MKTG 2500 Ch. 16

selling harmful products
class-action lawsuit was brought against a burger food chain, saying its food contributed to obesity. The suit was dismissed, but critics continue to point out all the health dangers. From this description, it can be concluded that these critics are concerned that the fast food industry is ______________.
Customer value marketing
a sustainable marketing principle emphasizes building long-run consumer engagement, loyalty, and relationships ______________.
Sense of mission
Lakeland employees get 40 hrs paid leave each year to pursue volunteer projects. The company runs a service day that hosts projects in 25 countries, & supports a nonprofit to get young people into public service for a yr. They could be described as practicing _____________ marketing.
consumerism and environmentalism
2 major citizen action movements to keep businesses in line are _________________
seeking a real product and marketing improvements
innovative marketing most likely involves __________
unsustainable overconsumption
critics who assert that the marketing system promotes too much interest in material possessions are likely concerned that the result of successful marketing will be _______________
cultural pollution
people who buy magazines that they like or who opt into email, social media, or mobile marketing programs rarely complain about ads bc they involve products/service interest. This is counter to the claim that marketing system creates __________
in food deserts
nation’s poor areas have 30% fewer supermarkets than do affluent areas, As a result, many low-income consumers find themselves _________
adds value by giving consumers product info
critics charge that high ads & promotion costs unnecessarily increase retail prices. Marketers most likely respond to this by arguing that advertising ___________
__________ marketing calls for socially and environmentally responsible actions that meet the present needs of consumers and businesses while also preserving or enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs
mark up prices beyond the value of their services
a common criticism of the marketing system is that intermediaries ______________
when a company makes marketing decisions by considering consumers wants and interests, the company’s requirements, and society’s long run interests, is most likely practicing ________ marketing
while societal marketing concept considers the future welfare of consumers and the sustainable marketing concept considers future company needs, the strategic planning concept considers both. (T of F)
planned obsolescence
some companies intentionally manufacture their products/materials that will break, wear, or rot sooner than they should. This practice is called _____________
investing heavily in pollution prevention
what do most companies today focus on when it comes to protecting the environment?
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