Sophie made pies and sold them from her food truck to local businesses. This is an an example of a
direct marketing channel
Which element of the marketing mix specifically deals with supply chain management?
Students of marketing often overlook or underestimate the importance of place in the marketing mix simply because
it happens behind the scenes
In marketing four P’s, place refers to all activities required to get
the right products to the right customer when that customer wants
Dawn works for a firm that buys products directly from the manufacturer and resells them to retailers, who then sell the products to the manufacturers. Dawn works for a
Naomi knows she has to order her store’s Christmas holiday merchandise in April to ensure delivery before the holiday season. Naomi is concerned with the supply chain management goal of
providing products at the right time
Manufacturers use wholesalers and retailers because
they create value for customers through convenience and cost savings
Trisha makes purses out of old blue jeans and sells them to customers at local craft fairs. What type of marketing channel does she represent?
A local furniture store buys from various manufacturers and resells the furniture to its customers. What type of marketing channel?
When a customer purchases a DVD at Best Buy, all of the following are information flows in the supply chain are started except
the purchase is added to the customer’s purchasing habit records
Steven managed an auto parts store in the 1990s. At that time, stockouts—failure to have the parts auto mechanics needed to do their work that day—increased the likelihood of the mechanics becoming customers of competing auto supply stores. To avoid this problem and keep his business customers, Steven most likely
stockpiled inventory, adding to the cost of providing auto parts
Flora is frustrated with her company’s supply chain management information system. She wants to be able to receive sales data, initiate purchase orders, send and receive invoices, and receive returned merchandise information. Flora needs
electronic data interchange system
Today, when a customer orders merchandise from online, the vendor usually emails confirmation immediately. Usually within a day or two, a second message arrives stating that the order is in the mail. The second message is a type of
advanced shipping notice
Which of the following is not one of the activities carried on in a distribution center?`
distributing paychecks and paystubs for retail employees
Ted is glad his company finally converted to an RFID system. Now, he no longer needs to go through all the new goods to make sure what they ordered was what they received. Ted is responsible for
checking in his company
Cross docking
is when vendors ship merchandise prepackaged in the quantity required for each store to the distribution center
In a ___ distribution center, merchandise moves from vendor’s trucks to retailers delivery trucks in a matter of hours
cross docking
Colin has just received a delivery from the company’s distribution center. He opens containers and finds the popcorn and snacks are all bar-coded and priced and the package includes an end of aisle display rack. Colin has received a floor-ready shipment
floor ready
Although conflict is likely to occur in any supply chain, it is generally more pronounced wh
the supply chain members are independent entities
Yesterday, Lorinda overheard a surprisingly unpleasant encounter between the manager of the hardware store where she works and a sales rep who sells a well-known line of tools. The rep insisted that his tools should be more prominently displayed and that a better assortment would mean more sales. The manager had other plans and told him so, and the conversation turned into a loud argument. What Lorinda observed was an example of
channel conflict
In a ____ marketing channel, none of the participants have any control over the others
The three types of vertical marketing systems are administered, contractual, and
In an administered vertical marketing system,
there is no common ownership, and the dominant member has significant power to impose its ideas and objectives
Franchising involves a ___ vertical marketing system
Felicia had just taken over her family’s business after spending ten years in the marketing department of a large corporation. She met with a representative from one of her firm’s biggest customers who told her, “We should think about how we can make the pie bigger rather than fighting over the size of the slices” she had expected a more cutthroat approach rather than a call for a
partnering relationship
Which of the following is not required to build a successful strategic relationship
creation of a joint venture
A ___ is a document used by a forklift driver indicating how much of each item to get from specific storage areas
pick ticket
A ___ is a 13-digit code retailers can use to track inventory
When Cynthia’s Boutique receives dresses, they already have price tags and are on hangers. Cynthias boutique receives
floor ready merchandise
When Joe’s Chicken Shack wants chicken delivered in smaller batches more frequently, it offers its distributors an incentive in the form of special bonuses to change their schedules. Joe’s demonstrates which kind of power?
____ power is based on getting a channel member to behave in a certain way because of a contractual agreement
When her company’s dry goods deliveries were late for the third time, Melissa withheld payment from her supplier until it was back on schedule. This is an example of
coercive power
In a retail supply chain, the ___ records the purchase information and electronically sends it to the corporate office
POS terminal
The local auto supply store gets merchandise delivered to it by its manufacturers as soon as it has a need, reducing stockouts with minimal inventory. This demonstrates the concept of
vendor-managed inventory
After installing an electronic data interchange, Carmella’s gift shop was able to reduce____, the amount of time between the recognition that an order needs to be placed and the arrival of the needed merchandise
lead time
After installing an ____ in its JIT system, Chocolate Tree was able to reduce lead time for merchandise orders
electronic data interchange system
Leona is the logistics manager for the Barnes and NOble bookstore. She is weighing the many benefits of JIT system, but will need to consider that just-in-time inventory management systems increas ___ costs
From a retailer’s perspective, an ___ is helpful in order to know exactly what will arrive in a particular shipment from a supplier
Natalie represents a manufacturer who makes unique, high-end hats. When making recommendation about potential retail partners, what should be Natalies first consideration
how likely is it for certain retailers to carry this product
Aaron has designed innovative accessories for hard-core bicycling enthusiasts. He knows where and how he will make them, and he needs to turn his attention to getting the products to the customers. As he chooses retail partners, which of the following is least important in the process
encouraging new bicycling enthusiasts
In the past ___ controlled supply chains
Today, retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, and Kroger dictate to their suppliers all of the following except
which competitors they should collaborate with.
John used to work for a large, well-known retailer. He left that company to work for a much smaller company, and in doing so, he discovered that the channel functions were handled very differently in the smaller firm. Looking back at his experience, he noticed that larger firms
perform many different channel functions themselves
Distribution intensity is commonly divided into three levels:
intensive, exclusive, and selective.
Anbinh Fashions is launching a new line of one-of-a-kind designer jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted, and production volumes will be very low. To emphasize the unique nature of this jewelry, Anbinh Fashions will most likely choose _________ distribution.
Heartland Plantation produces organic food products like stone-ground grits and wild rice. The company has limited production capacity and wants to carefully control where its products are sold. Heartland will likely choose
exclusive distribution
Paul’s family has owned and operated a small chain of conventional supermarkets for many years. Competition from a variety of other kinds of retailers has adversely affected the business. To address the new competitive reality, Paul wants to apply what he recently learned as a marketing major and he has recommended that his family’s business should
emphasize fresh, locally sourced perishables
Which of the following represents the best reason a manufacturer of high-end products might consider selling products in a warehouse club?
The manufacturer overestimated demand or has a great deal of returned merchandise from other retailers.
____ are combating competitive pressures by offering fresh food and healthy fast food, tailoring assortments to local markets, opening locations closer to where consumers work and shop, and adding new services.
convenience stores
Brian, an industrial equipment sales rep, purchases a quick snack to eat on the way to work. He buys lunch while on the road visiting customers, and grabs bread and milk on the way home when he stops to buy gas. Brian does most of his shopping at a
convenience store
__________ are combating competitive pressures by increasing the amount of exclusive and private-label merchandise they sell, and expanding their online presence.
department stores
If you’re a manufacturer, and you want to showcase your product in a store that has a narrow but deep selection of merchandise and where sales associates can assist customers with their selections, you’d most likely choose
a specialty store
Of the following retailers, the best example of a category killer is
As a type of retailer, category specialists are fierce competitors using
a complete assortment in a specific category at low prices
offer a limited assortment of general merchandise at very low prices and are often found in lower-rent locations.
Extreme value retailers
____ can purchase merchandise at substantial discounts from the orginal wholesale prices because they do not ask the suppliers for advertising allowances or markdown adjustments
off-price retailers
____ offer an inconsistant assortment of brand-name merchandise at low prices
off-price retailers
Jackie is running errands on Saturday morning. First, she drives through CVS pharmacy to pick up a prescription, stops at the tailor to pick up a dress she had hemmed, and then heads to her manicure appointment. What kind of retailers is JAckie visiting
services retailers
For retailers, promotion refers to
both their in-store environment and their media communications
Retailers use ___ to get customers into their stores
mass media advertising
Kim wants to maximize sales to the customers who walk into her store. Of the following, Kim will most likely focus on
in store promotions
_____ are subtle forms of promotion that encourage shopping in retailers stores
store credit and gift cards
Retailers coupons, rebates, and online discounts are types of
pricing promotions
Henri wants customers in his specialty tobacco store to feel at home, as if they were in their personal smoking den. He uses lighting music and soft chairs to create a “look and feel” that will get customers to relax and return. Henri is focusing on which aspect of the marketing mix
Retailers in expensive resort areas often find it difficult to hire quality salespeople. In a situation like this, retailers should consider augmenting or even replacing the sales and customer service functions with
in-store kiosks or self-checkout lanes.
Personal selling is particularly important for retailers selling
products that are complicated or expensive
Traditionally, retailers treated all their customers ____, but today, successful retailers ___
identically, provide more value to their best customers
The percentage of a customer’s purchases made from a particular retailers is referred to as
share of wallet
Benton manages a building supply company. He wants to invite 20 of his most valuable building-contractor customers to a golf outing and party. Benton will likely use the firm’s ____ to identify these customers
CRM database
As the old cliché claims, the three most important things in retailing are
location, location,location
Janelle is shopping for a unique outfit for a benefit dinner dance. she wants it to sparkle, but still feel light and comfortable. For the highest satisfaction, Janelle likely should
shop in tradtional retail stores
Andy purchased a number of books from, and he learned to trust the recs made to him. More than once he was pleasantly surprised at the books and authors he discovered this way. In this case, Amazon was creating value for Andy through
personalized offerings
Mira purchased some eyeliner from an INternet-based beauty supply house, and now she often receives online recs for other products from the same line. These recs were probably the result of
the purchases she makes
is the term used to describe the situation when retailers use some combination of stores, catalogs, and the Internet to sell merchandise.
Omnichannel retailing
Chandra owns a pet sitting service. he recently paid a web developer to build a special version of his company website for use on smartphones. Customers will now be able to easily place orders for pet sitting on their cell phones. This is
Johan owns an oil-change business called Oil-only. He changes oil in cars– and that is all he does. What kind of business is this
service retailer
Jenna has large family and likes to stock up on large packs of basics like toilet paper, paper towels, and large bottles of condiments like ketchip. Jenna would most likely prefer to shop for these items
a warehouse club
Bertone’s Office Supplies has decided to branch out from its existing stores. It plans to start sending out a catalog, and also to sell its products online. Bertone’s is adopting
an omnichannel strategy.
Carol’s Studio, located in a shopping mall, offers Zumba dance classes for all ages. Carol’s Studio is known as a
service retailer
Which of the following strategies is designed to place products in as many outlets as possible?
intensive distribution
Sophia could afford expensive furnishings, but wanted a stylish home. After researching many options, she went to a local Target to purchase the trendy lamps, pillows, and art featured on its ads and website. As a consumer, which retailing challenge was Sophia likely responding to
brand image consistency
As an omnichannel retailing operation matures, as in the case of Walmart, what tends to happen to its organizational structure
opertationsal integration of all channels
How does a retail distribution center supporting a store channel most obviously differ from one supporting an Internet channel?
in quantity of items shipped
Annabeth is looking for a Michael Kors chronograph watch, and assumes she can view and try them on at Macy’s. She makes a special trip to the store to look at the watches, and selects the style she likes best. Which aspect of choosing a retail partner allowed Annabeth to confidently shop for this item at a particular store?
customer expectations
Amber has developed a line of organic lotions and handmade soaps with unique, herb-based scents and a touch of bee balm. She plans to sell these products to the wealthy residents of a nearby resort town. Which level of distribution intensity is probably best for this product?
Integrated marketing communications represents the __________ element in the four Ps of a firm’s marketing mix.
Integrated marketing communications include all of the following except
supply chain management
Carlos owns a chain of retail electronic stores. He is evaluating how he allocates his firm’s IMC budget. he receives offers from a variety of advertising media, spends money on his firm’s public relations efforts, and is considering electronic media alternatives. Carlos must recognix that each IMC alternative
is part of the whole
The three elements of any IMC strategy are the consumer, the channels, and
evaluation of the results
The IMC communication process includes all of the following except
The IMC communication process begins with __________, who(which) must be clearly identified.
the sender
___ means converting the sender’s ideas into a message, which could be verbal, visual, or both
Though a picture may be worth a thousand words, the most important facet of encoding is
not what is sent, but rather what is received
__________ refers to the process by which the receiver interprets the sender’s message.
If you ever watched a television commercial and at the end of the message wondered what they were promoting, you may have had trouble __________ the IMC message.
In the IMC process, noise can occur as a result of lack of message clarity, a poor choice of medium, or
competing messages
National manufacturers and retailers often pay a service provider to monitor television ads around the country, to ensure that their ads are shown in their entirety during the time frames that were purchased. This service provider is monitoring for IMC noise problems associated with
a flaw in the medium.
The _____________ loop allows the receiver to communicate with the sender in the IMC process
Loretta would like to know which, if any, of her firm’s IMC efforts are working. She could use all of the following except ___ to provide feedback from her efforts
the channel
Julia is driving down Interstate 95 on her way from New England to Florida and sees a billboard saying “South of the Border Restaurant and Motel is just 100 miles away.” Julia has never heard of South of the Border before. After seeing the sign, she will most likely need additional exposure to the product before deciding whether to stop at South of the Border. This is an example of
the lagged effect
Which of the following is not one of the steps in the AIDA model
In simple terms, the AIDA model is also known as
think, feel, do
Awareness leads to
interest, which hopefully leads to desire and then action
In the AIDA model, the think stage is the
awareness stage
Cheryl asked Nadia to help her buy some aftershave for her boyfriend. Nadia was going through a list of different brand names, when Cheryl stopped her and said, “I recognize that one.” Marketers call this
aided recall
In the movie Field of Dreams, one of the memorable phrases is, “If you build it, he will come.” The AIDA model would suggest that after marketers “build” a product or service and create awareness among consumers, they need to
create interest among customers, persuading them to investigate further
Betty is assessing the effectiveness of her firm’s marketing communications. She knows the ultimate goal is to
If marketing communications are effective, they will
result in purchases by some consumers receiving the communications.
One of the difficulties in measuring the effectiveness of IMC efforts is the __________, where consumers do not act immediately after receiving a marketing communication.
lagged effect
Ryan is debating how to allocate the IMC budget for his new ski equpiment store. He knows having a knowledgable salespeople in his store can simplify buyers’ purchase decisions. He should also consider that, compared to other IMC alternatives, personal selling is
Brenda wants to reduce mass media IMC and to increase the use of personalized marketing comm messages. To achieve this goal, Brenda will likely increase her use of
direct marketing
Cora will be a bridesmaid next summer and has purchased her dress online. The next time she turned on her computer, Cora was surprised to see special offers for matching accessories. This is an example of which marketing strategy?
direct marketing
Naomi is the IMC manager for a chain of regional income tax service providers. Franchisees pay a percentage of their revenue to an IMC account allocated to her. As she establishes the short term goals for her firm’s IMC efforts, her goals are likely to include
increasing inquiries, awareness, and trial of her firms services
Lamar is assesssing the long-term effectiveness of his firm’s IMC efforts. He will probably analyze his firm’s success in
increasing market share, sales, and customer loyalty
Julie is developing a budget for her firm’s IMC program. First she sets objectives. Then she chooses media, and finally she determines the cost for each product to be promoted. Julie is using the __________ method of establishing an IMC budget.
objective and task
Using prior sales and communication activities to determine the present communication budget describes which method of IMC budgeting?
Yolanda asked her firm’s advertising agency to estimate how often consumers saw her firm’s IMC message and what percentage of the target audience was exposed to the message. Yolanda is asking for __________ data.
frequency and reach data
When Yolanda asked her firm’s advertising agency to estimate how often consumers saw her firm’s IMC message and what percentage of the target audience was exposed to the message, she was told the reach was 40, the frequency was 4, and the competitive parity was 10. The gross rating points for her firm’s campaign were
To estimate reach in terms of electronic media, marketers can use the click-through rate (CTR). To do so, they need to know the number of clicks and
the number of impressions
Jim was asked to determine the ROI for a particular advertising effort. To do so, he needs to know
sales revenue and advertising cost
Sally could recall the brand of toothpaste she used only when a makreting researcher mentioned the brand. this is known as
aided recall
If you send an e-mail and include a link, you can track how many people took the desired action of clicking on the link. This is known as
the click through rate
George wants to increase the number of visits to his insurance firm’s website, which specializes in rental insurance for college students. George decides to target Internet browsers who use the terms apartment, insurance, and student. Which of the following will be most helpful to George?
Google Adwords
Kelly is the head of marketing for a nonprofit agency that supports the arts. She just received the go-ahead from her board of directors to conduct the agency’s first-ever advertising campaign. Her first step will be to
identify the target audience.
Yesenia is working on an advertisement to promote consumer awareness of the danger of solar radiation causing skin cancer. Yesenia’s first concern will be to
get consumer’s attention
Brent is working on an advertising campaign to promote downtown businesses. He knows the increasing number of advertising communication channels available and changes in consumers’ media usage
makes his job more difficult.
Greg is planning an advertising campaign to promote his kayak tour company. The success of his ad campaign depends on
how well he can identify his target audience.
After using market research to identify the target audience for his advertising campaign, Jorge will next use this information to
set explicit and measurable objectives for the campaign
Yana has identified the target audience for her line of Russian jewelry. For optimum success, she is creating an advertising plan that will
clarify the specific goals that the advertising is designed to accomplish.
Generally, when advertising to consumers, the objective of an advertising campaign is
a pull strategy- to get the product into stores by having consumers demand it
Florida Heat Pump Manufacturing Company is offering a free, all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas for HVAC dealers that sell at least 20 units this year. Florida Heat Pump is using a __________ promotional strategy.
Neville is trying to create an advertising message that tells consumers how his company’s cell, pager, instant messaging, and Internet services differ from other alternatives in the market. Neville is trying to create a
unique selling proposition
Estella is trying to create an advertising message that communicates the tangible features of her company’s laptop computers, telling consumers about the relative advantages of her products as compared to other offerings in the market. Estella is trying to create a(n) __________ appeal
Jamara knows that his spring break travel packages are the best deal on campus. He also knows his competitor is sloppy, often waiting until the last minute to provide the needed tickets and documents to students buying his island packages. Jamara wants to develop an advertising message that emphasizes the key benefits he provides. He will develop a(n) __________ appeal.
Danielle is creating an advertising message designed to appeal to consumers’ fears of having their home broken into. Danielle’s message will focus on a(n) __________ appeal.
Automobile manufacturers often use television advertising showing an attractive man or woman driving the manufacturer’s stylish new car on a winding road along an ocean vista. These types of ads have __________ appeal.
Which of the following is the best example of a mass media advertising channel?
USA Today
A ___ advertising schedule uses heavy advertising during some periods followed by periods of no advertising
A ___ advertising schedule uses a base level of advertising during some periods followed by periods of increased advertising
Regina just bought a gourmet bagel store. She is working with a freelance graphic artist who is designing her logo and print advertisements. Regina is spending days looking over the various designs and color options. She needs to remember that the creative aspect of advertising design
should not overshadow the message
Jennifer has worked for many years reviewing and approving print ads for her firm. She has memorized a checklist of key points to review. Which of the following would not be on her checklist?
photo credits
Which of the following is not one of the federal agencies that regulate advertising activities?
The head of the marketing area told Alex to find the most stringent federal regulations on advertising to create the toughest standards. “If we can pass those, we should be able to get by all regulations.” One real problem
state regulations are not always consistent with federal standards.
Which of the following is the best example of puffery?
“You have tried the rest, now try the best.”
____ is when two or more firms join forces to reach a target audience in a short-term effort
Gwen recognizes that one of her roles as a company sales rep is to be the firm’s frontline emissary. As such, she strives to build strong relationships with customers and
take a long term perspective
Monica works as a salesperson in a retail clothing store. Of the five stages in the selling process, Monica is least likely to engage in
generating and qualifying leads
Galena is a new agent for a financial services company. She decides to join the local chamber of commerce, the local association of businesswomen, and the local chapter of the United Way organization. Galena is attempting to use __________ to generate leads.
Brandon is in the process of qualifying leads he received from corporate headquarters. Brandon will assess
whether or not it is worthwhile to pursue these potential customers
Kyle is preparing for an important sales presentation. He knows that customers are more likely to ___________ during his presentation than during other stages of the selling process.
raise objections’
Miles worked selling products to industrial users, and spent most of his time working on customers’ new buy and modified new buy situations. Miles was primarily a(n)
order getter
Most beverage distributors have their delivery people act as the firm’s sales representatives. The delivery people primarily function as
order takers
David’s firm had grown steadily and the products and systems had become more and more complicated. He had been a star representative and had personally serviced and developed all his accounts. In the past year or so, David and his sales colleagues have been changing their approach due to the sales growth and increasing product complexity. Customer relationships are now being handled more and more by __________—whose primary duties are order getting, order taking, or sales support—which is typical of firms experiencing this kind of growth.
selling teams
Telemarketing and cold calls have become less popular as sales tools because of all of the following reasons except
they require appointments, which takes time away from the actual selling of the product

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