My Autobiography Essay
My Autobiography Essay

My Autobiography Essay

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  • Published: January 21, 2022
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When I reminisce about the most important events in my past, the underlying aspects of my life currently, and my expectations for the future, the essential theme is mainly to be thankful for the work done by authors from across the different continents in the world. My name is Jarah, and I study at the University of Foledo. Writing has been my passion since the time I began schooling. However, since my first day of schooling, I have experienced difficulties in writing English. All through my life as a student, the frustration of incorrectly spelling English words while writing school assignments seemed endless. However, I have learnt and absorbed the fact that it takes commitment as well as hard work to be a phenomenal reader and writer.

Since I was a child, learning how to write in English was my biggest challenge. Besides being a d


ifficult task, the writing was the most interesting aspect of my learning. This is because my I have to learn new English vocabularies and construct simple sentences through the reading storybooks, newspapers, and journals. Besides, my English teachers were awesome. They have been supportive and patient on my journey to becoming a good writer. I am certain that, I have grown more socially and emotionally during my years in high school and the University. My intellectual ability has also been heightened during these few years. Indeed, Foledo University has provided a rigorous academic environment where I have managed to understand some important lessons in accepting my writing weaknesses and transforming me to become a better writer.

In school, I have learnt various types of writing including; essay writing, letter writing, and poems.

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Writing poems and letters were the most exciting part of my learning. The latter has equipped me with the basics of writing formal and informal letters, which are an important part of in the life of an individual. My writing skills have greatly been fascinated by reading the writings of an American writer Dr.Seuss, among other English writers. Furthermore, I have kept audio files of famous English speakers and orators, which have increased my reading capabilities as well as influencing my sentence structure. I enjoy reading poems and short stories. The understanding of poems and English literature requires the reader to have a critical mind for him/her to get a clear picture of what that piece of literature is all about. Besides, these types of writings have allowed me to understand complex English words and how to use them.

My friends and family have also played a huge role to get me to where I am today. During my childhood days, my friends and I would exchange reading materials like storybooks and completed class essays to read during our free time. Not forgetting my relatives, especially my uncle, always gave me ideas on how to write good English essays without hesitating to correct me whenever I made grammatical errors.

Although I am still faced with a few challenges in writing English, the process of learning and understanding the skills has been very enthralling. I have come to understand that there is value in commitment and appreciating the works of other authors and English writers. Furthermore, being in an environment that creates a learning spirit has aided in bringing out the best in me. I believe that working

closely with teachers and interacting with friends and family members has been a great step in enhancing my writing skills. Am looking forward to working on my weak areas so that I can commence the journey to becoming a famous writer.

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