MGMT 322 (Marketing Management) Quiz#3

1. _____ is a process whereby a consumer notices certain stimuli and ignores others.
Selective exposure
Which of the following strategies is a marketing manager most likely to follow to increase the sales of a high-involvement product?
Creating advertisements that give consumers all the necessary information to make the purchase decision
Ramelson Inc., a footwear and apparel company, features photographs of celebrities wearing Ramelson clothes and shoes. The company launched a new commercial for its new line of football shoes. This commercial featured famous football stars as it believes that celebrities can influence customers’ buying decisions. In this case, the football stars served as _____.
opinion leaders
By sending postpurchase letters and giving guarantees on products, marketing managers can help reduce _____.
cognitive dissonance
and Kyle have been married for four years. Jane recently gave birth to a baby girl. In the context of the family life cycle, which of the following is most likely to be true of their spending behavior?
They will increase their spending on health care, clothing, housing, and food
In the context of the purchase process of a family, _____ are members who suggest or plant the seed for the purchase process.
Sam uses public transport to commute to work. However, he has always wanted to own a car and believes commuting by car will save time. This scenario exemplifies Sam’s _____.
In the context of the family life cycle, which of the following statements is true of households with older children?
They spend more on food, entertainment, education, as well as cars and gasoline.
Social influences on consumer buying decisions are most likely to help in:
reducing a feeling of uncertainty among consumers
Joshua prefers to do his grocery shopping at Fresnas Mart because his mother also prefers to shop there. He also does not shop groceries online because his mother does not prefer shopping groceries online. In this case, Joshua’s shopping behavior is a result of _____.
the socialization process
To increase the sales of low-involvement products, marketing managers can:
focus on the package design of the products
​_____ occurs when consumers change information that conflicts with their feelings or beliefs.
​Selective distortion
_____ typically occurs when a consumer has previous product experience but is unfamiliar with the current brands available.
Limited decision making
Unlike nonmarketing-controlled information sources, marketing-controlled information sources:
include mass-media advertising
Saraz Inc., a leading brand of apparels, has several branches all over the country. Upon research, the marketing managers identify that teenagers do not prefer their brand as much as other age groups do. Therefore, the firm modifies its existing designs to attract the youth. In this case, the teenage group can be referred to as a _____.
Careers often create a _____ for single parents.
poverty of time
Which of the following statements is true of the social class system in the U.S.?
Interest in organized labor is one of the most common attributes among the working class
A _____ is any unit of input affecting one or more of the five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.
Unlike external stimuli, internal stimuli:
include stimuli such as hunger and thirst
Which of the following statements is true of trends in gender marketing?
Men are more price-conscious than women
Which of the following is a social factor that can influence consumer buying decisions?
A reference group
Which of the following is an effect of social influences on consumer buying decisions?
Consumers seek out the opinions of others for decision making
Joshua is a millionaire, and he manages several successful companies. He usually socializes with people of similar status. Given this information, Joshua and the people he socializes with are examples of a _____.
social class
_____ is an example of routine response behavior.
Purchasing groceries
Becky wants to buy a new cell phone. She asks her friends who are technologically savvy to recommend a good, lightweight phone that is easy to use. In this scenario, Becky is obtaining information using a(n) _____.
nonmarketing-controlled information source
Recently, Jenny Inc. launched a new laptop in the market. Blake bought the laptop but was disappointed when several cheaper laptops were successfully launched in the market soon after. To get over his disappointment, he convinced himself that those laptops were inferior in quality. This scenario illustrates _____.
selective distortion
Melina considers herself a fashionista and thinks that she dresses more fashionably than her friends and family. Her family and friends, however, feel she dresses just like them. In this case, the perception of Melina’s friends and family contradicts Melina’s _____.
ideal self-image
Which of the following statements is true of culture?
It encompasses all the things that consumers do without conscious choice
In which of the following ways are consumers influenced by reference groups?
Consumers use the same criteria as their reference groups to make their own consumer decisions
Andrea wants to take her husband, Bill, to an exotic island to surprise him on their tenth wedding anniversary. She has made reservations at an expensive hotel. However, she is now worried whether she is going to get service worth the money she spent. In this scenario, Andrea’s inner tension would reduce if:
her friends also recommend the hotel
_____ refers to how an individual actually perceives himself or herself.
Real self-image
Jane and Kyle have been married for four years. Jane recently gave birth to a baby girl. In the context of the family life cycle, which of the following is most likely to be true of their spending behavior?
They will increase their spending on health care, clothing, housing, and food
​_____ occur when consumers feel that making the wrong decision might cause some concern or anxiety.
Psychological risks
Which of the following is a psychological factor that impacts consumer buying decisions?
The _____ is an orderly series of stages in which consumers’ attitudes and behavioral tendencies evolve through maturity, experience, and changing income and status.
family life cycle
____ is the most complex type of consumer buying decision and is associated with high involvement on the part of the consumer.
Extensive decision making
According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the most basic human needs are _____.
physiological needs
During an external information search, a consumer is most likely to enlarge his search and consider more alternative brands when:
the perceived risk of the product or service to be purchased increases
​After being influenced by frequent advertisements, Jeremy buys a new cell phone. However, he discovers that the new cell phone does not offer the features he expected. This scenario illustrates that the _____ of the purchase is less than Jeremy’s expectations.
actual value
Unlike hedonic value, utilitarian value:
can be viewed as a means to an end

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