Marketing Chapter 6+7

involves dividing a market into smaller segments of buyers with distinct needs or behaviors that might require separate marketing strategies
Market segmenting
consists of arranging for a market offering to occupy a​ clear, distinctive, and desirable place relative to competing products in the minds of target consumers
ne product line caters to the needs of​ affluent, middle-aged​ women, and the other line targets younger professionals and homemakers. Heeltoe most likely segments the consumer market based on​
demographic variables
Which of the following is a variable used to segment consumer buyers that is not used to segment business​ buyers
H2Coast, an automobile​ manufacturer, produces​ fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles that are targeted toward​ middle-income consumer groups. H2Coast most likely segments the consumer market based on​
demographic variables
Marketers must be careful to guard against stereotypes when using
age and demographic
​Kidcomp, an American​ computer-manufacturing firm, targets children below the age of ten by providing free games and applications. The​ firm’s marketing approach is reflective of
age and life cycle segmentation
segmentation calls for dividing the market into different​ nations, regions,​ states, counties,​ cities, or even neighborhoods
If a segment is large enough or profitable enough to​ serve, it is​
Which type of market segmentation has long been used in​ clothing, cosmetics,​ toiletries, and​ magazines
At one​ time, Miller Beer was known as the​ “champagne of bottled​ beer.” It was targeted at an elite class of customers.​ Later, to increase​ sales, Miller was repositioned to attract members of the​ working, middle-class. What is this segmentation method​ called
Dividing buyers into groups based on social​ class, lifestyle, or personality characteristics is called​
psychographic segmentation
Firms that manufacture seasonal products target their consumers primarily through​
The marketing manager at​ Arbor’s Delicatessen targets customers who are working to lose weight but who still want to dine out. The restaurant chain offers a wide variety of​ low-fat, low-calorie meals that appeal to dieters.​ Arbors’ approach is best referred to as
Which of the following would make a segment less attractive to​ enter
New entrants finding it easy to enter the segment
The website markets products to​ left-handed consumers only. Which targeting strategy does this​ represent
concentrated marketing
Toyota allows Scion buyers to customize their cars to meet their exact needs and preferences. This is an example of​
Grocers in neighborhoods with a large Hispanic population typically carry more brands that Hispanic consumers prefer than grocers in other neighborhoods. This is an example of
local marketing
Socially responsible target marketing would classify which of the following as an especially vulnerable target market for harmful or controversial​ products
show consumer perceptions of their brands versus those of competing products on important buying dimensions
perceptual positioning maps
A company can differentiate itself from competitors using symbols such as​ McDonald’s golden​ arches, Twitter’s​ bird, and the Nike swoosh. Which type of differentiation is​ this
Image differentiation
Many marketers think that companies should aggressively promote only one benefit to the target market. The benefit promoted is known as​ a
unique selling proposition
Your local pizzeria promises​ “Delivery in 30 minutes or less or the pizza is​ free.” What point of differentiation is​ this
services differentiation
If competitors cannot easily copy the benefit a company chooses to​ promote, that benefit is said to be​
Which of the following correctly defines a product
anything introduced to a market that satisfies wants and needs
Which of the following is considered part of an augmented product rather than that of an actual product or core customer​ value
Nailit is selling the products in specially designed bottles that make application​ easier, made from a​ non-toxic, water-based nail polish with amazing summer colors. Which of the following is a core customer value for​ Nailit’s line of​ polishes
desire to have beautiful nails
Which type of consumer products are frequently purchased with little​ planning, little comparison or shopping​ effort, and low customer​ involvement
convenience products
Materials and​ parts, capital​ items, and supplies and services are groups of​
industrial products
In determining product​ quality, what are the two dimensions of quality marketers must decide​ upon
Level and consistency
When a company lengthens a product line by adding more items beyond its current​ range, they are​
stretching the line
Which of the following statements is true regarding​ packaging
could be part of brand identity
Which of the following statements regarding the important decisions in the development and marketing of individual products is​ correct
Product attributes that communicate and deliver benefits to the consumer include​ quality, features, and style and design
If a company adds a new product line to its existing​ portfolio, it has increased its
product width mix
Identifying, describing and promoting the product are three functions of​
The quality of services depends on who provides them as well as​ when, where, and how they are provided. Which characteristic of services does this​ describe
For which service characteristic do marketers need to pay close attention to fluctuations in​ demand
means that services cannot be​ seen, tasted,​ felt, heard, or smelled before they are bought
service intangibility
This means that the service firm must orient and motivate its customer-contact employees and supporting service people to work as a team to provide customer satisfaction
internal marketing
Which of the following statements is true regarding managing service​ quality
unlike product quality, it will always vary
Which of the following statements about service marketing is​ correct
Training current employees better and hiring new ones with more skills can increase service productivity
Which brand dimension is defined as how consumers feel a brand meets their​ needs
The value of customer relationships that a brand creates is called​
customer equity
Kroger sponsors such brands as Private​ Selection, Heritage​ Farm, and Simple Truth. Kroger does not manufacture any of these products. Which type of brand sponsorship is Kroger​ using
private band
When we see Hello Kitty on​ children’s clothing, Disney characters on​ lunchboxes, and Sponge Bob Squarepants on breakfast​ cereals, which form of brand sponsorship is being​ used
When Doritos comes out with new flavors of its tortilla​ chips, what brand development strategy does it​ employ
Line extension
When​ Coca-Cola saw the growth of the bottled water​ category, they launched​ Dasani, its brand of bottled water. Which brand development strategy did​ Coca-Cola use in launching​ Disani
new brand
When manufacturers launch products using their own brand​ names, which sponsorship option are they​ using
national branding

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