social services. There is the need to enhance the security to avoid the abuse in the provision of social services. Services include healthcare and access to the quality education. Insecure networks will blur the provision of these services vital to the human capital development.

The degree of the digital revolution has led to massive changes in operations of companies. This is through the world interconnectivity. It is not withstanding that the revolution comes with cost cutting technologies. The desire to satisfy digital revolution demands will lead to exploration in data connectivity (Verfahren, 2008).

The Future Trends in Network Security

There is a need to develop homogenous environments to curb the data crime. System authentication and demand of prior identity is inevitable to enhance the security. Multiparty communication ought to have unique identification codes. IP protocols track system is essential. Another future trend is peer to computation of network. There is a need to develop the worldwide authorization and authentication (Verfahren, 2008). Companies are shifting to the cloud computation of data. This is a challenge to young companies with inefficient facilities to protect their data. Other companies now use the SaaS models.

Social networks now rely on the network security. Some of the common social networks which rely on the network are MySpace, twitter; Facebook and in networks assure users of confidentiality of their information. The social network is a new capital venture. Companies post adverts for their goods and services. Online hire of personnel now takes place through Internet. This is especially through social sites. The technology industry is in the process of embracing the cloud computing as the determinant of IT growth.

There are a growing number of sensors which engage in the global data collection and dissemination. According to IDC, an international research firm, the volume of digital information increases every year. Statistics show that a storage gallery of at least 35 trillion GB is desirable by the year 2020. The application of telematics will

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