McGraw-Hill: Discovering Our Past, A History of the World CH. 13, Lesson 1 (7th Grade) Social Studies (Ohio Book)

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What is a concordat?
an agreement between the pope and the ruler of a country
What is fjord?
a narrow inlet of the sea between cliffs or steep slopes
What are missionaries?
people who are sent by a religious organization to spread the faith
when did Germanic groups invade the Western Roman Empire?
The 400s
When did the Germanic Groups overthrow the last emperor in Rome and bring the empire to an end?
How long did the Middle Ages last?
1,000 years
What is the shape of Europe and how many miles does most land lie within a seacoast?
It is in the shape of a huge peninsula with many smaller peninsulas branching out from it. Most land lies with in 300 miles of a seacoast.
What are 4 major rivers in Europe?
The Rhine, The Danube, The Seine & The Po
What purposes did rivers serve in Europe?
protection, trade, safety from invasion, the ability to development government and society, and isolation so that culture could develop
What purposes did mountains serve?
separation, and the encouragement of separated territories
What started by A.D. 500?
Western Europe divided and people of other countries began to adopt Roman culture
How did the Anglo-Saxons come along?
Roman influence grew weak in Britain. After Roman armies abandoned modern day England, Germanic groups known as Angles & Saxons settled there and later became known as Anglo-Saxons
Who did the Anglo-Saxons push aside?
The Celts
How did the Franks start (and become Catholic?)
Started: when they settled in modern day France & Western Germany. Became Catholics: In 481, Clovis became king of the Franks. 15 years later he became the first Germanic ruler to accept Catholic Christianity, and before long, nearly all the Franks became Catholic
Who was power passed to after Clovis died?
By 700 the power had passed from kings to government officials known as mayors of the palace
Who became mayor of the palace in 714?
Charles Martel or \”Charles the Hammer\”
What was Martel’s first move?
To halt the spread of Islam (by the early 700s Muslims from North Africa had conquered Spain & entered France. In 732 Charles Martel beat the Muslims at the Battle of Tours. This battle stopped the advance of Islam into Western Europe & ensured Christianity would remain Western Europe’s major religion)
What happened after Charles Martel died?
His son Pepin became king, and with the blessing of the pope became king of the Franks. The pope expected help from Pepin. In 754, Pepin forced a Germanic group called the Lombards to leave and gave a large strip of Lombard land to the pope

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