MGMT 3302 Exam 1

An accountant with ____ has the ability to create a budget, compare the budget to the actual income statement, and determine unnecessary expenses
Technical skill
In the _____ role, managers adapt themselves, their subordinates, and their units to change
_____ refers to monitoring progress toward goal achievement and taking corrective action when needed
In the _____ managerial role, managers discuss and handle schedules, projects, goals, outcomes, resources, and employee raises
What type of skills are equally important at all levels of management
Human Skills
Team leaders typically
facilitate team activities towards goals
The function of _____ typically involves deciding where decisions will be made, who will do what jobs and tasks, and who will work for whom in the company
Management is getting work done through others
Which of the following statements is true about planning
It helps improve performance
The three interpersonal sub-roles are monitor, disseminator, and spokesperson
Fruitlicious is a fruit juice manufacturing company. The company ensures that all the raw materials are used well and minimal waste is produced. The juice extraction and packaging units are designed in such way that quality is maintained with minimal costs. It can be said that Fruitlicious demonstrates _____
Robert is a manager at Beta Corp. Many of his colleagues mention that they find it very easy to work and communicate with Robert. They say that Robert is a very good listener and also communicates his thoughts effectively. He is sensitive to others’ feelings and encourages them to express their opinions. It can be said from the scenario that Robert has good _____ skills
Stay Live!, a celebrity magazine, realized that there was a factual error in one of its issue. The magazines were swiftly retracted before it becoming a big problem. Which management function was used here
A first-line manager for a large electric generator manufacturer would
Manage the performance of employees who actually build the generators
As the human resources manager at Hayden Engineering and Manufacturing Corp, Kim had to find effective ways to reward high performing employees and boost their morale during an economic downturn. Which management function did Kim have to engage in
_____ skills are the ability to see the organization as a whole, to understand how the different parts of the company affect each other, and to recognize how the company fits into or is affected by its external environment such as the local community, social and economic forces, customers, and the competition
First-line managers are the only managers who do not supervise other managers
Middle managers will most likely have to
Implement the changes generated by top managers
In the context of Mintzberg’s interpersonal roles, managers who take the _____ role motivate and encourage workers to accomplish organizational objectives
According to Mintzberg, managers in the _____ role perform ceremonial duties like greeting company visitors, speaking at the opening of a new facility, or representing the company at a community luncheon to support local charities
The job of a team leader would not be considered a management position
Managers must strive for _____, which is accomplishing tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives such as customer service and satisfaction
In the context of Mintzberg’s information roles, managers in the _____ role share information with people outside their departments or companies
Which of the following typically is NOT performed by top managers
Teaching and training employees to do their jobs
_____ involves determining organizational goals and the means for achieving them
Prior to the development of scientific management principles, workers whose work pace was significantly faster than the normal pace in their work group were known as _____ and were often unpopular with their fellow workers
Rate Busters
Which of the following does a Gantt chart visually indicate
The time in which each task should be completed for a project
According to bureaucratic management, _____ should supervise the organization
A manager at Westworld Inc. is keeping a close eye on the progress of each of his employees toward the completion of a project. He often intervenes and makes corrections when needed. In this context, which of the following managerial functions is he performing
Identify the three ways in which Mary Parker Follett believed managers typically deal with conflict
Domination, compromise, and integration
One of Taylor’s scientific management principles concerned how workers should be selected
According to Henri Fayol’s fourteen principles of management, _____ requires managers to develop a strong sense of morale and unity among workers that encourages coordination of efforts
Esprit de corps
Mary Parker Follett believed that managers could best deal with conflict through compromise
Which of the following management theorists provided managers with a better understanding of the effect group social interactions and employee satisfaction have on individual and group performance
Elton Mayo
According to Henri Fayol, _____ is monitoring progress toward goal achievement and taking corrective action when needed
According to bureaucratic management, employees should be hired on the basis of _____
Educational background of an applicant
The Hawthorne Studies proved that financial incentives were not necessarily the most important motivator for workers
After the Industrial Revolution, jobs mostly occurred in large, formal organizations where hundreds of people worked under one roof
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth studied the psychology of groups
Which of the following is the goal of scientific management
To find the one best way to perform each task
The contingency approach to management holds that there is not one best way to manage an organization
Time study allows each task or job to be broken down into separate motions. Once this is done, unnecessary or repetitive motions can be eliminated
According to Henri Fayol, _____ is deciding where decisions will be made, who will do what jobs and tasks, and who will work for whom
Mark, a manager at a food processing company, notices that the productivity of the workers has gone down. He determines the reason as lack of motivation to perform their tasks. He gives a pep talk to the employees hoping to inspire them to perform their tasks more efficiently. In this context, Mark is performing the _____ function of management
_____ occurs when workers deliberately slow down their pace or restrict their work output
Integrative conflict resolution
Focuses on finding an alternative that meets the needs of both parties
Which of the following was recommended by Gantt and Taylor
Companies should train and develop their workers
_____ involves managing the daily production of goods and services
Operations Management
Which of the following management theorists helped develop human relations management
Mary Parker Follett
Which of the following is a part of an organization’s general environment
The economy in which it operates
_____ culture refers to a company culture in which the company actively defines and teaches organizational values, beliefs, and attitudes
Consistent Organizational
Which of the following statements is true about environmental uncertainty
It is most likely to be high when environmental change is extensive
The general environment consists of the economy and the technological, socio-cultural, and political/legal trends that indirectly affect all organizations.
Business confidence indices are a viable alternative to economic statistics for management decision making
Which of the following statements about environmental uncertainty is true
It is most likely to be low when environmental complexity is at a low level
_____ is the rate at which a company’s general and specific environments alter
Environmental Change
_____ is the degree to which a supplier relies on a client because of the importance of that client to the supplier and the difficulty of finding other clients for its products
Buyer Dependence
Buyer dependence is the degree to which a company relies on a supplier because of the importance of the supplier’s product to the company and the difficulty of finding other sources of that product
Which of the following companies is most likely operating in a dynamic environment
A smartphone manufacturer
Which of the following is a trend in the general environment of a fast food chain
Increasing popularity of weight-management programs
____ is used to refer to a company’s practice of identifying and addressing customer trends and problems after they occur
Reactive customer monitoring
Environmental uncertainty is most likely to be lowest when
Environmental resource scarcity is low
Resource scarcity is the degree to which an organization’s external environment has an abundance or lack of critical organizational resources
Which of the following is NOT a dimension of the political/legal component of the general environment that governs and regulates business behavior
Competitive products
According to the ____, companies go through long, simple periods of environmental stability, followed by short, complex periods of dynamic, fundamental environmental change, finishing with a return to environmental stability
Punctuated equilibrium theory
_____ refers to the number and the intensity of external factors in the environment that affect organizations
Environmental Complexity
A high school football team develops a sense of history for its current players by raising banners showing its success – five championships – and the great players from the past who went on to play in international games in its stadium and locker room. What tactics for maintaining organizational culture is the high school football team using
Organizational stories and organizational heroes
In the context of corporate culture, which of the following is an example of visual artifacts
Dress Code
The employees in Henderson Inc. have the freedom to plan their own schedules and are empowered to make decisions. The employees also believe in sharing common goals and striving for improving product quality. The managers have high levels of trust in their employees and foster team work. These beliefs and attitudes constitute Henderson’s _____
Organizational Culture
_____ is defined as a firm’s purpose or reason for existing
Company Mission
Which of the following is a part of the general environment of an organization
Technology Trends
Gamma LLC. sells printers and scanners. Recently, some of its products were returned by the customers who were unhappy with the product quality. Gamma is now closely reviewing the complaints to understand the quality issues and come up with solutions. Which of the following concepts is illustrated in the scenario
Reactive customer monitoring
Competitive analysis refers to
Identifying companies that sell similar products
Proactive customer monitoring is defined as identifying and addressing customer trends and problems after they occur
_____ refers to the knowledge, tools, and methods used to transform inputs (raw materials, information, and so on) into outputs (products and services)
Who among the following are the secondary stakeholders of an organization
Trade Associations
According to Kohlberg’s model of moral development, people at the _____ make decisions that are based on selfish reasons
Preconventional Level
Which of these factors is taken into account while determining ethical intensity
Temporal Immediacy
If a catalog retailer promised customers it would not sell their personal information (addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) to another direct marketing company but does so, then the catalog’s sentence would be determined by _____
The U.S Sentencing Commission Guidelines
Groups such as shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, governments, and local communities are examples of _____ stakeholders
Which of the following is NOT an example of a stakeholder group that an organization must satisfy to assure long-term survival
The Media
The concept of magnitude of consequences is the total harm or benefit derived from an ethical decision
According to the _____ model, the only social responsibility that businesses have is to maximize profits
A company implementing a(n) ____ strategy would demonstrate the greatest willingness on the part of the company to meet or exceed society’s expectations
Which of the following is an important step in establishing an ethical climate in an organization
The top managers behaving ethically
_____ responsibility means making a profit by producing a product valued by society
Harry is a senior manager at a leading software development firm. For a while now, he has been aware that his company has been engaging in several serious financial crimes. When he decided that he had seen enough, he took matters into his own hands and reported everything to higher authorities. In this scenario, Harry is a(n) _____
The two general categories of stakeholders are _____ stakeholders
Primary and Secondary
When Rubberstamp Productions, previously a small-time production house, increased in size, the first thing its CEO did was to establish a set of guidelines in place which detailed all the principles, standards, and procedures to be followed within the company and in the company’s line of business. In other words, a(n) _____ was established
Code of Ethics
It was found that some of the manufacturing plants of Beta LLC. did not follow the safety guidelines set by the government. When the matter was brought to the company’s notice, it did not take any action. Beta LLC. used the _____ social responsiveness strategy
People at the _____ of moral development use internalized ethical principles to solve ethical dilemmas
Postconventional Level
A company using a(n) _____ strategy would admit responsibility for a problem but would do the least required to meet societal expectations
Flat Electronics, a local electronics manufacturing company, produces a significant amount of e-waste every day. The company disposes the waste by dropping it into the ocean despite it being prohibited by the government. The company is violating its _____ responsibilities to society
Which of the following is an objective of ethics training
To achieve credibility with employees
Doug has a low-paying job at a telecommunications company. Every day, Doug puts a headset, a stapler, or something similar in his lunch box and takes it home with him. Doug sees nothing wrong with his behavior since he feels he is being paid less than he should. In terms of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, which level is Doug operating at
Every day, thousands of workers work in hazardous conditions to make clothes for Freeline Fashions, a clothing store. Every year, at least a thousand workers get injured because of their hazardous factory conditions. When this was brought to the notice of people by the media, the company’s annual sales dropped by fifty percent. This is an example of how ____ stakeholders can influence organizational strategy
A company implementing a(n) ____ strategy would choose to accept responsibility for a problem and do all that society expects to solve problems
Probability of effect is the chance that something will happen and then result in harm to others
According to Kohlberg’s model of moral development, people at the _____ make decisions that conform to societal expectations
Conventional Level
A(n) _____ is a test that estimates employee honesty by directly asking job applicants what they think or feel about theft or about punishment of unethical behaviors
Overt integrity test
A manager who is setting quarterly goals for the department is engaged in the __________ function of management
Managers who have good ________ are able to work more effectively in groups and understand the needs and viewpoints of others
Human Skills
A manager assumes the ___________ when he decides which one of his direct reports will receive a new laptop
Resource Allocator Role
An engineering manager assumes the ________ when she presents a paper at a conference about new developments in harvesting vibration energy
Spokesperson Role
A manager assumes the ______ when he meets with a manager from another company to discuss the possibility of entering into a joint venture together
Liaison Role
Although they manage the internal and external relationships of a work group, ________ are nor responsible for the groups performance
Team Leaders
Holding positions such as CEO and COO, ______ establish the strategies that guide the entire company
Top Managers
A manager who is creating a work schedule for the rest of the week is engaged in the ______ function of management
The operation analysts ____ was high- she used a template to write her report quickly and with very little effort
Managers are least effective when they help employees by
Doing the employees jobs with them
The idea that a managers job is to tell others what to do is most commonly associated with managers who have been on the job
less than six months
Frederick Taylor introduced the idea of _____ when he looked for the “one best way” to do a job
Scientific Management
Frank Gilbreth invented the ____ in order to understand which parts of a job could be eliminated, making workers more efficient
Motion study
In an organization, the various departments function as
Organizations are _____ that need to bring resources in from the environment to survive
Open Systems
Max Weber developed the concept of a _____, a system in which rational rules are imposed to make organizations more effective
Which management perspective was shared by Frederick W. Taylor, Frank Gilbreth, and Henry Gantt
Who was known as the founding father of scientific management
Frederick Taylor

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