Mid2 Chap4 M82

Which of the ff. defines an acceptable use agreement?
An agreement which identifies the employee’s right to use company property such as Internet access and computer equipment for personal use.
Which of the ff. is a high-level, general statement about the role of security in the organization?
What is the primary purpose of change control?
Prevent unmanaged change
Which of the ff. is defined as a contract which prescribes the technical support or business parameters that a provider will bestow to its client?
Service level agreement
HIPAA is a set of federal regulations that define security guidelines that enforce the protection of what?
Which of the ff. policies specifically protects PII?
You have recently discovered that a network attack has compromised your database server. In the process, customer credit card numbers might have been taken by an attacker. You have stopped the attack and put measures in place to prevent the same incident from occurring in the future. What else might you be legally required to do?
Contact your customers to let them know of the security breach
You have a set of DVD-RW discs that have been used to archive files for your latest development project. You need to dispose of the discs. Which of the ff. methods should you use to best prevent extracting data from the discs?
What is the most effective means of improving or enforcing security in any environment?
User awareness training
When informing an employee that they are being terminated, what is the most important activity?
Disabling their network access
Which of the ff. is the best protection against security violations?
Defense in depth
Which of the ff. is a recommendation to use when a specific standard or procedure does not exist?
What is the primary purpose of source code escrow?
To obtain change rights over software after the vendor goes out of business
Which of the ff. best describes the concept of due care or due diligence?
Reasonable precautions, based on industry best practices, are utilized and documented.
Who has the responsibility for the development of a security policy?
Senior Management
When is a BCP or DRP design and development actually completed?
What is the primary goal of business continuity planning?
Maintaining business operations with reduced or restricted infrastructure capabilities or resources
The company is implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). It is time for the control tests and the company would like to perform compliance testing. Which of the ff. best describes compliance testing?
The testing of control procedures to see if they are working as expected and are being implemented in accordance with management policies.
When recovery is being performed due to disaster, which services are to be stabilized first?
Mission critical
In business continuity planning, what is the primary focus of the scope?
Business processes
As a BCP or DRP plan evolves over time, what is the most important task to perform when rolling out a new version of the plan?
Collect and destroy all old plan copies
Your company has developed and implemented countermeasures for the greatest risks to their assets. However, there is still some risk left. What is the remaining risk called?
Residual risk
Which of the ff. is “not” an accepted countermeasure to strengthen a cryptosystem?
Keep the cryptosystem a secret
Which of the ff. is “not” a valid response to a risk discovered during a risk analysis?
What is the average number of times that a specific risk is likely to be realized?
Annualized Rate of Occurrence
You have conducted a risk analysis to protect a key company asset. You identify ff. values:
*Asset value = 400
*Exposure factor = 75
* Annualized Rate of Occurrence =.25
What is the Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE)?
To determine the value of the company assets, an anonymous survey was used to collect the opinions of all senior and mid-level managers. Which asset valuation method was used?
Delphi method
If an organization shows sufficient due care, which burden is eliminated in the event of a security breach?
Purchasing insurance is what type of response to risk?
You have conducted a risk analysis to protect a key company asset. You identify ff. values:
*Asset value = 400
*Exposure factor = 75
* Annualized Rate of Occurrence =.25
What is the Single Loss Expectancy (SLE)?
When analyzing assets, which analysis method assigns financial values to assets?
When would choosing to do nothing about an identified risk be acceptable?
When the cost of protecting the asset is greater than the potential loss
Which of the ff. statement is true regards to risk analysis? (Select two)
Don’t implement a countermeasure if the cost is greater than loss, Annualized Rate of Occurrence (ARO) identifies how often in a single year the successful threat attack will occur.
Which of the ff. best defines Single Loss Expectancy (SLE)?
The total monetary loss associated with a single occurrence of a threat
When conducting a risk assessment, how is the Annualized Rate of Occurrence (ARO) calculated?
Through historical data provided by insurance companies and crime statistics.
You have conducted a risk analysis to protect a key company asset. You identify ff. values:
*Asset value = 400
*Exposure factor = 75
* Annualized Rate of Occurrence =.25
Countermeasure A has a cost of 320 and will protect the asset for four years. Countermeasure B has an annual cost of 85. An insurance policy to protect the asset has an annual premium of 90. What should you do?
Accept the risk or find another countermeasure.
How can a criminal investigator ensure the integrity of a removable media device found while collecting evidence?
Create a checksum using a hashing algorithm
After an intrusion has occurred and the intruder has been removed from the system, which of the ff. is the best next step or action to take?
Back up all logs and audits regarding the incident
During a recent site survey, you find a rogue wireless access point on your network. Which of the ff. actions should you take first to protect your network, while still preserving evidence?
Disconnect the access point from the network
What is the best definition of a security incident?
Violation of security policy
You manage the network for your company. You have recently discovered information on a computer hard drive that might indicate evidence of illegal activity. You want to perform forensic activities on the disk to see what kind of information it contains. What should you do first?
Make a bit-level copy of the disk
Which of the ff. is an important aspect of evidence gathering?
Back up all log files and audit trails
You have discovered a computer that is connected to your network that was used for an attack. You have disconnected the computer from the network to isolate it from the network and stop the attack. What should you do next?
Perform a memory dump
When conducting a forensic investigation, and assuming that the attack has been stopped, which of the ff. actions should you perform first?
Document what’s on the screen
When conducting a forensic investigation, which of the ff. initial actions is appropriate for preserving evidence?
Document what’s on the screen
The immediate preservation of evidence is paramount when conducting a forensic analysis. Which of the ff. actions is most likely to destroy critical evidence?
Rebooting the system
Which of the ff. social engineering attacks are use Voice over IP (VoIP) to gain sensitive information?
What is the primary difference between impersonation and masquerading?
One is more active, the other is more passive
A senior executive reports that she received a suspicious email concerning a sensitive, internal project that is behind production. The email is sent from someone she doesn’t know and he is asking for immediate clarification on several of the project’s details so the project can get back on schedule. What type of an attack best describes the scenario?
Which of the ff. is a form of attack that tricks victims into providing confidential information, such as identity information or logon credentials, through e-mails or Web sites that impersonate an online entity that the victim trusts, such as a financial institution or well-known e-commerce site?
How can an organization help prevent social engineering attacks? (Select two.)
Educate employees on the risks and countermeasures, Publish and enforce clearly-written security polices
You’ve got just received an e-mail messages that indicates a new serious malicious code threat is ravaging across the Internet. The message contains detailed information about the threat, its source code, and the damage it can inflict. The message states that you can easily detect whether or not you have already been a victim of this threat by the presence of three files in the WindowsSystem32 folder. As a countermeasure, the message suggests that you delete these three files from your system to prevent further spread of the threat. What should your first action based on the message be?
Verify the information on well-known malicious code threat management Web sites.
The receptionist received a phone call from an individual claiming to be a partner in a high-level project and requesting sensitive information. The individual is engaging in which type of social engineering attack?
You have just received a generic-looking e-mail that is addressed as coming from the administrator of your company. The e-mail says that as part of a system upgrade, you are to go to a Web site and enter your username and password at a new Web site so you can manage your e-mail and spam using the new service. What should you do?
Verify that the e-mail was sent by the administrator and that this new service is legitimate.
By definition, which type of social engineering attack uses of a fictitious scenario to persuade someone to give information for which they are not authorized?
Dumpster diving is a low-tech means of gathering information that may be useful in gaining unauthorized access, or as a starting point for more advanced attacks. How can a company reduce the risk associated with dumpster diving?
Establish and enforce a document destruction policy
Which of the ff. is a common form of social engineering attack?
Hoax virus information e-mails.
Dictionary attacks are often more successful when performed after what reconnaissance action?
Social engineering
What is the primary countermeasure to social engineering?
Which of the ff. are examples of social engineering? (Select two.)
Dumpster diving, Shoulder surfing
Which type of social engineering attack uses peer pressure to persuade someone to help an attacker?
Social validation
Which of the ff. defines system high mode?
All systems and peripherals within a system are classified and then protected according to the level of classification assigned to the most highly classified object which resides on the system.
Which of the ff. terms restricts the ability of a program to read and write to memory according to its permissions or access level?
Which of the ff. defines layering in regards to system access control?
Various tasks are divided into a hierarchical manner to provide security.
Which of the ff. is “not” used by the reference monitor to determine levels of access?
Ring architecture
Which of the ff. is a representative example of an assigned level of a system that was judged through Common Criteria?
Which of the ff. terms describes the product that is evaluated against the security requirements in the Common Criteria (CC) evaluation system?
Target of Evaluation (TOE)
A process performed in a controlled environment by a third-party which verifies that an IS meets a specific set of security standards before being granted the approval to operate is known as?
Which of the ff. is a term used to describe a level of confidence that the evaluation methods were thorough and complete so that the security designation can be trusted?
Which of the ff. components of the Common Criteria (CC) evaluation system is a document written by a user or community that identifies the security requirements for a specific purpose?
Protection Profile (PP)
Who is assigned the task of judging the security of a system or network granting it an approval to operate?
Designated Approving Authority
Which of the ff. best describes the Security Target (ST) in the Common Criteria (CC) evaluation system?
The ST is a document that describes the security properties of a security product.
Which is the operating mode of a system that is deployed in such a way so that it operates at a single level of classification and all users who can access the system all have the same specific clearance level as well as all of the need to know over all the data on the system?
Which of the ff. development modes is a method used by programmers while writing programs that allows for optimal control over coherence, security, accuracy, and comprehensibility?
Structured programming
What is another name for a backdoor that was left in a product by the manufacturer by accident?
Maintenance hook
How often should change control management be implemented?
Any time a production system is altered.
Which of the ff. is an action which must take place during the release stage of the SDLC?
Venders develop and release patches in response to exploited vulnerabilities that have been discovered.
What is the primary purpose of imposing software life cycle management concepts?
Increase the quality of software.
In which phase of the system life cycle is security integrated into the product?
Project initiation
In which phase of the system life cycle is software testing performed?
System Development
Which of the ff. is “not” part of security awareness training?
Employee agreement documents.
The best way to initiate solid administrative control over an organization’s employee is to have what element in place?
Distinct job descriptions
As you are helping a user with a computer problem you notice that she has written her password on a note stuck to her computer monitor. You check the password policy of your company and find that the ff. settings are currently required:
Minimum password length = 10
Minimum password age = 4
Maximum password age = 30
Password history = 6
Require complex password that include numbers and symbols
Account lockout clipping level = 3

Which of the ff. is the best action to take to make remembering passwords easier so that she no longer has to write the password down?

Implement end-user training.
Which of the ff. is “not” a protection against collusion?
Cross training
Which of the ff. is “not” an element of the termination process?
Dissolution of the NDA
What is the primary purpose of forcing employees to take mandatory one-week minimum vacations every year?
To check for evidence of fraud
What is the primary means by which supervisors can determine whether or not employees are complying with the organization’s security policy?
Over the last month you have noticed a significant increase in the occurrence of inappropriate activities performed by employees. What is the best first response step to take in order to improve or maintain the security level of the environment?
Improve and hold new awareness sessions
A code of ethics provides for all but which of the ff.?
Clearly defines courses of action to take when complex issue is encountered
Your company security policy requires separation of duties for all network security matters. Which of the ff. scenarios best describes this concept?
The system administrator configures remote access privileges and the security officer reviews and activates each account
You have installed anti-virus software on computers at your business. Within a few days, however, you notice that one computer has a virus. When you question the user, she says she did install some software a few days ago, but it was supposed to be a file compression utility. She admits she did not scan the file before running it. What should you add to your security measures to help prevent this from happening again?
User awareness training
Which of the ff. is a legal contract between the organization and the employee that specifies the employee is not to disclose the organization’s confidential information?
Non-disclosure agreement
Which of the ff. defines two-man control?
Certain tasks should be dual-custody in nature to prevent security breach.
When informing an employee that they are being terminated, what is the most important activity?
Disabling their network access
Which of the ff. are typically associated with human resource security policies? (Select two.)
Termination, Background checks
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