MKTG 409 Chp 16 Integrated marketing communication

A major goal of integrated marketing communications is to:
send a consistent message to customers
_____ refers to the process of conversion of meaning by a source into a series of signs or symbols that represent ideas or concepts.
Anything that reduces the clarity and accuracy of communication is called _____.
Feedback refers to:
a receivers response to a decoded message
In the typical communication process, a receiver is the individual, group, or organization that:
decodes a coded message
_____ refers to demand for a product category rather than for a specific brand of product.
primary demand
Which of the following methods is used to stimulate primary demand for a product?
informing potential consumers about a product features and uses
Which of the following statements is true of promotion mix?
Advertising is extremely cost-efficient when it reaches a vast number of people at a low cost per person.
Which of the following statements is true of advertising?
It can reach an extremely large target audience or focus on a small, precisely defined segment.
Communicating through the movement of head, eyes, arms, hands, legs, or torso is known as _____.
kinesic communication
Which of following forms of communication occurs when either person varies the physical distance separating them?
proxemic communication
Which of the following is an example of tactile communication?
An executive shakes hands with his counterpart from the client company to seal a deal between the companies.
_____ is an activity or material that acts as a direct inducement, offering added value or incentive for a product to resellers, salespeople, or consumers.
sales promotion
Which of the following elements is usually a major component of a promotion mix for organizations selling to industrial markets?
personal selling
Which of the following products uses advertising rather than personal selling?
soft drink
Which of the following statements is true of promotion mixes with respect to the product life cycle?
In the growth and maturity stages, consumer products require heavy emphasis on advertising.
Promoting a product only to the next institution down the marketing channel is known as a _____.
push policy
Which of the following depicts the flow of communication along the marketing channel with a pull promotional strategy?
producer- consumers
Which of the following statements about word-of-mouth marketing is true?
b. Word-of-mount marketing is linked to new customer acquisition when there is customer involvement and satisfaction.
Which of the following is a medium for electronic word-of-mouth communication?
social network
_____ refers to an attempt to incite publicity and public excitement surrounding a product through a creative event.
buzz marketing
Viral marketing refers to:
the strategy of getting consumers to share a marketer’s message in a way that spreads dramatically and quickly.
For which of the following product types is word-of-mouth marketing known to be most effective?
expensive, luxury products
The strategic location of products or product promotions within entertainment media content to reach the product’s target market is known as _____.
product placement
Which of the following statements is true of criticisms and defenses of promotion?
Promotion helps keep prices lower by facilitating price competition.

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