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The McDonalds Corporation has to be continually aware of its consumer behavior, their eating habits, as well as the situation and the trends in the market in order to understand if there is a need of any changes in their marketing strategy. Any important modifications in the marketing activities of the company have to be backed up by legitimate research.

The introduction of new products, decisions on whether to invest more in certain channels of distribution, change of features of the product, advertising or pricing strategies have to be backed up by evidence based on the results of continuous marketing research. In the case of a big corporation like McDonald’s, the marketing research reports should answer lots of consumer behavioral questions in order to distinguish patterns and identify trends and directions of its operations.Therefore, the company is in need of a marketing research design that will continuously supply the corporation with necessary information regarding important marketing related questions that help understand consumer behavior; and that identifies trends that might suggest changes in the marketing strategies. Also, the marketing research report will determine the amount of investment and effort required for research and development activities, crucial for modern companies.This continuous study is a descriptive one, though it encompasses characteristics of the exploratory research. The study will be descriptive to the extent that it creates data structures that describe the existing characteristics of the marketing situation at McDonalds.

It will collect data about customer attitudes, purchasing behavior, customer satisfaction, competition and other marketing issues that will allow the decision maker to understand consumer behavior and identify trends that might suggest changes needed in the marketing strategies.At the same time, the study will posses characteristics of the exploratory research design as it will collect and classify data about sales statistics in order to observe fluctuations and purchasing patterns in terms of sales pick, costumer preference of product and product combination, preference of location, etc. Observational research will be also conducted as much information can be inferred by simply observing the consumers and analyzing the actual product. Specific Instrumentation:McDonalds is a very big corporation spread all over USA, and in order to collect adequate data more than one research instrument has to be used. A self-administrative questionnaire will be designed, thus the respondents will complete the survey in the absence of the researchers.

The questionnaire will be pre-tested by a representative sample in order to insure clarity of instructions and questions, as well as completing time requirements. The questions included in the questionnaire will largely be rating scale questions. Some sample questions will be included in the next section.The questionnaire will be uploaded on the website of the corporation where the customers can access it and complete it. In order to acknowledge the costumers about the questionnaire, informative pamphlets with instructions of how to access the questionnaire will be distributed on each table. Also posters and displays with similar messages will be located within the McDonalds restaurants.

For assuring a good response rate, each person completing the survey will be given a code with which they can redeem free food prizes at the McDonalds restaurants. The questionnaire takes about 5-7 minutes to complete.Any section can be left out blank if the respondent decides to do so. Privacy respected. The reason why this method was chosen for distributing the questionnaire was selected is because it is simple, it does not require the presence of the researcher, it can be taken at any time, big number of consumer can access it, and due to the incentives, the response rates are progressed to be adequate. Also, as these questionnaires are usually to be completed by actual customers, the sample responding is very representative, as the customers are normally part of the target market.

Interviews will be conducted in order to collect psychographic and attitudinal data. These will take place within 50 relevant focus groups containing about 5 members each, in a preset, comfortable place. The interviewed sample will consist of interviewees representative for the McDonald’s target market. It will include the demographics of the vast majority of the USA population, as McDonald’s operates all over the country and has a wide target market. The interviewer will be well prepared, and will have a sheet with the necessary questions.

However, certain modifications in the structure of the interview will be accepted if these will permit a better understanding of the issue. The interview will be recorded, and the interviewer will also take notes when needed. The format of the questions will be largely open-ended questions. These will also be pre-tested in regard with clarity and time requirements.

Each interviewee will receive a reward in the form of food coupons, or even monetary units. Sample questions are to be presented in the fallowing section.This method was chosen because it will allow people to share more about their feelings, attitudes, and beliefs. It will help understand how does consumer perception of McDonald’s restaurants change, and possible suggestions that clients might have for the corporation. Also the research will use the observational tool in which well informed, paid, mystery shoppers and regular observing researchers will participate. This way the research will collect data about such issues as product quality, consumption time, portion of clients consuming the product in the restaurant and those who take the product to go, etc.

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