Moore Freshman Vocab. Level D Unit 7

The senator departed from his prepared remarks to deliver an intemperate ________ attacking the administration’s foreign policy.
It takes many long hours of study to _____ all the technical information you need to know if you wish to become a computer programmer.
It is sad to have bid ____ to friends we have know for many years.
When the head of your golf club has reached the ____
of the swing, pause for a second before you begin the downward motion.
Shakespeare’s wicked characters often assume the guise of kindness to cloak their ___ nature.
This great ___ has many problems, the mayor said, but it also has much to offer both residents and visitors.
Is there anything more unpleasant that to go to a store and find yourself in the hands of a(n) —- salesperson.
Many students take jobs during ____ between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next.
When vacant apartments are in short supply, landlords can oftern get away with charging _____ rents.
In the streets of all our great cities, you will find ___ who wander about withouot homes, jobs, or friends.
The people living in the valley will have to leave their home because the new area will be ___ when the new dam is constructed across the river.
My friend interrupted my ____ mood with the quip” A penny for your thoughts.”
The food processor certainly looked impressive, but its construction was so ____ that within a few months it would begin to fall apart.
When the band struck up a(n) ____ tune, event he most reserved party guests began to laugh, dance and have fun.
Kings Highway, an old Indian trail, ___ through Brooklyn crossing many streets and almost retracing its path at some points.
The notorioous jewel thief evaded capture for years by adopting numerous clever diguises and ___ identities
How can you criticize me for the way I behavebeen is such during the emergency when you have never been is such a _____ position yourself?
The difficult choice between going to college and getting a job is indeed a(n) _____ one for a young person
With the ___ of fast-food restaurants, the appearance of many a main street was forever transformed .
Babysitters often find that