Modern World History Chapter 11 Study Guide Critical Essay

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What was the main cause of the Crimean war
Russia’s desire to gain land over the Ottoman Empire
In what war did the opposition of Dutch settlers to British policy in south Africa turn violent
The boer war
Why was India called the jewel in the crown
It was the most valuable of all of Britain’s colonies
What colony combined diverse cultures and long term rival groups
What was the term for the British rule over India
Who was the Zulu chief who created a large state in Southern Africa
Who was the last monarch of Hawaii who was overthrown in the late 1800s
Queen Liliuokalani
Why did thousands of boers move north during the great trek
To escape the British
What set the stage for the vietnamese residence against the French
Peasants had less rice to eat because the French had exported most of it
How did Menelik 2 keep colonial interest of Ethiopia
He exploited European rivalries and built a model Army
In 1907, which country lost a long fight to maintain its independence when Britain and Russia took over the country and divided it into spheres of influence
What began after rumor spread among Indian soldiers that the cartridge of their rifles were sealed with pork and beef fat
The sepoy mutiny
Who was the king who managed to maintain the independence of Ethiopia against colonial interest
Menelik 2
Who was the leader of the Filipino nationalist who claimed that the United States had promised independence of the Philippine Islands
Emilio Aquinaldo
What was the main cause of in adequate food supply in Africa during European colonization
Europeans insisted on the growth of cash crops, such as cotton
Which leaders use modernization to keep their countries from foreign control
Mohammed Ali And King Mongkut
Why did the British take control of the Suez Canal ?
Egypt could not pay it’s foreign dance
Why did the Maji Maji rebellion fail
East African believe that magic water would protect them from bullets
Why did some US business leaders want Hawaii to be annexed by the United States
Sugar could be sold for higher profits
What happened as a result of the Berlin conference of 1884 – 1885
Europeans divided Africa into colonies without consulting African leaders
How did Europeans use paternalism to govern people in the colonies
They provided for colonial peoples’ needs but did not give them full rights
Which was the main purpose of the Berlin conference
To prevent fighting of European nations over the division of Africa
Why did the British style of government in Nigeria work better with the Hausa-Fulani than the Igbo and Yoruba
The Hausa-Fulani where accustomed to a strong central government
Why did Ram Mohun Roy considered \”father of Modern India\”
He called for an end to traditional practices such as arranged child marriages
Why did western nations desire land in the Pacific Rim
Because of their natural resources is strategic location
What happen as a result of the Sepoy Mutiny
The British government took direct command of India
What event best illustrates geopolitics
Crimean war
Why did American sugar planters overthrow Queen Liliuokalani
She wanted to restore the political power of the native Hawaiians
How were Muhamed Ali’s policies and European colonial policies similar
Peasants were forced to grow cash crops instead of food

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