Marketing Final Practice

In the IMC communication process, the _____ is the medium that carries the message.
communication channel
A _________can be used to create positive word of mouth, help customers form a community, and develop long-term relationships between customers and the company.
corporate blog
When purchasing books on, customers are shown other books and a message saying “Customers who purchased (your book) also purchased…” This is an example of _______.
direct marketing
The proliferation of new media alternatives has led many firms to shift their promotional budgets from ________.
advertising to direct marketing to website development
Though a picture may be worth a thousand words, the most important facet of encoding is _______.
not what is sent; but rather, what is received.
The three elements of any IMC strategy are the consumer, the channels, and ____.
evaluation of the results
If you ever watched a television commercial and at the end of the message wondered what they were promoting, you may have had trouble _____________ the IMC message.
One of the difficulties in measuring the effectiveness of IMC efforts is the ______________, where consumers do not act immediately after receiving a marketing communication.
lagged effect
In addition to the lagged effect, it often takes multiple exposures before a consumer ________ a message.
full processes
Using prior sales and communication activities to determine the present communication budget describes which method of IMC budgeting?
Coupons, rebates, point of purchase displays and free samples are considered to be ______.
sales promotions
The IMC communication process begins with ________, who must be clearly identified.
the sender
You receive a variety of advertising media, spends money on his firm’s public relations efforts, and are considering electronic media alternatives within your IMC budget. Each IMC alternative is ______.
part of the whole
The right communication channel to use in IMC is _________.
the one that will connect to desired recipients
In recent years, the component of IMC that has received the greatest increase in spending is ______.
direct marketing
The sender of an IMC message hopes the receivers are _______.
the people for whom the message was intended
Most manufacturing and retailing marketers worry constantly about whether or not their IMC efforts are paying off. They assess various forms of ___________ to determine what is working and what is not.
Compared to other IMC alternatives, personal selling is ______.
Even the best marketing communication can be wasted if the sender does not first ________.
gain the attention of the consumer
There is not always a direct link between a particular marketing communication and _______.
a consumer’s purchase
Naomi is IMC manager for a chain of regional income tax service providers. Franchisees pay a percentage of their revenue to an IMC account allocated to her. As she establishes the short-term goals for her firm’s IMC efforts, her goals are likely to include _________.
increase inquiries, awareness, and trial of her firm’s services
Automobile manufacturers often use television advertising showing an attractive man or woman driving the manufacturer’s stylish new car on a winding road along an ocean vista. These types of ads have __________ appeal.
Walmart’s “Everyday low prices” selling proposition is effective primarily because it is __________.
meaningful to the customer
A _______ should be unique to the brand, sustainable over time, and supportive of repetition.
unique selling proposition
The __________ is the primary enforcement agency for mass media advertising.
Steve is working on the message to convey in his firm’s advertising campaign. As a starting point, Steve should first consider________.
touting the key benefits of the firm’s services
In planning an advertising campaign to promote his kayak tour company, the success of the ad campaign depends on _____.
how well one can identify the target audience
______ are messages focused on public welfare. All broadcasters, in return for access to the broadcast spectrum, are required by the FCC to devote some free airtime to them.
public service announcements
Informational appeals
__________ help consumers make purchase decisions by offering facts in advertising messages and strong arguments built around relevant issues, explaining key benefits of the firm’s products and services.
Any type of _______ display is most effective if placed near a location where consumers will be waiting to pay for their other purchases, and will be tempted to make an impulse purchase.
Advertising in which medium relies on a mix of visual and auditory techniques?
Word-of-mouth advertising is ______.
not really advertising
To get us to remember their ad and the product or brand in the ad, advertisers must first _______.
get our attention
Campbell’s Soup Company ran a series of radio ads tied to local weather forecasts. Before an impending storm, the ads said “Time to stock up on Campbell’s Soup.” During the storm, the ads said, “Stay home and stay warm with Campbell’s Soup.” The first ad was __________ advertising, while the second ad was __________ advertising.
persuasive; reminder
The headline, body copy, branding, and subheads are key elements of a(n) _____.
After using market research to identify the target audience for his advertising campaign, Jorge will next use this information to ________.
set explicit and measurable objectives for the campaign
A ______ offers an item for free or at a bargain price to reward behavior such as sampling, buying, or testing.
What is an example of a reminder advertising message?
doing business since 1979
What is an example of a persuasive advertising message?
buy now, play later
The content of an advertising message is closely tied to _________.
the characteristics of the media selected to carry out the message
The ______________ stage of the selling process offers a prime opportunity for salespeople to solidify customer relationships through great service quality.
After exchanging greetings in an initial sales call, the first goal of a sales presentation is to ____.
create interest
Studies have found that customers are typically ready to make a purchase decision well before salespeople attempt to close the sale. Salespeople can learn when to close the sale by ________.
listening to customers and paying attention to their body language
Effective salespeople anticipate and handle _______.
buyer’s reservations
The beginning of the sales presentation may be the most important part of the selling process, because this is where the salesperson establishes ________.
where the customer is in the buying process
A small office supply company may have a person whose primary responsibility is to process routine orders, reorders, or rebuys of products for clients. This employee is known as a(n) _______.
order taker
Delivering the right services the right way refers to the ______ quality.
reliability dimension of service
________ your work refers to the assurance dimension of service quality.
Salespeople should be evaluated and rewarded only for those activities and outcomes that _____.
fall under their control
____ is a paid form of communication, delivered through media from an identifiable source, about an organization, product, service, or idea, designed to persuade the receiver to take some action, now or in the future.
4 parts of advertising
__________ are that 1. it is not free, 2. it must be carried out by some medium, 3. the source of the message must be known, and 4. it must represent a persuasive form of of communication
steps in designing and executing an advertising campaign
1. identify target audience
2. set up advertising objectives
3. determine the advertising budget
4. convey the message
5. evaluate and select media
6. create advertisements
7. assess impact
identify target audience
The success of an advertising program depends on how well the advertiser can _______. Firms must conduct research, then use the information they gain to set the tone for the advertising program and help them select the media they will use to deliver the message to that group.
set advertising objectives
_______ are derived from the overall objectives of the marketing program and clarify the specific goals that the ads are designed to accomplish.
pull strategy
In advertising to consumers, the objective is a _____ which is designed to get consumers to bring in the product into the supply chain by demanding it.
push strategy
_______ is designed to increase demand by motivating sellers—wholesalers, distributors, or salespeople—to highlight the product, rather than the products of competitors, and thereby force the product onto consumers.
3 objectives of advertising
The _______ are to inform, persuade, and remind.
Informative advertising
_____ is a communication used to create and build brand awareness, with the ultimate goal of moving the consumer through the buying cycle to a purchase.
persuasive advertising
A communication used to motivate consumers to take action would be ______.
reminder advertising
A communication used to remind consumers of a product or to prompt repurchases, especially for products that have gained market acceptance and are in the maturity stage of their life cycle.
determining the advertising budget
When ________, first, firms must consider the role that advertising plays in their attempt to meet their overall promotional objectives. Second, advertising expenditures vary over the course of the product life cycle. Third, the nature of the market and the product influence the size of advertising budgets.
convey the message
In this step, marketers determine what they want to convey about the product or service. First, the firm determines the key message it wants to communicate to the target audience. Second, the firm decides what appeal would most effectively convey the message. We present these decisions sequentially, but in reality, they must be considered simultaneously.
unique selling proposition (USP)
the common theme or slogan in an advertising campaign
advertising appeals
1. informational, by offering factual information to encourage consumer to evaluate brand favorably by the benefits it provides
2. emotional, aims to satisfy consumers’ emotional desires rather than their utilitarian needs.
evaluate and select media
______ is when a firm selects a media to carry a message depending on the content of the advertisement and the characteristics of the media.
Mass media vs. Niche media
newspapers, magazines, radio, and television which reach a larger market vs. HGTV and Skateboarder magazine which reach narrower segments.
advertising schedules
continuous, flighting, and pulsing
continuous schedule
A ______ is a steady advertisement for a product consumed steadily throughout the year
flighting schedule
A ____ is implemented in spurts with bouts of high advertising then none for products that fluctuate in demand
____ combines the continuous and flighting schedules by maintaining a base level of advertising but increasing advertising intensity during certain periods.
creating advertisements
_________ includes a headline, a subhead, a body copy, and brand elements
a large type in an ad that is to draw attention
an additional smaller headline that provides more information about the product
body copy
represents the main text portion of the ad. It is used to build on the interest generated by the visual and headlines, explains in more depth what the headline and subheads introduced, arouses desire for the product, and provides enough information to move the target consumer to action
brand elements
identify the sponsor of the ad, typically through a logo and a unique selling proposition
assessing impact using marketing metrics
The effectiveness of an advertising campaign must be assessed before, during, and after the campaign has run and is done by ______.
includes monitoring key indicators such as daily or weekly sales volumes
this is done by assessing sales and the communication impact of the campaign
public relations
involves managing communications and relationships to achieve various objectives, such as building and maintaining a positive image of the firm, handling or heading off unfavorable stories or events, and maintaining positive relationships with the media.
sales promotions
_____ are special incentives or excitement-building programs that encourage consumers to purchase a particular product or service, typically used in conjunction with other advertising or personal selling programs
Sales promotions are special incentives or excitement-building programs that encourage purchase and include coupons, deals, premiums, contests, sweepstakes, samples, POP displays, rebates, and product placement. They either push sales through the channel, as is the case with contests directed toward retail salespeople, or pull sales through the channel, as coupons and rebates do.
The two-way flow of communication between a buyer or buyers and a seller, designed to influence the buyer’s purchase decision is known as ______.
personal selling
Personal selling adds value by _______.
educating customers and providing advice, saving the customer time, making things easier for customers, and building long-term strategic relationships with customers.
Steps in Personal Selling process
1. generate and qualify needs
2. preapproach
3. sales presentation and overcoming reservations
4. closing the sale
5. follow-up
leads, qualify
The first step in the selling process is to generate a list of potential customers (_____) and assess their potential (_____).
After step one, ____ is when the salesperson must conduct additional research and make plans for meeting the customer.
The beginning of the _________ may be the most important part of the entire selling process, because it is when the salesperson establishes exactly where the customer is in his or her buying process
Closing the sale
______ means obtaining a commitment from the customer to make a purchase.
_____ involves reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles.
key functions involved in managing a sales force
1. sales force structure
2. recruiting and selecting
3. training, on-the-job or online
4. motivation and compensation
5. evaluation of salespeople
Components of the communication process
Components of the communication process
Message originates from sender, the marketing dept. or agency receives it and transforms it as the transmitter, then the encoder decodes the sender’s ideas into a message; all on a communication channel, i.e. internet, tv.

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