MGMT 322 Quiz 3

Participants in _____ frequently get to see pictures, products, advertising samples, and diagrams.
personal interview surveys
Peter, the director of marketing at Holcomb Inc., calls in Andrea, the firm’s marketing research director. Peter wants a study done to assess the company’s image relative to a new competitor, Levitt Labs. He has a flexible time schedule, has very little money to devote to the research, and feels that a relatively low response rate will not be a major problem. Andrea will probably recommend using a ____ survey.
When marketing researchers consider sampling techniques, they are preparing to collect ____ data.
Cameras, counting machines, and scanners are used most often in
If Spik & Span, the maker of Rapid dishwashing liquid, wants to know what percentage of customers examines product labels before making a product selection in the grocery store, it can best gain this information through
Marketing research is a process designed to gather information
not currently available to decision makers.
Problem location and definition is the first step toward finding a solution to a marketing problem or launching a research study. The first sign of a problem
Is typically a departure from some normal function.
Although telephone surveys can be conducted very quickly, a major limitation is _____.
that only a small portion of the population likes to participate
A research designed to verify insights through an objective procedure to help marketers to choose between several alternatives is known as a(n) _____ research.
In the process of conducting marketing research, marketers should allow for _____.
continual evaluation of the data during the entire collection period
Students from a marketing research class are involved in a project about the level of sleep, exercise, and stress which individuals experience. They have decided to collect data from three student-center areas on campus. When they analyze their data they find the responses are very similar across the three areas. The students feel comfortable they have achieved _____ with regard to their data.
One overlooked internal source of secondary marketing information discussed in the text is
Accounting records
One of the questions in the survey was, “Have you ever heard of a cola with twice the caffeine of regular colas?” This is an example of a
An item on the University Book Store’s survey asks respondents to tell the store, in their own words, what they like least about textbook shopping. This item would be an example of a
The manager of Mega Market, an online store, is interested in asking consumers what they think about the store’s new web page and expanded product selection. If the manager would like to obtain a high response rate while avoiding interviewers’ travel expenses and have the study conducted as quickly as possible, which data collection method should be recommended?
Telephone survey
A framework for gathering and managing information from sources both inside and outside an organization is referred to as _____
a marketing information system
A research method in which a number of people are exposed to an idea or concept and the interaction of the people is observed is called a(n) ____
focus group interview
In marketing research, a sample is best described as _____
a limited number of units chosen to represent the characteristics of a total population
Although telephone surveys can be conducted very quickly, a major limitation is _____
that only a small portion of the population likes to participate
Scenario 4.2
Use the following to answer the questions.

Colin Jackson recently purchased Blue Waters Adventures, a kayak and canoeing rental business near the Chatsworth River in Arizona. Blue Waters Adventures had been in operation for five years and was located in an ideal area. Even though the winters in the area can be cold, kayaking and canoeing activities are generally popular year-round. After two months of operation, it became clear why the previous owners had sold the business. While the business appeared to be ideally located, sales were extremely disappointing.

Refer to Scenario 4.2. Besides administering the questionnaire, Colin observed people who went kayaking and canoeing on the Chatsworth River, making notes about their appearances and behavior. The type of data he collected is ____ data.

Bart’s Appliance Center owner Ron Bart feels that his organization has access to a great deal of information generated both inside and outside the firm, but much of this information is presently going waste. Apparently, Bart needs to develop a _____.
marketing information system
In reporting marketing research findings, the researcher should _____.
provide explanations in an easily understood language
DailyDiet wants to collect data about employee satisfaction within its organization. It decides to survey a sample of 500 employees by having a computer program automatically pick which employees will be in the sample. If it uses the payroll database as the list of names to choose from, which type of sampling method is Daily Diet using?
Random sampling
The two basic types of sampling which marketing researchers use are _____.
probability and nonprobability
The main focus of a marketing information system is on _____.
data storage and retrieval
Which of the following survey methods has the potential to offer quick response at a lower cost than traditional mail and telephone surveys?
Online surveys
Emily Dawson and seven other people were hired by Encare to discuss a new product idea proposed by the firm. Researchers observed the interaction of the group. During the discussion, Emily was annoyed that Jack, another participant, seemed to “hog” the discussion and didn’t give others a chance to speak. This is an example of a problem when using ________.
focus group interviews
In ____ sampling, there is no way to calculate the likelihood that a specific element of the population being studied will be chosen.
A valid study:
measures what it is supposed to.
Information from the U.S. Census Bureau is commonly used as ____ by a variety of agencies and organizations.
external secondary data
The major disadvantage of a mail survey versus a telephone or personal survey is _____.
the failure of respondents to return the questionnaire
Kristen is the new marketing manager for the footwear division of her company and is currently planning next season’s product lines. She needs to gain access to data about recent purchasing patterns in the industry, but has a limited budget and time. Which type of data would be the best choice for Kristen to use in this situation?
Secondary data
Jamal has just finished collecting data about the texting habits of students during their lunch hour. He used both online surveys to ask the students about their texting behavior, as well as observational techniques in the cafeteria. What is the next step in the marketing research process for Jamal to begin?
Interpreting research findings
Which of the following statements about conducting marketing research internationally is false?
Specific differences among countries can have a profound influence in data gathering.
An online survey conducted for students which registers them for their fall semester classes asked, “Do you think online professor evaluation forms would be better than paper and pencil forms administered during class?” This is an example of a(n) ____ question.
All of the following are steps in the marketing research process except:
understanding your customer

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