Midterm Practice (Chapters 1-9)

In a market characterized by vigorous competition, look-alike products and customer loyalty that depends on quality relationships, as well as quality products, the salesperson should fully utilize the:
relationship strategy
The ultimate goal of the “marketing concept” is:
customer satisfaction
Which of the following statements would not be an application of the marketing concept?
let’s speed up production and get these products to customers faster by eliminating the field
The term “product” should be broadly interpreted to encompass:
information, services, ideas, and issues
The promotion element of a marketing program can be subdivided into the areas of:
sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, and advertising
A major reason for the demise of the product solution is the growing number of look-alike products:
When UPS was first established, founder Jim Casey described the firm’s focus as follows:
to render perfect service to our stores and their customers
Which of the following statements accurately describes value-added selling?
the value added by salespeople today is increasingly derived from intangibles
Business firms vary in terms of how strongly they support the marketing concept:
When a marketer decides to adopt partnering, emphasis will be placed on:
the customer
Psychic income in selling refers to which of the following?
job recognition afforded sales personnel
Which of the following statements regarding personal selling in the financial services industry is accurate?
banks, brokerage firms, and other financial service businesses are branching out, selling a broader range of financial planning and investment services
All of the following describe a category of sales personnel in the field of manufacturing except:
rack jobber
Retail products do not usually provide full-time personal selling opportunities:
Which of the following statements accurately describes a career in selling?
Salespeople have numerous opportunities to advance to middle-management ranks
Many businesses rely heavily on media sales personnel for help in developing effective advertising:
Many salespeople are returning to the classroom to earn certification in a sales or sales-related area:
The growth rate for service companies continues to be much higher than the growth rate for companies that are product-led:
The primary goal of a detail salesperson is to develop goodwill and stimulate demand for products:
Which of the following statements most accurately describes the status of sales training and sales force development in America?
salespeople are among the most intensely trained employee groups
The rules on how to dress in the business community are:
subject to some general guidelines
Which three key words should govern our decisions when selecting a wardrobe for sales work?
simplicity, appropriateness and quality
Research in the field of communication reveals that:
words play a surprisingly small role in the communication process
________ is shaped by the attitudes, feelings, and other thoughts you have about your-self that influences the way you relate to others:
You can increase your emotional intelligence with the aid of all the following self-improvement activities EXCEPT:
keeping physically fit
If you want to identify the inner feelings of another person, watch facial expressions closely”
All of the following are considered elements of nonverbal communication EXCEPT:
choice of words to communicate facts and figures
It is important that salespeople build and maintain relationships with four groups:
management personnel, company support staff, secondary decision makers, and customers
Ideally, the relationship strategy should be tailored to the type of customer you are working with:
Which of the following would be considered secondary decision-makers?
the personal secretary who works for an established customer
Adapting to the customer’s preferred communication style can enhance sales performance:
Persons who fall into zone two display their unique behavior characteristics with less intensity than in zone one:
The zones in the communication-style model might be thought of as “intensity zones”:
When we move into the excess zone, all but which one of the following usually happens?
style flexing increases
Which of the following statements regarding communications-style bias is true?
It is often difficult to explain the symptoms that accompany communication-style bias.
The words “aloof” and “stuffy” describe the ________ side of the ________ style.
immature; reflective
In a selling situation, the Reflective customer wants plenty of facts presented as rapidly as possible:
If your customer’s most preferred communication style is Director, you should keep the relationship as businesslike as possible:
A customer high in sociability tends to communicate in an ordered and measured manner:
Communication style is an important aspect of our personality:
A majority of the states have passed legislation establishing a cooling-off period during which the consumer may void a contract to purchase goods and services:
Which of the following is NOT a general guideline that serves as a foundation for a personal code of business ethics?
your values should not be in conflict with those of your employer
The practice of reciprocity:
is illegal when one company pressures another company to join an agreement
Which statement best reflects the “Responsibility to Clients” section of NASP’s Standards of Professional Conduct?
I will act in the best interest of my clients
Harold Timmons is in a position to close a large sale if he conceals certain information that the customer needs to make an intelligent buyer decision. His sales manager encourages him to withhold the information and says, “You will not be breaking any law.” In this case, the salesperson must be guided by the following ethical guideline:
a salesperson’s ethical sense must extend beyond the legal definition of what is right and wrong
If you are not breaking the law, then you are acting in an ethical manner:
Which of the following is a true statement regarding the relationship between attitudes, behavior and values?
values influence attitudes, which in turn influence behavior
Many business organizations, professional associations and certification agencies have established written codes of ethics:
The primary focus of trust in transactional sales is trust in the person who sells the product:
According to the author of Integrity Selling, which of the following statements about values is true?
a salesperson’s values contribute more to sales success than do techniques
In terms of product knowledge, a salesperson:
cannot, generally, know too much about the products they sell
Ray Fernndez is a sales representative employed by Computer Resources, a computer supplier that develops customer solutions that combine computer hardware, software, installation and training. When he brings together many parts of the company’s product mix in order to develop a customized customer solution, this is referred to as:
developing a product configuration
Throughout the sales presentation, it is usually best to:
avoid shifting the focus of attention away from your product to competing products
Which of the following statements regarding product benefits is true?
a benefit provides the customer with personal advantage or gain
Which of the following statements about the sources of product knowledge is FALSE?
plant tours would be of little value to people in retail and service selling
Which of the following is an example of a bridge statement?
“we have trained services technicians, which means you will experience less downtime”
A successful Product Strategy should be:
tailored to the customer’s buying needs
Salespeople who can develop a sales proposal that contains specific information on return on investment are more likely to get a favorable response from key decision makers:
A general benefit shows how a feature can be helpful to a buyer, but it does not relate to a specific need expressed by the buyer:
A manufacturer tests, modifies, and retests an original idea several times before it is offered to the consumer. This process is called:
product development
Value creation during the transactional sale is considerable:
In order to bring the Walker Hotel and Convention Center up to industry standards, each guest room was redecorated with new wallpaper, drapes, carpeting, mattresses and sofas. Mallanie Simms, sales manager for the Center, has recommended that guest rooms be upgraded with the addition of wide desks, voice mail, fax machines and 24-hour room service. From the viewpoint of most business travelers, these changes would result in the creation of a(n):
value-added product
In most cases, the same sales strategy is used to sell a new and emerging product as a mature, well-established product:
One consequence of using low-price tactics will often be lower profits:
When setting professional fees, all of the following are points to consider EXCEPT:
product life cycle
There are five service-quality dimensions. Three of them include:
reliability, responsiveness and empathy
Value creation investments are the highest in:
strategic alliance sales
Which of the following statements about pricing policies is FALSE?
the ability to offer the lowest price is usually the most critical factor in the sale of products and services.
The generic is the basic, substantive product you are selling:
When doing business in India, outsiders should remember that:
Indian buyers seek quality and durability
In order for a customer to arrive at a buying decision the salesperson should present the product according to:
the individual customer’s needs
Which type of selling appeals to buyers who prefer to purchase a packaged solution to a problem from a single seller, thus avoiding all the separate decisions involved in a complex buying situation?
systems selling
One difference between organizational and consumer buyers is that organizational buyers’ purchases are made for some purpose other than personal consumption:
When a teenage girl asks her best friends for their opinions on a career opportunity, she is most likely seeking support from her ________ group:
Patronage buying motives are particularly important when product offerings from several companies are very similar:
Systems selling appeals to buyers who prefer to purchase individual products from a variety of sellers:
Which buyer behavior theory focuses the salesperson’s attention on five important factors that the customer is likely to consider before making a purchase?
buyer-resolution theory
Which of the following statements about social class is true?
social class is determined by a combination of factors such as income, education, occupation, and accumulated wealth
At which stage in the typical buying process is the customer aware of a need and has evaluated one or more solutions with the resolve to do something but may have obstacles or concerns to contend with?
resolution of problems
According to Abraham Maslow, self-fulfillment (a full tapping of one’s potential) is achieved throughout satisfaction of the ________ needs:
Which of the following is a true statement regarding prospecting?
a salesperson cannot afford to spend time calling on persons who are not legitimate prospects
The goal of prospecting is to build a prospect base made up of current and potential customers:
The Mackay 66 is set up so that each salesperson has 66 prospective customers on their prospect “Ferris Wheel”:
The process of qualifying prospects includes answering all of the following questions EXCEPT:
is this the senior executive?
Persons skilled in networking have learned that it is a good idea to conduct business while networking:
Which one of the following publications would be a good source of information on prospects if you were involved in the sale of products in the international market?
data reports published by U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service
The procedure used to determine which customers and prospects to visit during a certain period of time is called:
Qualifying is the process of identifying prospects who should be visited:
A major barrier to prospecting is time. Therefore, salespeople should:
integrate some prospect identification with regular selling duties
When a salesperson asks a customer to prepare a note or letter of introduction that can be delivered to the potential customer, this person is using which prospecting method?

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