MKT 230 CH 12 Quiz

In the product modification, the first issue to consider is whether
the product is modifiable
Morgan is interested in upgrading to a new sofa for her apartment. Morgan looks online to see what new models her favorite sofa brand has available and can get information on the style and color; however, she can’t actually sit on the sofa to determine its comfort level. Morgan is able to evaluate the _____ modification to the sofa, but not the _______
aesthetic; functional
Why are line extensions more common than new products
they are less expensive and lower risk
Select the true statement concerning testing markets
testing markets is a limited introduction of the product in areas chosen to represent the intended market
One disadvantage of test marketing a new product is that
competitors may copy the product
Which of the following is the best definition of product features
specific design characteristics that allow a product to preform certain tasks
Schwinn has developed a new bicycle that has the strongest and lightest weigh frame of any bicycle outside of those made for racing. In addition, Schwinn has added several new features to its bike that are attractive to individuals who work as “bike messengers” in large, urban cities. Since no other company makes a bike that has these specific attributes, Schwinn is creating
product differentiation
All of the following major steps in developing new products except
evaluation of competitors’ efforts
The three major ways to modify a product line include
aesthetic, quality, and functional changes
A run-out policy of production deletion
exploits and strengths left in the product
Product deletion can best be described as the process of deleting a product from the product mix when it
no longer satisfies a sufficient number of customers
A brand managers is multi product firm would be responsible for
performance of a specific brand
To differentiate their products, companies sometimes emphasize the product support services that they offer. This is especially true when
consumers perceive all products in a market to have essentially the same quality, design, and features
Three major ways in which marketers engage in product differentiation are
product quality. product design and features, and product support services
The phase of new product development in which a small sample of potential buyers are presented with a product idea through a written or oral description in order to determine their attitudes and initial buying intentions regarding the product is called
concept testing
The members of a venture team (sometimes referred to as a cross-functional team) come from
different functional areas of an organization
A new variety of Doritos is initially introduced in Ft. Worth, Texas; Columbia, South Carolina; Peria, Illinois; and Spokane, Washington. After its initial success, Frito Lay markets the Doritios in those entire states, then the adjacent states, and finally the entire country. Frito-Lay is using a ________ for its new variety of Dorito’s
roll-out approach
The major drawback to using aesthetic modifications is
that the value of the modification is determines subjectively
Which of the following is the best example of a functional modification
A smoke alarm is modified to be more sensitive to smoke at further distances.
Coca-Cola has expanded Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, and Caffeine-free Coke, to name a few. These are examples of
line extensions
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